21 July 2014

Prepared People

Hi Family!!!!!

... Yeah, I'm past 10 months... Feels kinda... Odd. I mean, it feels like I've been here a while, but not exactly... Yeah, it feels like 10 months. Doesn't feel like a year, doesn't feel like less than 10 months. It's crazy 'cause I'll be coming to my half mark in 2 months. Then it's last half!

[One of his best friends (since age 4) is heading to the Alpine Germany mission. His farewell was Sunday:] I'm so happy to see Zach head out. That's really amazing. I like those excerpts of his talk. I'm surprised that he didn't talk about the derivative of the growth instead of terming it the "mathematical acceleration" ;) Thanks for sending the bits of his talk. Really cool to read.

I hope Dad is able to get his leg all fixed better so he can run even more! I'll do a tri with him for sure.

I'm good! This week has felt pretty long, but at the same time it's rushed by. Elder Cottrell and I are doing great! Everyone did put their best foots (feet...) forward. a BUNCH of people having to learn their areas! Things are really different, and I find it interesting.  But yeah, Elder Cottrell and I are working together great! It's cool to be able to talk about... well, anything! There's not much that we can say that the other won't understand; it's different. So, anyway, this past Tuesday was unique! District Meeting was good; Elder Widdison gave a neat instruction on Agency. But then my companion and I had to stay inside for the rest of the day because the plumber was working on the busted pipe in our wall and putting our tub back in and everything. So Elder Cottrell and I cleaned and reorganized EVERYTHING in the apartment. The other elders' desks we moved to our bedroom; we moved our beds into the room we study in (the main room); we shifted our desks to fit; we put a table in the center of the room and put chairs around it for a dining room table; it all fits great! Everything is cleaner and nicer. The apartment feels more welcoming and more like a home now. :)

On Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday: We taught people! On Thursday we were looking for this one girl and her sister or something like that who came to church this gone Sunday (that's how people say "past" here. "gone"), but we didn't find them... Instead we found this police woman, Y., (off duty, so we couldn't tell. She just told us.) who we asked where to find these people. She was like, "let me go get better situated to walk with you guys and show you!" and she led us around the area to find the people. We didn't find them, but we found a different group of people--the N. family. They're GREAT. No small children, just a bunch of adults, and we contacted them. We set an appointment to see them later that week, and we invited Y. to church and tried to set an appointment. Well, On Saturday we taught the N's. GREAT lesson. A bit long, but David, not the father but still older than 20, came to church on Sunday. Super cool. We didn't get a chance to teach Y., but she showed up to church on Sunday!!! She came in with a baby-carrier on her (the kind that holds the baby on the front side of the mother), and it looked really funny after seeing all babies carried by lappas (the cloth that everyone uses) tied to the backs of the mothers. It was great! We had some other cool things throughout the week; we're trying to transform our teaching pool to a very strong group of adults, and I can see the hand of the Lord guiding it; people were contacting us and coming to church that we've never talked to! A man named John stopped us as we were walking to the main road to get a car on Thursday. We were walking through the other Elders' area, so I figured that he would be living in their area. He explained to us that he was affiliated with the church in Ghana, not a member, and that he wanted to study with us again. He told us he lived in Doe Community (our area!), and we invited him to church. Well, he came! We gave him a Restoration pamphlet. This morning he called and said to me, "I finished reading that one. I beg, you can bring another (different) one when you come to teach me this week??" It was so cool. :) People are prepared by God here. So sweet. We don't plant seeds, we HARVEST! We had over 20 investigators come to Sacrament Meeting; even more showed up after that first meeting! All adults. :) Also, I conducted the hymns again yesterday... I also was playing around on the piano after church for a few minutes, just playing some of the songs I remember and merging them into each other really cool-like, and afterwards Elder Cottrell told me that I AT LEAST need to play the right hand during Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. So, we'll see. :) [Q: Does anyone play the piano at church? If you played, who would lead the music?]  No one... and usually there's sister Perry to lead the music.

This week was interesting and unique! The work is good; I'm doing well. :) I'm looking forward to six more weeks in this transfer; I feel like there's a lot of growing I'll be doing. Thank you so much for the support and love you give me. I love you guys so much, and I know I'm doing the right thing by being out here.

Have an awesome week!

Elder Price

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