06 October 2014

Funeral Weekend

Hey, Family!!!

The expo is HILARIOUS. It's just funny to see me on a giant cutout! And I thought I smiled better in that picture... Oops!  [we went to the LDS Missionary Expo last week where Rain and Dean's likenesses appeared in the MissionaryAprons.com booth]

Nice Jersey for Ry. :)   [I bought Ryatt a "Missionary Brother" jersey from the Missionary Mommas booth:] 

I'm happy to hear that you guys watched conference! Conference is done here like they do it in Liberia, so in a month or so I'll know it [when he gets the printed version]. That's so cool that they talked in their languages! It's kinda like what I get to hear every Sunday! [in the LDS General Conference this last weekend, some of the speakers delivered their talks in their native languages, such as Cantonese, Spanish, and Portuguese. You can view or listen to recordings of this semi-annual conference here That talk you shared is really interesting, too... And yeah, if we interpret 1 Cor. 6 not just in regards to chastity, but in regards to the general health we have, it makes sense, our bodies are temples of God!

Thanks so much for the conversion stories! :D I love 'em! If you can get more, I'd appreciate it so much! [A few weeks ago he asked for stories about how his ancestors were converted to the gospel. My father shared two from my ancestry: Alanson Norton, who joined the church in New York in 1843 and Marriner W. Merrill who joined in New Brunswick, Canada in 1852. We're gathering more.]

So, this week!

I gave instruction at district meeting! I gave it on Faith. President Stevenson happened to be around for the first 15 minutes of my instruction, so that was kinda cool. It was a decent day, overall, though it was too rainy in Agona for us to proselyte very effectively. Sheesh, they need mission-issued umbrellas! ;) Just kidding, they don't really need umbrellas. It hardly rains here in Ghana. But this was a day that I found myself missing Liberia quite a bit.

Wednesday was fine! My watch got water inside it in the morning, but it eventually got out. I told you how the little dial adjuster thingy is broken, right? It just comes out! Anyway, it's still functioning. :) We taught a couple good lessons; one was really interesting. It was with an investigator named H. We got there, and with a hoarse/lost voice she said, "Thank God you're here." She explained something about the holy spirit coming over her and she was just crying and singing and stuff. She randomly fell to her knees in the middle of our lesson and started singing in Fante. I understood the parts where she was saying, "God, I thank you . . ." and stuff. Very interesting lesson. We gave her a blessing. I wrote a really detailed version in my journal, but this is probably as detailed as I can get in the email. :) We went to PEC, and I learned that the Miles' are now over the Elmina ward! Woohoo! So they come to church with us now! :) I went to Abura after PEC and did an interview: it was an AWESOME interview. It was just a sweet one where we talked so deeply and great about each gospel principle that we discussed. Very cool. :) We ran into President Stevenson at the Abura chapel, and he told us that the paperwork for the group in Agona is in. It's gonna be soon! :D

Uh... Comparing my Wednesday notes to my Thursday notes is funny... Uh... Not much. We had a few good lessons! President Stevenson called and asked me the directions to Agona. He didn't really know where it was. :) He also asked if there are living quarters for missionaries out there. I told him that there's a few potential places! Hopefully we can get out there!

Hm... We just taught some more lessons! We're getting more people. We started teaching a 24 year old named B., she's a decorator/caterer and stuff like that. She's cool! We also taught H. again. She's doing a tad better, but she's still pretty reliant on the church she's going to right now. So I hit hard about how it is basically LDS or bust. Hopefully she got the point that she needs to know what the truth is. We went to a funeral that night! The "well-keeping" or somethin' like that. We went and sang hymns and.. They had the body out. They ACTUALLY had the body on display. Like.. Like what the Nielson's grandpa has in his house [um, his are mounted exotic animals, not humans, just to be clear ;-) ].. Same smelling chemicals. The guy was sitting in the middle of this room, and light was off, so we (Elders Judy, Atu'Ake, and me (Moleme had seen it before)) just saw this silhouette of a guy in a chair. And we waited for him to move. And we waited. and waited. AND HE NEVER MOVED. They had him propped up! In a tux! I have a picture! (They were fine with pictures.. what? Yeah.) They put a freakin' laptop in his hands! It was basically one of the most.. different.. things I have seen. Yeah. Anyway, we sang hymns, it was cool, we went home.

Funeral in the morning! Which was really.. lame. Many of the nonmembers really disrespected the funeral. It was really bothersome. I don't want to go into detail about that. But, all the chop bars (food places) were closed, too, 'cause there were like 50 funerals in Elmina at one time. Agh! So the group of us 6, Elders Moleme, Judy, me, my comp, Baldwin, his son (Ndunduma), went to Elmina beach resort for food. This was after some money calculation and such... And we each got a pizza. :D :D :D hehehehehe it was tasty. I'm gonna budget differently next month and instead of using my money at the resort I'm gonna make chocolate cake a bunch.... I think. It was a party! That was basically it for that day. :)

Nothing much... We had church! Good time. No investigators at church. :(  My companion and I visited a member's house that's in the same apartment complex as us (different building, though). He's the Elder's Quorum pres. It was a good time! We're going to visit him more often. Not much for this day, either. Oh, I wrote down that a little stapler would be GREAT to have! Though I might be able to just find one here, so don't stress sending it.

That's about it for the week! Agona is getting closer, and things are on the way up! This past week I've been thinking about Christianity as a whole quite a bit. It's interesting to me how I'm Christian, and I've really been pondering in depth about faith and those things. Seeing so much falsity makes me think about Christ and faith in a different light, it's kinda hard to describe. Anyway, things are good here in Ghana. :) Choose the right (teams to root for)! :)

Have a great week, all of you! I love you all so much!

Do good things!

Elder Price

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