29 September 2014

Takoradi Trip

Dear Family,

Grandma and Grandpa are WHAT?! THAT'S TOO COOL! I'm excited for them. [his grandparents have been called as service missionaries in the California Carlsbad mission]

Thanks for telling me about Sister Sykes. I did know her, I was her home teacher for a while. I really liked her. She's also the grandma of one of my friends from high school, Gentry Tolton. Sad to hear.

Okay, my week:

So, starting on Monday: For FHE we watched the Restoration at a member's house! It was nice to see, but there are too many different cuts [versions?] of that movie. Then we went home and I planned instruction. The end!

Tuesday: District meeting! I gave my first instruction in Ghana! I was nervous about it when I was preparing, but it ended up being really good (or so my district members told me..). I gave it about the connection between our purpose as missionaries and our study. It was nice! [as for being DL:] It's always felt pretty normal this time around. The instruction part was the only nervous thing. I'm feeling fine with it. :) We stopped by a nearby store as we left, and I realized something.. I would LOVE to get the recipe to Fettuccine Alfredo, and the needed ingredients. I miss that food. Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty slow, we went to Agona and taught a couple lessons.

Wednesday: We had a service project! That was for a toilet.. Haha.. yeah.. I was able to do acrobatics to get out! ;) it was DEEP. Taller than me. Only slightly cooler than that beach ditch I dug before.. [in Liberia]

FUFU! Fufu with light soup and fish. tasted AMAZING. And it was MASSIVE. :D We split it, Elder Freeman, Elder Baldwin, Elder 'Atu'ake, and me! Then we went to PEC that evening.

Thursday: So I got to go to Takoradi!!! Which is really far away! That's because I needed a Ghana Non-citizen ID card. So I got one made! Really fun trip. I went with the zone leaders and Elder Baldwin and some other people that had to renew their cards (the cards only last a year). Baldwin and I had to get ours for the first time. We met the new mission couple! The Hanlons! They're from.. Kentucky? Yeah, I think so. Really nice people. It was after we finished eating that the door got ripped off the van.. Elder Cavaness was driving (he's the AP), and he tore it right off on the back of another car! Aye! So we hung out at the Takoradi stake center for a few hours while it was getting fixed. That building was SO nice.. seriously. Huge lawn, too. It just.. felt incredible. I received a couple dearelder letters that night, too! Just the ones from you guys. It was nice. :) Fun adventure to a really nice city! We got back really late.

Takoradi Stake Center
Friday: The zone service project, building the orphanage again! It was good, just normal work at this point. Afterwards I went and did a couple interviews for the sisters for baptism, so we spent the rest of our day doing that. We then went to an FM at C's house! That was the other food photo. That picture was boiled yam (cassava?) and boiled banana with a nice soup that we dipped that stuff in to eat it with. It was yummy! She's a great cook!

Saturday: First we went to an FM with the zone leaders. But it was a crappy proselyting day, everybody seemed to bounce us and it was really rainy. But we came home and.. transfer news!!! I'm staying! I'm with Elder 'Atu'ake for another 8 weeks; I'm super excited. At the same time transfer news came, the APs dropped off a package... to ME! :) I LOVED it. Sweet letter from Dad, really. Also, I've already started taking the vitamins! I'm feeling great! It says 3 a day for a while.. That would make them only last a month. But they're good for me! I also loved the guitar stuff. Finally my guitar is REALLY in tune. Sounds great. :) Also, Elder Cavaness is heading home this week, and Elder 'Atu'ake is his "grandson", so he gave his weight set to him! IT'S AWESOME. A real barbell! So.. I want some good wods ["workout of the day"]. No running, please, 'cause that's a pain as a missionary, but other stuff, please. :) I have a barbell and two arm weights (all adjustable weights.) I want the Rx weight for them, too. :)

Sunday: So, we had a referral at church today! That was a highlight! Also, the ward gave me a copy of "Come Unto Christ," the 2014 theme song for the YW, so I'm gonna learn that on guitar. I had a chance after the baptism (for the sisters) to play that song on the organ. It's really nice. :) That was about it for Sunday!

This morning: I had the biggest workout of my mission. I'm loving these weights. My body actually HURTS! :D Anyway, that was the week for ya'll. :)

I'm doing well. I'm trying to pick up my level again back to being awesome, so I've been working hard more these past few days. I'm trying to get better at being a missionary. I keep going through these random experiences and feelings that remind me that this isn't Liberia, and I miss it. I'm slowly getting adapted, but it's not easy, and it feels like it's been holding me back a bit lately. But I love you all so much! Have an awesome week! :)


Elder Price

Another photo:
She's great. :) She's part of a member family in Agona. She's making Palm nut! She's squeezing out the juices from the palm nut shreds (I pounded the steamed nuts right before that picture) to make it. It's like Palm Butter, but it's Palm Nut--Ghanaian.

And this one. Goats. ;)

22 September 2014

One year older and wiser too!

Hey, Family!

First of all, I love how your email starts with the Chargers. GO BOLTS! I'm glad we won. :) Plus, that inspirational spiritual message really takes some thought. Nice. [We had shared this with him: A quote from today’s game: “It’s hard to beat a quarterback who does everything right.” Dad and I paused and pondered on that spiritual game day message.]

Dad was on another website? Goodness. Especially the name of that one. I don't even have to ask what it's like! [Dale was featured on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com last weekend.]

It's cool that you met some of the Ghana parents! Looks like you're adapting to the new mission, too! [On Saturday I went to a get-together for parents of Ghana missionaries. It was so fun to meet them in real life! (I had "met" many of them via facebook.)]

I'm happy the letter made it, and made it in good shape! I'm looking forward to your reply. [referring to the handwritten letter that arrived at our house on Saturday]

The transfer calendar: this is a 4 week transfer, the next is an 8, which puts my returning home date on the 15th of September, next year. Whoah, less than a year. Which brings me to the main part of my email for this week!

Week 3 of transfer 9.

Tuesday!  So, we went to Agona. That was basically it.

Wednesday: We taught some lessons! We taught N, who is an AWESOME progressing investigator, even though he hasn't come to church yet. That church part is kind of a problem for every single person in Agona, even the members. We gave him a baptismal date, and he's really studying and trying so hard. He wrote inside his Book of Mormon a sweet note that I want to take a picture of before I leave this area. He actually cares so much about all of the stuff we teach, the plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, all of it! He's cool. And we had R, another investigator, make us fufu. She made an amazing ground nut soup with fufu... yummm.... :D Then there was (supposed to be) PEC at the church! So we left our area and came to Elmina for the meeting, which never happened. So we went with Elders Moleme and Judy to a member family's house and shared a small message before we went home walking on the beach and taking a small detour to the Elmina Beach Resort to get a pizza for us all to split... Yum. :)

Thursday: Uh... We had a pretty slow day. We taught a couple lessons, but nothing really cool.

Friday! We had planned the service project to build the orphanage, but it fell through, and we went proselyting. It fell through because our zone was fasting. Fasting for Elder Freeman. Ebola stuff inside his family. It's very sad.
Elder Price and Elder Freeman (from Liberia)
But, when we were going out to proselyte, we came across two men having a conversation about the Bible and God! (it was all 4 of us) We spent quite a while there, and at the end we had a standing prayer with them. Ah, I learned so much about.. Well.. Apostasy.. So smart, but so, for lack of a nicer term, lost. That was basically it for Friday.

Saturday! *rolling drums* MY ONE YEAR!!!!!!!! :D :D :D Sweet day. It started off with my companion being pretty sick, but that made it so I had a 2 hour personal study of Alma 5. Powerful chapter. Woof. That chapter in my scriptures is SO marked up. Maybe I can get all my scriptures to look like that by the end of my 2 years! ;) Anyway, we had some good lessons, too. Started off with a lesson with H. reviewing The Restoration. I really wanted to help her understand that we are saying that we really do have the FULL truth, and nothing less is required for salvation, so.. That means she need to get an answer of whether or not this is true. At the end, it was awesome because she understood, and I could see it in her that she wanted to know what the truth was. Very cool. Then we taught V! V. is cool, too, a new investigator. She has been running away from us for a while, though she sees us around a lot (she's cousins with a member family in Agona). She's always busy or not home for the times we schedule with her. But this time she was there! So we sat down, and at first she wasn't really caring for it all, but then the Spirit kicked in. :) We went into the whole of that first lesson, and explained it all. She was listening intently, and it was a good lesson!

Then it was time for my celebration. Boo yah! We went back to  the apartment and met up with the other guys. All three of them wore their suits, and I wore my nice long sleeve shirt with a pair of nice Haggar pants that I haven't worn my entire mission (not the Cool 18 style like the rest). Plus that sweet new tie. It looked awesome. Then we went to the Elmina Beach Resort, where the other two missionaries, Elder Freeman and Elder Baldwin, met us. We sat down and had their dinner buffet and it was awesome. :D I really had an enjoyable time; eating is great! Plus, I got to just relax surrounded by a nice atmosphere watching the waves for a while afterwards. Definitely a good idea. :) Great day.
Elder Price's One Year Celebration Dinner
Elders Moleme, 'Atu'Ake, Baldwin, Judy, Price, and Freeman
Puttin' on the Ritz
Bring me a glass of your finest water
Sunday: We went to church! Church was good! We didn't have any investigators come (way different than Liberia, right?), and neither did my recent convert, Sister Debrah, but she called that night and explained that there was a death in her family that she had to attend to. It was a good time at church! I finished my reading of the New Testament straight through. Now it's time for something new! I'm thinking D&C, especially after using D&C so much while I was reading Revelations. I also saw a good line up on the whiteboard randomly: "Since I am here doesn't mean I can't get there, because the only difference between here and there is a "t" which means "time." I'm here; with time I will get there." Interesting thought. We went to Agona and spent some time up there, mostly contacting people. It was nice!

That was the week! Though we had a combined zone activity this morning that included playing some small basketball and enjoying the company of a couple other zones. It was pretty good!

My thoughts on being one year are mostly written in that letter. But, for the sake of everyone else, I'll say some of them in this email. I've found it an odd thought to be one year on mission, you know, "halfway" and all that. Of course, it doesn't feel any different, just like birthdays. You don't FEEL different on your birthday. So it's like that. It's different to think about when I'm going home. Like, "this is my last <insert date> on mission.." But there really isn't too much different. I always pictured in that sometimes dramatic and cinematic mind of mine that something "big" would happen before my one year hit. And something did! I moved missions! That's definitely not a small thing, or a common thing. But it's odd because now I don't think something too "big" is going to hit before I finish. But the work is still here to do, and there are still lessons that are meant to be learned. I would say that I've changed a lot, but I'm not home yet, so I really can't tell. Long story short: it's not over, and the work must go on! :) I love you all so much. Have a wonderful week!

Elder Price

We're glad he loves his new tie
Enjoying the decor at the Elmina Beach Resort

20 September 2014

A Letter from Ghana

Today marked one year from the time Elder Price arrived in Accra, Ghana, for training in preparation for serving in Liberia  (at the Ghana MTC). Little did we know then that a year later he'd be back in Ghana, serving in Cape Coast.

I was THRILLED to receive our first handwritten letter from Cape Coast in the mail today. It was four pages of heartfelt introspection and thoughtful insights into what he's learned during his first year in Africa.
Stamps from Ghana!

yes, I feel special having it addressed to me ;-)
He also included a couple of printed photos:
"This is in the forest!!! :-) "
"This is the African West Service Project. Our ward went to a hospital and did a lot of grounds work. (l-r): Kingsford, ?, Elder Otieno, and Prince"
He explained the service project (pictured above) in one of his August emails. He said, "Saturday was good! We had a service project! :) The whole ward (weird... ward...) and us missionaries went to a nearby hospital and cleaned, swept, and weeded/mowed with machetes the clinic's grounds. It was a fun service project! They use actual machete things here to brush [weed] instead of "whips" that Liberia uses. It was a great forearm workout! We wore the Mormon helping hands pennies, and it was my first time actually working in one of those! "

19 September 2014

Celebrating One Year!

One year ago today, Elder Price left for Africa. I celebrated by putting together this video, reflecting on the past five months. This is the "Elder Price Goes to Africa Part 2" video:

If you missed Part 1, it was pretty good too. ;-)  It covers from the time Rain got his call until his 19th birthday, 11 months later:


15 September 2014

Mission Tour!!

Dear Family!

This week has been pretty sweet -- I've had a good time! Let's start off with the weekly report:
Monday: We had our FHE [family home evening]; it was super sweet again! This time the kids all fell asleep, so it wasn't as noisy, but I still felt the spirit, and it was a really enjoyable evening despite the bad time in the cafe earlier.

Tuesday: District Meeting was cancelled! Because of the Mission Tour thingy that happened later this week. So we went and taught some lessons! It was a good day, and it ended with an FM at Charlotte's house with the zone leaders! While we were there, George of the Jungle was playing on the TV, and I realized something. That movie is EXACTLY what my mission is like. ;) But really, I finally understand where all of our preconceived notions of Africa come from! Also, Lowell was the bad guy in that movie!!! O_O A hilarious part about that night was that Elder Moleme (a South African) recognized the movie before Elder Judy and Elder 'Atu'ake (who has never seen it)! He even had all the same preconceived notions of West Africa. Overall, go watch that movie and think of me. ;D

Wednesday: Well. It really was just teaching. Good teaching, but really not many stories from the day.

Thursday: Mission Tour!!! It was so good!!! Especially because I got the package. So, the first awesome part of the tour was that all of Central Region came, so I saw 5 of the 7 other Liberian refugees! Elder Pearmain, Elder Baldwin, Elder Cooper, Elder Witehira, Elder Pishl, and me! It was way cool to see them all. I also saw the Miles again! They were the office couple in Liberia, and now they are the office couple here in Cape Coast. So, that was sweet. Then the tour went on. We learned the new mission hymn, "Rise Up, Servants of God." It's hymn #324, but we've changed the words "o men" to "servants" and "brothers" to something else that I forgot. We also got a mission scripture that I actually really like: D&C 64:34. [Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days.] Then President Stevenson gave his instruction, then Sister Curtis gave hers. She's a powerful speaker. Then Elder Curtis talked to us! It was awesome. He didn't shy away from the fact that several of us there weren't in the Cape Coast mission [originally]. (Wait, tangent, when we were walking in, Elder Curtis shook my hand and said, "nice to see you again." He remembered me!)  He even gave the rundown [in his talk] of what happened to all the missionaries during the evacuation and before with the rules. He said something that I really liked, "Your heart is big enough to love both [Ghana and Liberia]" He explained all the stuff about how we don't need to be set apart again or anything. Then he went on to talk about Alma 5; you know, missionary-esque things. It was a good meeting.
Elder Price and Sister Stevenson
Sister Curtis, Elder Price, and Elder Curtis

"11 of my 13 MTC mates in this mission. :) "
[They will hit their one year mark on Saturday!]
It was during lunch that I got the package -- Thank you SOOOO much. :D I loved it! The pens were absolutely perfect ;) (but really, they were...) Everything in it was great. I love the new camera! :D I even asked Elder Curtis for a picture. That's when I asked him about his middle name and told him that I have the same name. He was really curious and asked me if it was a family name, 'cause his is. It was cool!  [Rain's is not. Just a name we liked.]  ​So, that was mostly it for Thursday!​

​​​Friday was cool, we had a service project; we continued on that orphanage. My companion and I left a bit early to go do interviews for the sisters. AYE! 8 interviews! It was really cool, but it took a long time. On the way home I bought a few boxes of Jell-o. I've been enjoying that ever since. #noregrets. Mmmmmm. That was it for Friday!

Saturday was just teaching, and Sunday had a good ward conference! One of the talks was really interesting about the signs of the second coming. We went to the sisters' baptism at their church for the rest of the day. That was the week! We had no power to Elmina this morning, so I wasn't able to email earlier, ​​but now things are working good!

[... and that was the last thing he wrote before suddenly dropping offline. I think the power may have gone out again. Hehe. I pulled all of the above text out of his "Drafts" folder. ]

08 September 2014

Goodbyes, Rice and a Baptism

Dear Family!

This week has been good, though a bit odd. Life with my new companion is good! Elder 'Atu'ake is chill, and we're having a good time. I'll see if I can have him teach me the haka. ;) Being a district leader again isn't too different for me. I mean, I haven't given instruction yet in district meeting, so once that happens I might feel it more! It is a pretty big district, but it's still two companionships smaller than Logantown zone was [when he was zone leader in Liberia]. The work is pretty hard right now, it's just been hard this week to get up to our area, and when we get up there we don't have very many people to go see right now. We're trying though! I'm trying to keep a good attitude about the area, even though it's so slow right now. No grand new investigators yet, but I'm sure they'll work their way into our teaching soon. :) No service projects this week, but more on that in a bit as I run through my week.

So, this week!

Monday: I bought myself a real Givson! ;) Yeah, Givson. It's a pretty red color, and it's actually full size! It's super great to have it, and I like playing around the apartment. I played it for some of the neighbor kids, but I learned quickly that I can't make that a habit; they'll always pester me about it! I found a Hymns Made Easy book or something like that in the apartment. It has the chords over a bunch of hymns! It's awesome 'cause now I can play something more than the few riffs I have memorized.

Tuesday: We had district meeting! Elder Hinckley gave his last instruction; he gave it on being Christ-like, and I really enjoyed it. The meeting went long, which was disappointing because we weren't able to make it to Agona, but we had an FM [a meal] with a member named Charlotte! It was RICE!!!! :D :D :D :D I loved it SO MUCH. I can't describe how fast I downed that. Then the rest of the night was Elder Hinckley packing. And Elder Judy made a cake. Which was incredible. Chocolate cake. Mmm..

Wednesday: I went to the taxi station with Elder Hinckley in the morning, and he was gone pretty fast. Then my companion arrived pretty soon after that, sooner than I expected, so my plans for the day was kinda throw askew. My first day with Elder 'Atu'ake!

Thursday was some "splits." That's what they call exchanges in this mission. It feels so uncomfortable to say. But I went with Elder Judy into Agona! Actually, first, for lunch, we went to Elmina Beach Resort and split an amazing pizza. But then we went up past Agona to Ekutuase for Sister Debrah's interview for baptism! She passed! That was the highlight of the day.

Friday was lame. We were supposed to have a service project, but we showed up to the place, and the people hadn't been informed, so we couldn't do it. It made it so we didn't have enough time to do much afterwards, so it was a pretty nothing-filled day.

Saturday was the baptism! :) It was good, though nobody shows up to baptisms here in Ghana. That part was lame. The rest of the day was pretty slow again, but the baptism itself was really good! Sunday had a miracle in it! Sister Debrah called us that morning saying that there weren't any cars at the station in Ekutuase, so she might miss church. But.. partway through sacrament meeting, she walked in! And we had her confirmed. It definitely was a miracle. I felt awesome about having her baptized.

They kinda just have their baptisms here whenever there is someone to be baptized. It's not quite as often [as Liberia], but it works pretty much the same way. Yeah, my first baptism in Ghana!

This past week we haven't been looking for an apartment really because we don't know if we're supposed to or not yet. But the work is coming up, small small. It's hard and slow, but I know I just need to push through this sludge, and things will eventually get better. But it's not easy right now. As far as my apartment, we're doing great! I love all the guys around me.

Elder Curtis will be coming for a "mission tour" this week! That will be awesome! And we cleaned our apartment crazy good for it, too. I'm gonna keep pushing and keep working. I'll admit, I did feel sad to say goodbye to Elder Hinckley, but this gives me more chance to grow. A bit more pressure with the area, a bit more pressure as a district leader, but I'll rise up to what I need to do.

I love you guys so much! :) Have an awesome week!

Elder Price

This cafe is terrible! Anyway, byee! I'm excited to go to an FHE tonight. :) Have a wonderful week! Thanks for being awesome!

Excerpt from letter to his mission president:

Dear President,
As I’m taking over this area with a new companion, I’m feeling that pressure to get into our area even more and pick things up, no matter how slow they might be right now, so I have set some goals with my companion for this coming week to have a more effective week.

I decided to show Elder ‘Atu’ake the building that is planned for the church to worship in on Sunday, and we had a chance to talk to the caretaker.
I'm not sure of the progress of the building and other aspects, but I hope that it's going fast. It's still difficult for us to have a strong presence in the area because we're still worshiping in Elmina. Also, did you want us to find an apartment out there? We noticed that as a part of the same building to worship in there are a couple attachments that could possibly work as missionary apartments.

My companion and I are doing well so far together, and we're trying to implement good attainable goals in this area so that we can see some strong results. We have been doing quite a bit of contacting, and through those efforts we have set up a good week for this coming week, and I hope that they occur as planned.

Thank you for your support,
Elder Price

01 September 2014

Ice Cream and Transfers

Hello, Fam!
It really is September! And it's crazy how fast it's reached September; I hardly remember August!
Ah, Chuck-A-Rama is finally opening?! I know where I'm gonna be eating within the first week I'm home. ;) I was actually talking about that with Elder Judy this week. I'm thinking In-n-out will be in the top 3 places I go.
I can't explain how jealous I am of you guys going to that concert [we went to a Paul Cardall performance Saturday evening].  I really wish I knew what he closed with!!! If it's anything from the albums I have I would definitely know it. I can only imagine how beautiful that sounded. I miss real concerts. Thanks for the pics!  [Paul Cardall officially closed with "Redeemer" but then played an encore song that I didn't recognize. Elder Price played Paul Cardall's rendition of "Redeemer" at his mission farewell, and it was the last song he played on our piano before leaving for Africa.]
Thanks for sending the package! :) I'm sending out a letter to you today, through the Ghanaian post. Apparently it's really reliable, especially for receiving letters. Feel free to write to my address here!

Elder Makani Rain Price
Ghana Cape Coast Mission
P.M.B. CC 1385
Cape Coast, Ghana
I do like the info about Ebola, I would feel completely left out of my second home without it. I just wish my member friends from there would email me.  [I sent him updates from Liberia news, and asked him if he wanted me to continue sending that type of info.]
Sooooooo I'm staying in Agona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! President called us Saturday afternoon and told Elder Hinckley and me our personal transfer news. He said that the unit there should be open in just a couple weeks; that'll make the area progress way fast! He also said that we'll be trying to get us moved out to live in or close to Agona. But... "we" is not Elder Hinckledincklebee and me. It's Elder Atu'aki and me! Elder Hinckley is being transferred to Cape Coast, and Elder Atu'aki is being transferred to me! He's Tongan. I'm excited. I loved the time with Elder Hinckley, so I'm sad to see him go, but I'm looking forward to this coming transfer! Moves take place on Wednesday in this mission, so I'm still here with Hinckley for now. He did go to Davis, but no marching band. We've had fun this past transfer! Also.. What I've left out thus far.. I'm now District Leader over here in Abura district. Ah!
I've been trying to get rid of my headaches lately, because they're pretty much daily occurrences. I can't seem to get them to go away, except sometimes randomly I won't have one. Usually I have a mild one, but sometimes it gets a bit worse. I've been adjusting how I eat, how much water I drink, etc, but I don't see a whole ton that seems to work. Just thought I'd let you know. it's not slowing me down too much; it's just annoying, really. That's why I asked for multivitamins. Maybe vitamin B could help? I dunno. Somethin' different in my diet, probably.

Okay, so, my week. District meeting was cool! Nothing huge there. But right after we finished the meeting I went to the chapel.. Where they have a kawaii electronic organ. That was amazing. So much bass, and the keys felt more right than so far on mission, and everything felt... awesome. I was reminded why I love the piano so much, why I'd spend hours behind the keyboard. It was wonderful. For the rest of the day we basically got rained out. No umbrellas in this mission.. So not much proselyting. People can't really hear us over the sound of rain hitting the metal roofs, either.
On Wednesday we taught a couple lessons, we're preparing a woman for baptism this coming Saturday! She lives way far away, Western Region even. She comes to church every week though, so I'm excited to baptize her. Thursday was pretty slow, too. On Friday we did the service project for PROaid Africa again! Helped build that orphanage more. 
On Saturday we did another service project, but that one was just me and Elder Hinckley. We went up to Agona (actually a village past Agona called Ankaase) and cleared a bunch of a member family's land (with machetes, of course). They live in a bushy area, so I saw some sweet spiders and stuff. Still no snakes for me, but one day.. Elder Hinckley also introduced me to something called "fanice" on Saturday. They're less than one cedi (which is around 33 cents), and they are plastic bags filled with ice cream. like the water satchets, but ice cream. SO GOOD. I ate 4. :D Ignore the stomacheache, it tasted amazing.
Sunday. Elder Judy woke up way sick. Strep, probably. He couldn't go to church, but his companion had to represent their area for their investigators at church. So Elder Hinckley went to church and said his goodbyes with Elder Moleme while I stayed home with mr. sick man. It was pretty fun! He was sleeping the whole time, and I wrote that letter.

So, that's about it for the week! It's pretty exciting with the transfer news, but it'll be stressful with the district leader thingy again! We're also getting another companionship of sisters in our district this transfer, so my district will have 12 people. Crazy talk! Also, I've been showing Elder Hinckley crossfit lifts. It's been good! We have a weight bar, so I've been doing more lifts again! They feel amazing. not much of a chance of running, really.

I love you all so much. Have an awesome week! I'm working hard out here and having a great time with the people around me. The area's not easy, but I know the Lord has a plan for it. My hands are getting stronger from the service, and my spirit is getting stronger through the work. It's a pretty great combination, and I'm happy.
Elder Price

Excerpt from letter to his mission president:

Dear President,
...There was a great day with Elder Hinckley this past week where it was evening, and we really had nothing to do in the area. Our appointments all failed, and even our members weren't able to come with us. We had a lot of pamphlets, though, so we decided to give them all out and have a gospel conversation with each person. That was an incredible thing, and I saw more potential in this area than I've seen in the past few weeks. We even saw the Lord's hand in our work as we found a small service opportunity right there--picking up some corn from a giant pile and helping some people--as well as some people who were very interested in our message. I'm hoping for more miracles like that throughout this coming week, and I have a new energy in preparing this area for the church.

Elder Price