03 November 2014

Amazingly Tasty Food

Dear Family!

Yeah, it is a bit weird that I'm at that 3 month mark [3 months since leaving Liberia]. And November. Time flies by!

Your costumes looked great! Good job, family! They definitely worked. I was actually telling Elder Judy this week that I miss that food so much :) [chili and cornbread for Halloween] Can't wait to have it next year! It sounds like a good party, as always. Thanks for all the pictures! I really enjoyed them! Special thanks to my best sister for those special highlights. ;) Yes, Mom, those costumes are incredible.. Spirited Away! And Dr. Who! :D :D

So, my week was.. Incredibly longggggg. So much happened! I'm preparing my fingers to type all the stories.. ;) Okay, here goes!


Well... Not too much happened on Tuesday, to be honest. We taught some lessons. No district meeting. Pretty plain day!


District meeting/interviews! Okay, so, those were good. They do it so different here.. During the meeting are the interviews. Like, after the opening part of the meeting, President went into a different meeting and conducted interviews. I gave instruction! I gave it on the Book of Mormon as the keystone of our religion. Then Sister Stevenson gave an instruction! That was super sweet, she talked about our hearts. The sweetest part of that was that it felt like a Sunday School lesson from back home. Really different. Then the Assistants gave their instruction, and I had my interview during that. The interview was good! ... I get the feeling that I'm staying in Agona, but we'll see!
District Meeting in Elmina (photo from Pres. Stevenson's blog)
After the district meeting, President Stevenson drove Elder 'Atu'ake and me to Agona! He had never seen it before, so it was his chance to analyze it. We showed him all the places, and that was a pretty good time! (dang, my verb choices are so plain... I need to work on using better verbs and less linking verbs.) After the little area tour, we went back to Elmina and had PEC with the ward. That was good! Hopefully improvements can take place in the ward. It's always funny for me to be there because I'm trying to help the ward, but I'm not even really in it!

After that we had a midweek activity at the chapel.. That went well! We didn't really do too much for it.. We started to watch a movie, but that didn't work out, so we watched a small talk and discussed about Satan's influences in this world. That was the day! There was a really good quote about unity by Pres. Benson, if there is some way for you to find that.. I like the quote: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -Burke


This day, this day.. crazy. So, it was just a normal day, taught some lessons, etc. But this time.. So, there's a junction (intersection, we call them junctions here) before Agona call Ataabadze. We were going to go teach a new investigator there, but she bounced us when we got there (no worries, we saw her later this week), and so we started walking. No reason at all to walk. The cool night air felt nice, but we would eventually have to catch a car. So it was essentially pointless for us to walk. Well, we reach a gas station and I tell Elder 'Atu'ake that I want one of the small cheap fanices that come in a satchet like water, so we go inside. We don't have any small bills, but the woman running the store said we could have them for free! :) So that was cool. And then we kept walking. Still no reason. Then we come across this HUGE house on our left, and I just say, "we need to go there." So we go there. We stand at the gate, introduce ourselves, etc. and they're from New Jersey. They don't really like the church, but they like us. So, they treated us great as guests! Though the whole idea of having a lessons was pretty shot. They gave us freshly made glasses of pinapple (with a touch of lemon) juice, mixed nuts (WITH ALMONDS), and CHOCOLATE COVERED BLUEBERRIES. Tasted amazing. He said we could come over any time for American food, naming hot dogs and mac-n-cheese. He invited us over, serious invitation, for Thanksgiving! (is Thanksgiving on the 27th?)
That was that day.


We had a sweet service project! We painted this big house for a member who is moving in, and it was super cool! We got to paint almost all the rooms! Very fun. Had fun with the zone for that! Good activity for Halloween! That night we saw that investigator who bounced us before. She's cool! She had some sweet questions (and some doubt) about the Bible, and we're teaching her the Restoration! I got a 2 ltr container of strawberry ice cream to celebrate, too :) Too bad my stomach is so changed that I physically can't eat very much of it. It was a good night!

We had splits/exchanges! That was cool. I went with Elder Judy into Elmina. My first time in Elmina for proselyting! We taught 3 lessons and talked to a TON of people. It was such a sweet day. One of the lessons, this guy told us that there are people who tell lies and other things about the church, with "phds." He explained, "Pull Him Down Spirit" It was hilarious! We went to the beach resort for a goodbye for Elder Ndunduma (health issues), and it was.. Babylon. It was terrible. I mean, I guess it's not too much compared to things from back home, but it's just that.. We're so sheltered here! We ate and left, but there was a pool party outside with people who are probably from other places in Ghana. We kept the nice dinner pretty short (and it was enjoyable) and went and taught more! I'm just glad that my standards are better now. :)


We watched conference! That was good. Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions. Long church.. but it was good! Afterwards we had a couple FMs and we taught that girl at Ataabadze the Book of Mormon. It was good! 
This is an octopus or squid or something. It was the meal that our new investigator gave us on Sunday!
Our new investigator's younger brother drew this during the lesson. Hilarious picture. :)
That evening we had a party at our apartment with a bunch of other elders in the zone, saying goodbye to Elder Ndunduma and happy 1 years for a couple other elders. total food: 10 ltrs of ice cream, no bake cookies, and a cake. It was tasty. :)

This week was good, and had some crazy experiences. I'm learning so much, and I'm trying to grow still. It's not always easy, but it's worth it. I'm trying to grow my testimony, and I've realized that in these missions I've been in I don't receive as much persecution as many other missions in this world.. and that's a blessing that I don't want to take for granted. I learn different things here! :) I love you all. Have an awesome week!


Elder Price

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