29 September 2014

Takoradi Trip

Dear Family,

Grandma and Grandpa are WHAT?! THAT'S TOO COOL! I'm excited for them. [his grandparents have been called as service missionaries in the California Carlsbad mission]

Thanks for telling me about Sister Sykes. I did know her, I was her home teacher for a while. I really liked her. She's also the grandma of one of my friends from high school, Gentry Tolton. Sad to hear.

Okay, my week:

So, starting on Monday: For FHE we watched the Restoration at a member's house! It was nice to see, but there are too many different cuts [versions?] of that movie. Then we went home and I planned instruction. The end!

Tuesday: District meeting! I gave my first instruction in Ghana! I was nervous about it when I was preparing, but it ended up being really good (or so my district members told me..). I gave it about the connection between our purpose as missionaries and our study. It was nice! [as for being DL:] It's always felt pretty normal this time around. The instruction part was the only nervous thing. I'm feeling fine with it. :) We stopped by a nearby store as we left, and I realized something.. I would LOVE to get the recipe to Fettuccine Alfredo, and the needed ingredients. I miss that food. Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty slow, we went to Agona and taught a couple lessons.

Wednesday: We had a service project! That was for a toilet.. Haha.. yeah.. I was able to do acrobatics to get out! ;) it was DEEP. Taller than me. Only slightly cooler than that beach ditch I dug before.. [in Liberia]

FUFU! Fufu with light soup and fish. tasted AMAZING. And it was MASSIVE. :D We split it, Elder Freeman, Elder Baldwin, Elder 'Atu'ake, and me! Then we went to PEC that evening.

Thursday: So I got to go to Takoradi!!! Which is really far away! That's because I needed a Ghana Non-citizen ID card. So I got one made! Really fun trip. I went with the zone leaders and Elder Baldwin and some other people that had to renew their cards (the cards only last a year). Baldwin and I had to get ours for the first time. We met the new mission couple! The Hanlons! They're from.. Kentucky? Yeah, I think so. Really nice people. It was after we finished eating that the door got ripped off the van.. Elder Cavaness was driving (he's the AP), and he tore it right off on the back of another car! Aye! So we hung out at the Takoradi stake center for a few hours while it was getting fixed. That building was SO nice.. seriously. Huge lawn, too. It just.. felt incredible. I received a couple dearelder letters that night, too! Just the ones from you guys. It was nice. :) Fun adventure to a really nice city! We got back really late.

Takoradi Stake Center
Friday: The zone service project, building the orphanage again! It was good, just normal work at this point. Afterwards I went and did a couple interviews for the sisters for baptism, so we spent the rest of our day doing that. We then went to an FM at C's house! That was the other food photo. That picture was boiled yam (cassava?) and boiled banana with a nice soup that we dipped that stuff in to eat it with. It was yummy! She's a great cook!

Saturday: First we went to an FM with the zone leaders. But it was a crappy proselyting day, everybody seemed to bounce us and it was really rainy. But we came home and.. transfer news!!! I'm staying! I'm with Elder 'Atu'ake for another 8 weeks; I'm super excited. At the same time transfer news came, the APs dropped off a package... to ME! :) I LOVED it. Sweet letter from Dad, really. Also, I've already started taking the vitamins! I'm feeling great! It says 3 a day for a while.. That would make them only last a month. But they're good for me! I also loved the guitar stuff. Finally my guitar is REALLY in tune. Sounds great. :) Also, Elder Cavaness is heading home this week, and Elder 'Atu'ake is his "grandson", so he gave his weight set to him! IT'S AWESOME. A real barbell! So.. I want some good wods ["workout of the day"]. No running, please, 'cause that's a pain as a missionary, but other stuff, please. :) I have a barbell and two arm weights (all adjustable weights.) I want the Rx weight for them, too. :)

Sunday: So, we had a referral at church today! That was a highlight! Also, the ward gave me a copy of "Come Unto Christ," the 2014 theme song for the YW, so I'm gonna learn that on guitar. I had a chance after the baptism (for the sisters) to play that song on the organ. It's really nice. :) That was about it for Sunday!

This morning: I had the biggest workout of my mission. I'm loving these weights. My body actually HURTS! :D Anyway, that was the week for ya'll. :)

I'm doing well. I'm trying to pick up my level again back to being awesome, so I've been working hard more these past few days. I'm trying to get better at being a missionary. I keep going through these random experiences and feelings that remind me that this isn't Liberia, and I miss it. I'm slowly getting adapted, but it's not easy, and it feels like it's been holding me back a bit lately. But I love you all so much! Have an awesome week! :)


Elder Price

Another photo:
She's great. :) She's part of a member family in Agona. She's making Palm nut! She's squeezing out the juices from the palm nut shreds (I pounded the steamed nuts right before that picture) to make it. It's like Palm Butter, but it's Palm Nut--Ghanaian.

And this one. Goats. ;)

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