14 July 2014

Miracle at Home

The first email we received from Elder Price today was short:
I don't have much time, but I have to write: Dad is running. Oh my gosh. I'm pushing back tears. And I haven't even seen the videos 'cause they won't work. [I had attached a couple small videos to give him a small glimpse of this miracle in our lives, but I also included a few photos]. 

[Second email was more substantial:]
Dear Family!
I'm feeling great, thanks for asking! Even better with seeing those pictures of Dad running. Just... Whoah. That's amazing. I can't believe it. I can't wait to see it with my own eyes happening. I can't wait for... the possibilities. My dad can run. Those words mean so much to me.

Ryatt's room... My room... ah! That's so crazy! I was just thinking about that desk this week 'cause Elder Burr got some sunflower seeds in his package (please send some, dill pickle) and it reminded me so much of eating seeds while doing homework late at night at that desk. I hope Ryatt uses it well. Especially my sound system. Are the subwoofers still there? I can't see them in the picture. Nice decorations though! [Ryatt finally has moved into Rain's old bedroom]

Haha, for dinner last night? uh... Hm... Peanut butter and honey sandwich as well as some potato greens (w/rice, obviously) earlier... Yep! :) 

Thanks for the socks! They'll be much loved. Some pens could be nice. Those gel pens ran out very fast... with pilot, either those really nice fine point pens or they have this other kind "V ball" with a more fine point... I dunno. I like fine! I definitely do not need more toothbrushes. They sell those here. Oh, a dictionary would be nice! I like dictionaries a lot. So... A fun dictionary. :) Please and thank you!

The zone meeting was good! The interview with President was good too, I feel like I'm trying to do my very best out here. It's interesting how different people respond to their interviews; not everybody is happy. I really see it as how you take something, not what or how it's given. I truly feel like the stuff before mission with my mission call prepared me for more things out here, and I see that some lessons that I learned back home people still haven't learned out here.

The service project was successful, too! We totally helped someone build their house! Concrete, bricks, cement, small wood bridges, heavy moving, wheelbarrows of sand, shovels, just... No powered equipment! It was really fun. :) My biceps really hurt afterwards. A great project.

On Thursday was the interview with president, but then I went on an exchange with Elder Widdison! It was really good; I liked being with him. He's a good missionary. He's still in my zone! Woohoo! But while we were waiting in the church for the interviews to finish for us to go (I was waiting for Widdison), a mad man came into the church and stood in the center of the main room (chapel? The chairs were all stacked though) and, standing, started to pray. He wasn't completely not there, but he wasn't there enough to understand that's weird. :) It was a sweet experience though.

So, transfer news:
Elder Price: Staying! Receiving Elder Cottrell! Yay! I'm way excited. :)
Elder Kamara: going to Brewerville to be ZL with Fairwell! I'll miss Elder Kamara.
Elder Burr: gone. AP!!!!! What? yeah. It's cool and crazy.
Elder Widdison: DL for Logantown district. Received Elder Morrison

I'm way excited for Elder Cottrell as my companion! :) It's been a crazy day. On Saturday the plumber came and trashed our bathroom--we had a leak. So he was still working on it today, and he's not done yet. He's coming back tomorrow. Ah! Lots of work. Transfers are always crazy, too. I'm praying for the best. It could be a very memorable 7 weeks.

I love you all so much. Have an amazing week!

Elder Price

Note: In June of 2011, Rain went to a youth conference (Especially for Youth (EFY)) at BYU. He arrived on a Monday, but on Tuesday we had to do an emergency "check out" because Good Morning America was flying Rain and Dale to NYC to be on their show. Rain returned to EFY on Thursday. Interestingly, one of the friends that Rain made at EFY that year was Daniel Cottrell, aka Elder Cottrell--Elder Price's mission companion for the next seven weeks. I sent a couple of these old photos to Elder Price. He said, "Thanks so much for the pics! Elder Cottrell and I had a good laugh. :) "
EFY 2011- Front row: Price and Cottrell

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