22 September 2014

One year older and wiser too!

Hey, Family!

First of all, I love how your email starts with the Chargers. GO BOLTS! I'm glad we won. :) Plus, that inspirational spiritual message really takes some thought. Nice. [We had shared this with him: A quote from today’s game: “It’s hard to beat a quarterback who does everything right.” Dad and I paused and pondered on that spiritual game day message.]

Dad was on another website? Goodness. Especially the name of that one. I don't even have to ask what it's like! [Dale was featured on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com last weekend.]

It's cool that you met some of the Ghana parents! Looks like you're adapting to the new mission, too! [On Saturday I went to a get-together for parents of Ghana missionaries. It was so fun to meet them in real life! (I had "met" many of them via facebook.)]

I'm happy the letter made it, and made it in good shape! I'm looking forward to your reply. [referring to the handwritten letter that arrived at our house on Saturday]

The transfer calendar: this is a 4 week transfer, the next is an 8, which puts my returning home date on the 15th of September, next year. Whoah, less than a year. Which brings me to the main part of my email for this week!

Week 3 of transfer 9.

Tuesday!  So, we went to Agona. That was basically it.

Wednesday: We taught some lessons! We taught N, who is an AWESOME progressing investigator, even though he hasn't come to church yet. That church part is kind of a problem for every single person in Agona, even the members. We gave him a baptismal date, and he's really studying and trying so hard. He wrote inside his Book of Mormon a sweet note that I want to take a picture of before I leave this area. He actually cares so much about all of the stuff we teach, the plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, all of it! He's cool. And we had R, another investigator, make us fufu. She made an amazing ground nut soup with fufu... yummm.... :D Then there was (supposed to be) PEC at the church! So we left our area and came to Elmina for the meeting, which never happened. So we went with Elders Moleme and Judy to a member family's house and shared a small message before we went home walking on the beach and taking a small detour to the Elmina Beach Resort to get a pizza for us all to split... Yum. :)

Thursday: Uh... We had a pretty slow day. We taught a couple lessons, but nothing really cool.

Friday! We had planned the service project to build the orphanage, but it fell through, and we went proselyting. It fell through because our zone was fasting. Fasting for Elder Freeman. Ebola stuff inside his family. It's very sad.
Elder Price and Elder Freeman (from Liberia)
But, when we were going out to proselyte, we came across two men having a conversation about the Bible and God! (it was all 4 of us) We spent quite a while there, and at the end we had a standing prayer with them. Ah, I learned so much about.. Well.. Apostasy.. So smart, but so, for lack of a nicer term, lost. That was basically it for Friday.

Saturday! *rolling drums* MY ONE YEAR!!!!!!!! :D :D :D Sweet day. It started off with my companion being pretty sick, but that made it so I had a 2 hour personal study of Alma 5. Powerful chapter. Woof. That chapter in my scriptures is SO marked up. Maybe I can get all my scriptures to look like that by the end of my 2 years! ;) Anyway, we had some good lessons, too. Started off with a lesson with H. reviewing The Restoration. I really wanted to help her understand that we are saying that we really do have the FULL truth, and nothing less is required for salvation, so.. That means she need to get an answer of whether or not this is true. At the end, it was awesome because she understood, and I could see it in her that she wanted to know what the truth was. Very cool. Then we taught V! V. is cool, too, a new investigator. She has been running away from us for a while, though she sees us around a lot (she's cousins with a member family in Agona). She's always busy or not home for the times we schedule with her. But this time she was there! So we sat down, and at first she wasn't really caring for it all, but then the Spirit kicked in. :) We went into the whole of that first lesson, and explained it all. She was listening intently, and it was a good lesson!

Then it was time for my celebration. Boo yah! We went back to  the apartment and met up with the other guys. All three of them wore their suits, and I wore my nice long sleeve shirt with a pair of nice Haggar pants that I haven't worn my entire mission (not the Cool 18 style like the rest). Plus that sweet new tie. It looked awesome. Then we went to the Elmina Beach Resort, where the other two missionaries, Elder Freeman and Elder Baldwin, met us. We sat down and had their dinner buffet and it was awesome. :D I really had an enjoyable time; eating is great! Plus, I got to just relax surrounded by a nice atmosphere watching the waves for a while afterwards. Definitely a good idea. :) Great day.
Elder Price's One Year Celebration Dinner
Elders Moleme, 'Atu'Ake, Baldwin, Judy, Price, and Freeman
Puttin' on the Ritz
Bring me a glass of your finest water
Sunday: We went to church! Church was good! We didn't have any investigators come (way different than Liberia, right?), and neither did my recent convert, Sister Debrah, but she called that night and explained that there was a death in her family that she had to attend to. It was a good time at church! I finished my reading of the New Testament straight through. Now it's time for something new! I'm thinking D&C, especially after using D&C so much while I was reading Revelations. I also saw a good line up on the whiteboard randomly: "Since I am here doesn't mean I can't get there, because the only difference between here and there is a "t" which means "time." I'm here; with time I will get there." Interesting thought. We went to Agona and spent some time up there, mostly contacting people. It was nice!

That was the week! Though we had a combined zone activity this morning that included playing some small basketball and enjoying the company of a couple other zones. It was pretty good!

My thoughts on being one year are mostly written in that letter. But, for the sake of everyone else, I'll say some of them in this email. I've found it an odd thought to be one year on mission, you know, "halfway" and all that. Of course, it doesn't feel any different, just like birthdays. You don't FEEL different on your birthday. So it's like that. It's different to think about when I'm going home. Like, "this is my last <insert date> on mission.." But there really isn't too much different. I always pictured in that sometimes dramatic and cinematic mind of mine that something "big" would happen before my one year hit. And something did! I moved missions! That's definitely not a small thing, or a common thing. But it's odd because now I don't think something too "big" is going to hit before I finish. But the work is still here to do, and there are still lessons that are meant to be learned. I would say that I've changed a lot, but I'm not home yet, so I really can't tell. Long story short: it's not over, and the work must go on! :) I love you all so much. Have a wonderful week!

Elder Price

We're glad he loves his new tie
Enjoying the decor at the Elmina Beach Resort

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