07 July 2014

Time For The Rain Jacket

Dear Family,


...There's a Spiderman 2?! What?!?! Crazy... And let's just say that movie theaters are simply a memory. There's nothing to even compare.

It's good to hear about your experience working in nursery... Speaking of the primary songs, I bought a children's songbook! I'm loving it (plus, it has guitar chords in it... hehe). It makes me happy to sing a bunch of the primary songs; I like it more than the hymn book.

I wonder what it's like to teach someone back home... I'm so used to teaching here that sometimes I wonder what it is like to teach people back home in church. It's on baptism? Hahaha, that's our go-to subject, really. I love the pictures. [I'm teaching a lesson on baptism in RS next week, I dug up baptism photos, including a photo of Rain on his baptism day] 

As for things here: things are going good! I feel like transfers will bring some changes here in Logantown zone; I find out on Saturday night! As far as blessings go, we are instructed not to administer to the sick for the time being. And no, don't add surgical gloves. :)

I'm glad you liked the stories! This week might not be as full, but I'm happy the Berrett's posted that photo so promptly! It was on the way to a baptism, that one is true. The jacket's working well! Though I've only worn it that one day... It was good for that day!
Elder Kamara and Elder Price walking to Saturday's Baptisms
First, I'll talk about Tuesday! Tuesday was good. It started off with... district meeting... Then we had a service project! But it was POURING rain. So we still went. We brushed! That means we cut grass. But the patch of land that we were working on was flooded, so... We still did it. We weren't able to cut it as good as we wanted, but we still did our best. We were soaked! No pictures of that... Sorry. The service project was in Doe Community for Logantown District (so it didn't involve Point Four or New Kru Town). We didn't have time to teach that day...

Wednesday was Mission Council (random note: in Liberian English it sounds more like Wed-nes-day. Which I really like.)! It was really good! Traffic on the way back to Bushrod Island, even though it's not very far, was TERRIBLE, so we didn't have time to teach that day either.

On Thursday we had a pretty good day; we saw a bunch of people that we planned! No really cool stories from that, however. We had Janet, our recent convert, proselyting with us! That was cool. I taught her all the way through, and now she's proselyting with us! It's awesome to see progression. :)

Friday was an exchange. I went with Elder Smith to New Kru Town. Oh yeah, District Leader for New Kru Town district was changed on Wed-nes-day. Elder Smith was made district leader; he's a great guy. The exchange was really good, 'cept it was pouring, and we forgot to bring umbrellas. I was FREEZING, and the rain was too much to proselyte for a while. I didn't have my jacket or anything. It was an interesting day though! I liked going into where Ebola is reported to be the most concentrated. I mean,... it's more of a feeling of awareness.

Saturday was good! There was the baptism first, for Logantown, and we went to support them. We taught a few lessons afterwards, but nothing super crazy... We saw J. again! I don't know if I ever told you about her before (that I contacted her with Elder Zaugg way back on exchange months ago and now she's way sweet), but she had disappeared for a while. She moved to Redlight, but now the confusion between her and her man is cleared up! So she moved back. And both her and her man, A., are way serious about working to marriage and baptism and being forgiven of their sins! I mean, their kids are already baptized (except for their youngest daughter, but she's not old enough, though she's the most adorable thing on planet earth. Goodness, if I could, I would adopt that girl. But she stayed in Redlight, 'cause she gets sick more easily with all the water in Doe Community).

Sunday was good! As usual, really. We went to Helena Boakai's graduation (a great branch missionary) celebration, 'cause she asked Elder Kamara and me to sing a couple hymns there. So we sang the one she asked us to (you can make the pathway bright), and then we sang Come thou Fount and some other song (39? I think? I don't remember...). It was pretty cool.

My notes:
I think I forgot to tell you that last week or the week before I conducted the hymns a couple times during sacrament meeting! It was fun!

It was RAINY this week. Seriously. Crazy amounts of rain....
Rains and flooding in Liberia. Thanks to the Berrett's for this week's photos.
Read more about the weather adventures on their blog, here.
For the 4th! Elder Widdison and Elder Burr made burgers (the kind that we can get here... it had ginger in it...) and fries and fry sauce! It was good. I enjoyed it, and it's surprising to me how fast that kind of food can fill me now. I'm not used to heavy foods like potatoes anymore...

I FOUND THE CHIP! I found the chip with the music inside the photo envelope. Good place to put it! I've been loving it. So... Yeah!  [microSD card with music in his last package--no longer missing. We are 8 for 8 with packages. 0 for 5ish for regular letter envelopes--we've given up on mailing those, all handwritten letters are now included in packages]

Well, things are going well out here! Next week has some fun stuff; zone meeting on Tuesday, interviews with President Kirkham on Thursday, and transfer news on Saturday! Probably a service project on Friday, too. So... it'll be a fun week! It's good to hear from all of you.

I know this church is true; I know that the work I'm doing here has more impact than anything I've done in my life so far, and I'm being prepared to be a better son, father, and person overall. The Lord's hand isn't slow; He won't hesitate to help you, but it takes work from our side. D&C 101:7-8.  I know that each of us mean so much to our Father, and we can all do better to keep his commandments and progress to the glory of Him. :) (hey look, I never share stuff like this in my emails! ;) )

Elder Price

P.S. Mwah!

Follow up note:   Whoah, I borrowed another elder's scriptures to read that just now... That's a great scripture! Thank you. :)  [I had sent him Alma 38:1-3: "My son, give ear to my words, for I say unto you, even as I said unto Helaman, that inasmuch as ye shall keep the commandments of God ye shall prosper in the land; and inasmuch as ye will not keep the commandments of God ye shall be cut off from his presence. And now, my son, I trust that I shall have great joy in you, because of your steadiness and your faithfulness unto God; for as you have commenced in your youth to look to the Lord your God, even so I hope that you will continue in keeping his commandments; for blessed is he that endureth to the end. I say unto you, my son, that I have had great joy in thee already, because of thy faithfulness and thy diligence, and thy patience and thy long-suffering among the people of the Zoramites."]

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