28 July 2014

Good Stuff Every Day

Dear Family!
In our area! It leads to a bridge. (Friday, July 25th. Doe Community)
The week was good! Really rainy, overall, which is funny for my companion 'cause his boots are spoiled. They have a slash in one part and a broken seam in another, so his boots leak! He's been hopping around. Funny to watch. There have been a few random funnies, I guess, this week. [Here is Elder Cottrell's side of the story, from his letter home:] "This week has been very very wet!! This year's rainy season is about three or four times more rainy than last years! and I happen to be in the swampiest area in the mission so I have to wear big rain boots every single day, even on Sunday! there is only one problem... on my right boot there is a hole above my big toe that lets in the water whenever I have to walk through it!! so to prevent having wet miserable feet all day, whenever I absolutely have to walk through the water with both feet (usually I can find high ground for my right foot while the left is under water) I hop on one foot through the water to make it to higher ground. it is hard work but definitely worth the effort! People, this is why it is important to stay physically fit!!"

Elder Cottrell and Elder Price (Friday, July 25th)
So, I'll do my best to explain the week! We are teaching that police woman, Y. She's good! She missed church, I don't know why, but we'll find out tomorrow. People are doing well! Because of the rain, though, we only had 11 investigators at church yesterday. But some very progressing ones! So, as I already told you, President came to our district meeting. He didn't stay for the whole thing, but it was good to have him there for a while! On Wednesday we saw people! We saw a man named J. who came to church last Sunday and seemed to be VERY interested. We taught him, and he had read and understood the pamphlet so well, it was great! He came to church again on Sunday, and he's keeping good communication with us, and we've planned to see him tomorrow. He's progressing great! He's trying to get a hold of the Gospel Principles book and read that, and he's reading the Book of Mormon. Sweet guy. On Thursday... I taught a few people! We saw M. again for the first time in several weeks, and she's really trying to repent. She went through a fast and everything, and she's preparing well--I'm hoping that she gets baptized this August! She's trying hard and is so sincere.

I also held a cat. Pictures soon. :D
Cat Photo
(July 24th)
On Friday morning I performed scripture surgery! My scriptures were falling apart, a lot worse than ever before, but it was a clean split between the pages and the backing, so I superglued it VERY well. It's working well. woohoo!

We've been teaching the N. family now, and they're doing well! The younger one, D., came to church again, and he's very interested. We also went on Sunday to the house of some 14 year old who has been coming to church for a long time (so we could meet his parents to teach them). We've basically told the branch that we won't teach the kids unless we're teaching and baptizing their parents. So we went to this kid's house, and on his porch was who? Brother N. The investigator! Apparently the kid's dad is N's older brother, and they were chatting. So we sat and had a good first lesson. The dad is a doctor on the Ebola response team, so he gets it pretty well.

This week was great! Elder Cottrell and I are getting along well, and he likes to cook good stuff every day. It's been pretty tasty. :) I also got really frustrated on Saturday, because I've learned how to wash my clothes by hand slightly wrong, so my fingers get all cut up and bleeding when I wash (I'm not the only person who has learned to wash like that...), and Elder Cottrell showed me how to wash the better way (an African taught him, thank goodness). It'll take practice, but I'll demonstrate when I get home! And then I'll teach my kids how to wash by hand and use that as their discipline. Instead of taking away video games, I'll tell them that the washing machine is off-limits. ;)

Cool picture of you with Elder Park's mom! I mean, it'd be cooler if I was sitting next to him [in this cafe], and I'm not, but oh well! Sounds like a good trip. [I went to Washington on a biz trip last week and got to enjoy lunch with Elder Park's mom--Elder Park is also serving in Liberia]  I didn't realize that I was endowed on the 24th! That's really cool. :) We didn't do anything for Pioneer day out here, but it's okay! We never did anything for that day anyway. [last year we were in San Diego for a family reunion and he went to the temple for the first time on July 24th]  Let me know how Ryatt's [football] tryouts go! I want updates on his sporting career.

Tent camping?? That sounds like a sweet  trip that I'd be game for when I go back. We'll go hiking, don't worry! Pick some trails; I'll be pumped to see mountains again.

I was able to get them [the Hezseltine's] my camera card! Woohoo! That's because President Kirkham dropped in on our district meeting by surprise on Tuesday, so I gave it to him to give to them! It worked out well. You'll be able to get it from them in a couple weeks. It's pretty weird for me to think that you're going to be meeting somebody that was a missionary with me out here!

Things are good out here in Liberia! I'm being careful for all the dangers, and I'm having fun riding in the back of trucks to get places! :) I love you all so much. Have a funny week!

Elder Price
Elder Price and Elder Kamara. July 11th Service Project.
Sunday, July 27th

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