01 September 2014

Ice Cream and Transfers

Hello, Fam!
It really is September! And it's crazy how fast it's reached September; I hardly remember August!
Ah, Chuck-A-Rama is finally opening?! I know where I'm gonna be eating within the first week I'm home. ;) I was actually talking about that with Elder Judy this week. I'm thinking In-n-out will be in the top 3 places I go.
I can't explain how jealous I am of you guys going to that concert [we went to a Paul Cardall performance Saturday evening].  I really wish I knew what he closed with!!! If it's anything from the albums I have I would definitely know it. I can only imagine how beautiful that sounded. I miss real concerts. Thanks for the pics!  [Paul Cardall officially closed with "Redeemer" but then played an encore song that I didn't recognize. Elder Price played Paul Cardall's rendition of "Redeemer" at his mission farewell, and it was the last song he played on our piano before leaving for Africa.]
Thanks for sending the package! :) I'm sending out a letter to you today, through the Ghanaian post. Apparently it's really reliable, especially for receiving letters. Feel free to write to my address here!

Elder Makani Rain Price
Ghana Cape Coast Mission
P.M.B. CC 1385
Cape Coast, Ghana
I do like the info about Ebola, I would feel completely left out of my second home without it. I just wish my member friends from there would email me.  [I sent him updates from Liberia news, and asked him if he wanted me to continue sending that type of info.]
Sooooooo I'm staying in Agona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! President called us Saturday afternoon and told Elder Hinckley and me our personal transfer news. He said that the unit there should be open in just a couple weeks; that'll make the area progress way fast! He also said that we'll be trying to get us moved out to live in or close to Agona. But... "we" is not Elder Hinckledincklebee and me. It's Elder Atu'aki and me! Elder Hinckley is being transferred to Cape Coast, and Elder Atu'aki is being transferred to me! He's Tongan. I'm excited. I loved the time with Elder Hinckley, so I'm sad to see him go, but I'm looking forward to this coming transfer! Moves take place on Wednesday in this mission, so I'm still here with Hinckley for now. He did go to Davis, but no marching band. We've had fun this past transfer! Also.. What I've left out thus far.. I'm now District Leader over here in Abura district. Ah!
I've been trying to get rid of my headaches lately, because they're pretty much daily occurrences. I can't seem to get them to go away, except sometimes randomly I won't have one. Usually I have a mild one, but sometimes it gets a bit worse. I've been adjusting how I eat, how much water I drink, etc, but I don't see a whole ton that seems to work. Just thought I'd let you know. it's not slowing me down too much; it's just annoying, really. That's why I asked for multivitamins. Maybe vitamin B could help? I dunno. Somethin' different in my diet, probably.

Okay, so, my week. District meeting was cool! Nothing huge there. But right after we finished the meeting I went to the chapel.. Where they have a kawaii electronic organ. That was amazing. So much bass, and the keys felt more right than so far on mission, and everything felt... awesome. I was reminded why I love the piano so much, why I'd spend hours behind the keyboard. It was wonderful. For the rest of the day we basically got rained out. No umbrellas in this mission.. So not much proselyting. People can't really hear us over the sound of rain hitting the metal roofs, either.
On Wednesday we taught a couple lessons, we're preparing a woman for baptism this coming Saturday! She lives way far away, Western Region even. She comes to church every week though, so I'm excited to baptize her. Thursday was pretty slow, too. On Friday we did the service project for PROaid Africa again! Helped build that orphanage more. 
On Saturday we did another service project, but that one was just me and Elder Hinckley. We went up to Agona (actually a village past Agona called Ankaase) and cleared a bunch of a member family's land (with machetes, of course). They live in a bushy area, so I saw some sweet spiders and stuff. Still no snakes for me, but one day.. Elder Hinckley also introduced me to something called "fanice" on Saturday. They're less than one cedi (which is around 33 cents), and they are plastic bags filled with ice cream. like the water satchets, but ice cream. SO GOOD. I ate 4. :D Ignore the stomacheache, it tasted amazing.
Sunday. Elder Judy woke up way sick. Strep, probably. He couldn't go to church, but his companion had to represent their area for their investigators at church. So Elder Hinckley went to church and said his goodbyes with Elder Moleme while I stayed home with mr. sick man. It was pretty fun! He was sleeping the whole time, and I wrote that letter.

So, that's about it for the week! It's pretty exciting with the transfer news, but it'll be stressful with the district leader thingy again! We're also getting another companionship of sisters in our district this transfer, so my district will have 12 people. Crazy talk! Also, I've been showing Elder Hinckley crossfit lifts. It's been good! We have a weight bar, so I've been doing more lifts again! They feel amazing. not much of a chance of running, really.

I love you all so much. Have an awesome week! I'm working hard out here and having a great time with the people around me. The area's not easy, but I know the Lord has a plan for it. My hands are getting stronger from the service, and my spirit is getting stronger through the work. It's a pretty great combination, and I'm happy.
Elder Price

Excerpt from letter to his mission president:

Dear President,
...There was a great day with Elder Hinckley this past week where it was evening, and we really had nothing to do in the area. Our appointments all failed, and even our members weren't able to come with us. We had a lot of pamphlets, though, so we decided to give them all out and have a gospel conversation with each person. That was an incredible thing, and I saw more potential in this area than I've seen in the past few weeks. We even saw the Lord's hand in our work as we found a small service opportunity right there--picking up some corn from a giant pile and helping some people--as well as some people who were very interested in our message. I'm hoping for more miracles like that throughout this coming week, and I have a new energy in preparing this area for the church.

Elder Price

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