02 August 2014

Prayers for Liberia

We invite you to join us in faith, prayer and fasting for the people of Liberia this coming Sunday (August 3rd). We believe there is power in heartfelt prayer, and that power is magnified when it is accompanied by fasting. We are praying this deadly Ebola virus will be contained as quickly as possible. We pray for the families who have sick ones, have lost loved ones to this virus, or are trying their best to protect themselves from infection. And we pray that our missionaries will make it safely across the borders to their new destinations.

We learned Friday afternoon that all missionaries will be leaving Liberia (and neighboring Sierra Leone) as soon as possible. The Deseret News (KSL) interviewed Dale for their story; Dale shared some of our thoughts and feelings in that interview. We are saddened by this turn of events for many reasons, but of course we are thankful for our son's health and safety. We look forward to following this missionary adventure wherever it may take him. He will be reassigned elsewhere.

Elder Price's evacuation destination has not yet been made known to us, but we will update our friends, family, and blog reading friends when we learn more. 

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