25 August 2014

Fastest way to a man's heart is his belly

Hey, Family!!!
This week was full of events! It was a very fun week. :) (and this keyboard is MUCH better than the one I was using last week. Typing is gonna be easier..)

I played piano all week and learned those 3 hymns: I Am a Child of God, Teach Me to Walk in the Light, and I Stand All Amazed. I was prepared to play on Sunday, but at church the power was out, so no piano playing anyway!

On the 5k: What?! That's so cool! :) He's preparing to do a tri with me! Yes, my dad is awesome. ...

Anyway, I have a bunch of notes of the days for this past week. Here we go!
 Monday (after emailing): 'cause Elder Otieno, Elder Moleme's companion was home, we were in a threesome with Elder Moleme. We went to a (an?) FHE at a members house, and it was awesome. I loved it. There were a couple kids who were adorable the whole time: they talked so much! Here in Ghana I can actually understand all of what the little kids say! These two were singing funny songs and playing games with us, and I had a blast. It really lifted me up. :)
Tuesday: was fun! Pretty odd day, though. We had our district meeting, and a few of the sisters were being transferred, so they did some funny things in that meeting. Right after the meeting in the chapel, the three sisters, Sister Otieno (hilarious, awesome sister from Kenya), Sister Fani (hilarious too, from Botswana), and Sister Izidor (quieter and Nigerian) all got up and were singing funny versions of various hymns. Sad to see them leave. They took us all out to a chop bar for fufu, banku, etc! It was yummy and a good time. We've paid for them several times, so they wouldn't let us pay at all this time, they took the bill. We spent the rest of the day with Elder Moleme doing some small things in his area, 'cause his area is near the apartment.

Wednesday started with Elder Hinckley and I accompanying Elder Moleme to the "station" (a place where people pick up cabs, trotros, etc). I was generally super tired, but it was okay. We went proselyting, and it was a normal day! Except it was my 11 month mark. That's cool. :) The night before Elder Hinckley had lost the key to the apartment (E. Moleme had one), and we couldn't find it anywhere. Waiting for a cab to take us to the station with E. Moleme, we started telling E. Moleme that we would need his key, etc. Then a miracle happened. We looked across the street, and there's a cabbie leaning up against his car holding the key in his hand (it had an oil container on it, so we knew what it was), smiling. So great. We almost got hit by a car we were so eager to cross and grab it.

Thursday was a district (without the sisters or zone leaders...) service project! I have amazing pictures from that. We farmed! We were on Bro. Ewusie's farm. Which means machetes in the BUSH. SO COOL. I enjoyed it. We spent the rest of the day at the apartment ('cause we're too far away from our area)...

Friday was another service project! This time for the entire zone. We helped lay the foundation for an orphanage! Something maybe called Proaid? I forget. It was a fun day. [The orphanage project they were helping with was PROAid. Here's a link to their website: http://www.proaidafrica.org/ ]

Saturday morning we cleaned the chapel, and we talked to Pres. Stevenson about Agona unit. It's not established, and we're trying really hard to get it there. We had a sweet lesson with someone named Selena. We had met her brother at this printing shop and planned to have this lesson. She was there too, and we had a lesson with them both. They are both very involved in their church, but it was a notable lesson for me because of the sharp contrast between her and her brother. Selena (in her 20s) was very thoughtful and willing to ask Heavenly Father if what we said was true. Her brother was stubborn. It was so sweet to teach her and see someone who put so much thought into processing and pondering our message. It was nice. :)

Sunday: I already explained that the light was out. Yep.

Today was amazing. Just gotta say that. We had a zone activity. In the Elmina Beach Resort. INCREDIBLE place. We had a breakfast buffet, all you can eat of GOOD food. I played pool! Goodness it was amazing. Loved it. Hence the title. I'm so stuffed right now. :D Such great food, and the entire zone was there! I also played ping-pong and got some great pictures from the area. Wonderful experience, they might have a website? [http://elminabeachhotel.com/]
I was surprised to see him in jeans, since he didn't take any from home. He said he bought these in Liberia.
I've been having a great time with Elder Hinckley, but transfers are next week. We don't know what'll happen with our area or us, but we're trying our best. It's not easy, but we get along great! Elder Judy is also really great to have in the apartment; all 4 of us have a really great time. :)

Thanks for all the stories and support!
Elder Price

oh, I forgot to add this story:

At the resort today, I learned how to do a backflip while getting off a swing. So cool. I got sweet pictures mid flip. :)

[Me: I love how upbeat your letters are lately. Dad suggested it’s just from all the newness of the new experiences. Or you’re really super depressed and doing an awesome job of covering it up! ;-) ] 

Elder Price: Best time on mission yet. Seriously. I am SO happy right now. I like newness, but the people are great, too.

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