27 October 2014

Eating Eto

Hey, Family!

So, for my week!

I forgot to take very many notes, sorry... But...

Tuesday! Another district meeting! We got up to our area afterwards, but we weren't able to teach very many people. Oh yeah, next week's district meeting is on Wednesday, and it's interviews with president! They do those interviews weird here.. Anyway, I'll be instructing, then the assistants, then Sister Stevenson, all while Pres. is interviewing us all! It's just district by district, so no combining (no combinations ;) hehe...).

Wednesday! We went and taught a few lessons. We taught N., who we have now finished the lessons with. Now it's just going to be reviewing and further teaching. We're going to try to watch the restoration video with him soon. We also taught W! She's progressing still. We also saw R, who is having some personal family troubles that we have been helping her overcome with the gospel. It's been pretty neat, we saw her a few times this past week.

Thursday! We saw S! We taught her, and the spirit was there. It was good, especially because she understood that when she is searching for her answer to whether or not this is true, it means that she would be leaving her current church. I explained to her about faith there, how we have to be willing to change our lives for the truth; she's a big role in her church and her brother even more so. We saw R again that day, and we received a phone call from a guy named E! He wanted to meet us, and he said he was in Elmina. So we got in the taxi coming home that night, and we went into Elmina. We met him by the castle, and we introduced ourselves. He's from Saaman! Which is the place we went and visited the less-actives! He saw our number on the back of a pamphlet and decided to call. We took him by the church and introduced him to bishop. Sweet opportunity to meet him; it's great how the Lord works. :) He's in Elmina from Thursdays to Mondays for a security job, while he's in Saaman for the rest of the time. It means we can teach him during the evenings!

Friday! We went to Saaman and Ankaase. We taught a few less actives and just had a great day! Not much to be said about that. We're trying to help the people out there, and we actually had a couple come to church on Sunday! That's thanks to the second counselor of the bishopric who paid for the transport. It was a good day teaching, and then we went to Abura for me to do a few interviews. Funny thing: I asked this girl who Joseph Smith was, and she went into a DETAILED story of Joseph of Egypt. Hilarious. She even knew the amount of years and stuff.. So great. :D

Saturday! I was actually feeling pretty crappy/sick. But we still went and taught a couple lessons. We taught E! He's so cool. He had sincere questions about the confusion and so many churches, and we were able to tie it in to the message of the Restoration so well. Great lesson!

Sunday! We had church! We had 2 investigators there, P (in Ankaase, good friends with a member) and K (in Saaman, another friend of a different member). They were awesome. President Stevenson was there! That's because Elder N. is having health issues, so he's been with them at the mission home. It was cool! He was going to have us show him where Agona was, but we had to go to the baptism right after church, so that didn't work. Then there was the baptism! It went well, five people.

Afterwards we went to the birthday party of a couple primary kids from that great family we have had those first FHEs with. Kweku and Georgette! Elder Judy made them a chocolate cake, but we also ate eto! Which is like.. Mashed yam. Not as mushy as mashed potatoes, but yeah! It was a more traditional dish with just palm oil in it. Pictures of that:

Ghana's fine! I'm doing my best to do good here, though it's still different for me. Agona is coming along... Pa Joshua said that he arrived back in Agona that night last week after walking home from church around 9 or 9:30. We have 9-12 church. It's incredible, his faith. He told us this week that he can't go to any other church because he knows so much that this is true. I love seeing that strong of a testimony, because that is why I'm a missionary, not just to bring people into an organization, but to help people have that.

They don't celebrate Halloween in any other country.. So.. Nope, they don't do anything. :) I'll go and buy a big thing of ice cream and enjoy. :D

I'm doin' my best! I love you all so much. Have a great week! Remember your name! :D

Elder Price

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