19 January 2015

Exploring Sekondi

Dear Family,

Hello! It's good to hear about how things are going back there! Thanks for the update. :) Sorry to hear about Windy van.. new car instead of just fixing the steering pump? ;) The family party that you all had with Uncle Tali sounds great. Those are some really great miracles.
... Sooooo to talk about my week:
Long shutter sunset from Monday evening
On the poly tank (fetching water)
Death defying poly tank dance
Tuesday: Things were good, I had my first district meeting here in Sekondi! The Julanders visited, and so did the zone leaders. It was a good meeting, with some fun examples and an interactive thing. The rest of the day we taught some people! I don't have many notes for this day...
Tuesday's lunch 
Fufu with fish
Wednesday: We had a full day of proselyting, and we went out to our far area. We weren't able to see many people, but we had a really solid lesson with a man named A. He's the Vice President of something of his church, so it's really hard for him to leave. We really threw out a lot of scriptures with him and finally helped him understand that we really are different from the other doctrines he has heard, and that he can't just say that we are a true church, but that he has to pray and know that we are the true church. Good lesson, and I'm hoping it touched him.

Thursday: We had the longest planning session that I have ever had! It took until about 2 or 3! We redid the whiteboard that we use in our room (GCCM is fancy!) and reorganized all that we are doing in our area. We are on the same page with the progression of the area now, and it's turning out well! There's a great talk that my companion showed me that I would like you to send me a copy of: Tad R. Callister's "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary" given at the provo MTC sometime... It's a great talk. DearElder it! [Here's a link to an online version of the talk he's referring to]

That's about what we did. We had a lot of failed appointments, but a new vision for our area.

Friday: We started off the day with some finding! We walked around in different places that we don't have too many investigators and got some nice people to talk to. We had a hard time to teach many people but we got through the day and had a lesson and talked to a bunch of people!

Saturday: Busy day! We visited some people in the morning, but then we had an appointment with a man named B. and his wife, E. Great lesson. The cool part? Elder Julander was with us! Elder Julander is the one that is in contact with this guy, and he's been taught a couple times by the other missionaries before their area was whitewashed (and that investigator became ours). He's really smart, and we have good, deep lessons with him and his wife. It's so cool how much they are able to comprehend and ponder about with this message, and I felt really good about being able to teach them. Fun lesson! We went to a baptism for the other elders in our district in the evening, and then did our best to see more people, though there were so many failed appointments. Blah. But the work goes on!

Sunday: Church! We had one unexpected person come to church, and none of the ones we were counting on. It was a good church service, though, and I'm getting to know more of the members, which is awesome. :) We explored for some of this day. Not really, but kinda. We went down a bunch of roads that we didn't know and found really nice houses that had foreigners staying in them. Gated, so we can't really knock on a door easily, but we talked to a few people out there! None of the crazy white people or anything like that, but some Ghanaian's who work for the white people! We walked a bunch and eventually had a lesson with a newer investigator and the bishop. A pretty calm day.
Nice panorama from a good view in Sekondi
People getting water
Random trail we took exploring our area
Monday: We played basketball! And a bit of soccer! And my legs feel like they've gone through a meat-grinder, and I can't run AT ALL. I found that out as soon as we started playing basketball. I think I messed my legs up last week really bad running during the soccer game last Monday. No problem! Except I can't run! I can walk. Do lunges, that's what hurts. I've been stretching, but today I iced it. Hopefully I get better! I guess I'll be working out more consistently in the mornings to prevent annoying stuff like this! I haven't been able to go up and down the hills very fast this past week, but it was during the games today that I really felt it.  [Q: And ice??? You found ice for them? Crazy place, this Ghana. A: A frozen sachet in our freezer ;)  Me: We smile at this because he never had ice in Liberia.] 

Nothing too much to say about this week. I'm doing my best! This is an interesting experience being here in Sekondi. The apartment, people wise, is really fun! The other things like electricity and water here are really crappy, but we'll last. Some parts are getting cleaner, slowly. If electricity was reliable we could REALLY clean, but oh well. The water pump is fixed, but it can only turn on when there's electricity. I'll make sure to write down some real stories for this coming week's email.  Things are good! I love you all so much! Keep doing good things! Say your prayers!


Elder Price

Q: Did you get new mosquito nets or repair the ones you had?
A: Nope. I think the zone leaders are working on that.​
Q: So when you get malaria you can just say it was the ZL’s fault. Excellent. ;-)
A: Exactly. :) annoying mosquitoes.

Weird thing that was found in the bathroom last night, kept in a cup overnight, and was dead when we checked it this morning! So I took pictures. :)

See pincers. Om nom nom.

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