08 September 2014

Goodbyes, Rice and a Baptism

Dear Family!

This week has been good, though a bit odd. Life with my new companion is good! Elder 'Atu'ake is chill, and we're having a good time. I'll see if I can have him teach me the haka. ;) Being a district leader again isn't too different for me. I mean, I haven't given instruction yet in district meeting, so once that happens I might feel it more! It is a pretty big district, but it's still two companionships smaller than Logantown zone was [when he was zone leader in Liberia]. The work is pretty hard right now, it's just been hard this week to get up to our area, and when we get up there we don't have very many people to go see right now. We're trying though! I'm trying to keep a good attitude about the area, even though it's so slow right now. No grand new investigators yet, but I'm sure they'll work their way into our teaching soon. :) No service projects this week, but more on that in a bit as I run through my week.

So, this week!

Monday: I bought myself a real Givson! ;) Yeah, Givson. It's a pretty red color, and it's actually full size! It's super great to have it, and I like playing around the apartment. I played it for some of the neighbor kids, but I learned quickly that I can't make that a habit; they'll always pester me about it! I found a Hymns Made Easy book or something like that in the apartment. It has the chords over a bunch of hymns! It's awesome 'cause now I can play something more than the few riffs I have memorized.

Tuesday: We had district meeting! Elder Hinckley gave his last instruction; he gave it on being Christ-like, and I really enjoyed it. The meeting went long, which was disappointing because we weren't able to make it to Agona, but we had an FM [a meal] with a member named Charlotte! It was RICE!!!! :D :D :D :D I loved it SO MUCH. I can't describe how fast I downed that. Then the rest of the night was Elder Hinckley packing. And Elder Judy made a cake. Which was incredible. Chocolate cake. Mmm..

Wednesday: I went to the taxi station with Elder Hinckley in the morning, and he was gone pretty fast. Then my companion arrived pretty soon after that, sooner than I expected, so my plans for the day was kinda throw askew. My first day with Elder 'Atu'ake!

Thursday was some "splits." That's what they call exchanges in this mission. It feels so uncomfortable to say. But I went with Elder Judy into Agona! Actually, first, for lunch, we went to Elmina Beach Resort and split an amazing pizza. But then we went up past Agona to Ekutuase for Sister Debrah's interview for baptism! She passed! That was the highlight of the day.

Friday was lame. We were supposed to have a service project, but we showed up to the place, and the people hadn't been informed, so we couldn't do it. It made it so we didn't have enough time to do much afterwards, so it was a pretty nothing-filled day.

Saturday was the baptism! :) It was good, though nobody shows up to baptisms here in Ghana. That part was lame. The rest of the day was pretty slow again, but the baptism itself was really good! Sunday had a miracle in it! Sister Debrah called us that morning saying that there weren't any cars at the station in Ekutuase, so she might miss church. But.. partway through sacrament meeting, she walked in! And we had her confirmed. It definitely was a miracle. I felt awesome about having her baptized.

They kinda just have their baptisms here whenever there is someone to be baptized. It's not quite as often [as Liberia], but it works pretty much the same way. Yeah, my first baptism in Ghana!

This past week we haven't been looking for an apartment really because we don't know if we're supposed to or not yet. But the work is coming up, small small. It's hard and slow, but I know I just need to push through this sludge, and things will eventually get better. But it's not easy right now. As far as my apartment, we're doing great! I love all the guys around me.

Elder Curtis will be coming for a "mission tour" this week! That will be awesome! And we cleaned our apartment crazy good for it, too. I'm gonna keep pushing and keep working. I'll admit, I did feel sad to say goodbye to Elder Hinckley, but this gives me more chance to grow. A bit more pressure with the area, a bit more pressure as a district leader, but I'll rise up to what I need to do.

I love you guys so much! :) Have an awesome week!

Elder Price

This cafe is terrible! Anyway, byee! I'm excited to go to an FHE tonight. :) Have a wonderful week! Thanks for being awesome!

Excerpt from letter to his mission president:

Dear President,
As I’m taking over this area with a new companion, I’m feeling that pressure to get into our area even more and pick things up, no matter how slow they might be right now, so I have set some goals with my companion for this coming week to have a more effective week.

I decided to show Elder ‘Atu’ake the building that is planned for the church to worship in on Sunday, and we had a chance to talk to the caretaker.
I'm not sure of the progress of the building and other aspects, but I hope that it's going fast. It's still difficult for us to have a strong presence in the area because we're still worshiping in Elmina. Also, did you want us to find an apartment out there? We noticed that as a part of the same building to worship in there are a couple attachments that could possibly work as missionary apartments.

My companion and I are doing well so far together, and we're trying to implement good attainable goals in this area so that we can see some strong results. We have been doing quite a bit of contacting, and through those efforts we have set up a good week for this coming week, and I hope that they occur as planned.

Thank you for your support,
Elder Price

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