15 September 2014

Mission Tour!!

Dear Family!

This week has been pretty sweet -- I've had a good time! Let's start off with the weekly report:
Monday: We had our FHE [family home evening]; it was super sweet again! This time the kids all fell asleep, so it wasn't as noisy, but I still felt the spirit, and it was a really enjoyable evening despite the bad time in the cafe earlier.

Tuesday: District Meeting was cancelled! Because of the Mission Tour thingy that happened later this week. So we went and taught some lessons! It was a good day, and it ended with an FM at Charlotte's house with the zone leaders! While we were there, George of the Jungle was playing on the TV, and I realized something. That movie is EXACTLY what my mission is like. ;) But really, I finally understand where all of our preconceived notions of Africa come from! Also, Lowell was the bad guy in that movie!!! O_O A hilarious part about that night was that Elder Moleme (a South African) recognized the movie before Elder Judy and Elder 'Atu'ake (who has never seen it)! He even had all the same preconceived notions of West Africa. Overall, go watch that movie and think of me. ;D

Wednesday: Well. It really was just teaching. Good teaching, but really not many stories from the day.

Thursday: Mission Tour!!! It was so good!!! Especially because I got the package. So, the first awesome part of the tour was that all of Central Region came, so I saw 5 of the 7 other Liberian refugees! Elder Pearmain, Elder Baldwin, Elder Cooper, Elder Witehira, Elder Pishl, and me! It was way cool to see them all. I also saw the Miles again! They were the office couple in Liberia, and now they are the office couple here in Cape Coast. So, that was sweet. Then the tour went on. We learned the new mission hymn, "Rise Up, Servants of God." It's hymn #324, but we've changed the words "o men" to "servants" and "brothers" to something else that I forgot. We also got a mission scripture that I actually really like: D&C 64:34. [Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days.] Then President Stevenson gave his instruction, then Sister Curtis gave hers. She's a powerful speaker. Then Elder Curtis talked to us! It was awesome. He didn't shy away from the fact that several of us there weren't in the Cape Coast mission [originally]. (Wait, tangent, when we were walking in, Elder Curtis shook my hand and said, "nice to see you again." He remembered me!)  He even gave the rundown [in his talk] of what happened to all the missionaries during the evacuation and before with the rules. He said something that I really liked, "Your heart is big enough to love both [Ghana and Liberia]" He explained all the stuff about how we don't need to be set apart again or anything. Then he went on to talk about Alma 5; you know, missionary-esque things. It was a good meeting.
Elder Price and Sister Stevenson
Sister Curtis, Elder Price, and Elder Curtis

"11 of my 13 MTC mates in this mission. :) "
[They will hit their one year mark on Saturday!]
It was during lunch that I got the package -- Thank you SOOOO much. :D I loved it! The pens were absolutely perfect ;) (but really, they were...) Everything in it was great. I love the new camera! :D I even asked Elder Curtis for a picture. That's when I asked him about his middle name and told him that I have the same name. He was really curious and asked me if it was a family name, 'cause his is. It was cool!  [Rain's is not. Just a name we liked.]  ​So, that was mostly it for Thursday!​

​​​Friday was cool, we had a service project; we continued on that orphanage. My companion and I left a bit early to go do interviews for the sisters. AYE! 8 interviews! It was really cool, but it took a long time. On the way home I bought a few boxes of Jell-o. I've been enjoying that ever since. #noregrets. Mmmmmm. That was it for Friday!

Saturday was just teaching, and Sunday had a good ward conference! One of the talks was really interesting about the signs of the second coming. We went to the sisters' baptism at their church for the rest of the day. That was the week! We had no power to Elmina this morning, so I wasn't able to email earlier, ​​but now things are working good!

[... and that was the last thing he wrote before suddenly dropping offline. I think the power may have gone out again. Hehe. I pulled all of the above text out of his "Drafts" folder. ]

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