20 September 2014

A Letter from Ghana

Today marked one year from the time Elder Price arrived in Accra, Ghana, for training in preparation for serving in Liberia  (at the Ghana MTC). Little did we know then that a year later he'd be back in Ghana, serving in Cape Coast.

I was THRILLED to receive our first handwritten letter from Cape Coast in the mail today. It was four pages of heartfelt introspection and thoughtful insights into what he's learned during his first year in Africa.
Stamps from Ghana!

yes, I feel special having it addressed to me ;-)
He also included a couple of printed photos:
"This is in the forest!!! :-) "
"This is the African West Service Project. Our ward went to a hospital and did a lot of grounds work. (l-r): Kingsford, ?, Elder Otieno, and Prince"
He explained the service project (pictured above) in one of his August emails. He said, "Saturday was good! We had a service project! :) The whole ward (weird... ward...) and us missionaries went to a nearby hospital and cleaned, swept, and weeded/mowed with machetes the clinic's grounds. It was a fun service project! They use actual machete things here to brush [weed] instead of "whips" that Liberia uses. It was a great forearm workout! We wore the Mormon helping hands pennies, and it was my first time actually working in one of those! "

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