24 November 2014

Transfer News

Out With the Old and In With The New!

Hey Family!

Just kidding about the new part, I'm stayin'. :) Hahaha, Elder 'Atu'ake and I get to spend Christmas together! I'm excited. But transfer news was much more than that. They changed the zone. No more "Abura Zone." It is now "Elmina Zone." The Abura sisters, my WHOLE district, is now in the Cape Coast Zone. Blah. And our zone is taking in the Ola sisters, but they're going to be in the other district in the zone, Bakaano district with their district leader Elder Stoddard. My district will now be having Elders Iwuji (Iwugi?) and Kallon in Kissi (Nigerian, Sierra Leonian), Uata and Lee in Ntranoa (Tongan but from Provo, Seattle native), the zone leaders Elders Judy and his new companion Cardon (Arizona, Washington (I think?)). That's us! All elders. Hm. Been a while! Hahaha, things will be different, but I'll still always do my best. Transfers take place on Wednesday. Our district meetings won't be in the Abura stake center anymore, but we're going to see if we can do our district meetings in Ola, which is a nice chapel too. That's basically it! All my friends are goneeeeeeeee. hahaha.

[Are you feeling better yet?] Somewhat! I still have a weird sinus/nose situation, but it's okay. I'm feeling stronger and my eyes aren't bothering me anymore.

I'm glad you enjoyed those pictures I sent to you!

Elder 'Atu'Ake and Elder Price
Sister Nakafeero (Uganda) took them, and I figured you'd like them! :D [the photos above]

I'll answer your other photo questions here:
Randomly in our area we have bats! So strange. Apparently they've been there for a really long time--years. 
That's a spaghetti prepared by our recent convert, Christian. I guess I didn't send the spring rolls picture.
Anyway, he's a professional chef. #truestory
1 of 5 Spider pics from a couple weeks ago
[Where did you spot this spider?] on one of our buckets. I trapped it on some water and took some pictures! It's a freaky spider... *shiver*
That boy was wearing a 3 piece suit! Funny guy, too. Knows good English!
Back to my email :):

[in response to my San Diego Chargers game report:] That's SICK! That's so great! :D Thanks for sharing the game!!! (plus the orange rolls... Danngggg I miss those. Glad I get home in time for the holiday season next year) That's an awesome play by Gilchrist! WINNERS!

Well.. Thanksgiving might be better than mine! We'll see what we can muster up here in West Africa! It won't be as good as last year's, but I can hope it's decent. Rikki and I are BOTH gone for this one, too! Ryatt really is an only child. Empty nest syndrome starting to nudge in, Mom? ;)

Okay, let's get down to my week. Ready? Ready. Here we goooooo!!

Monday: [How did the beef dinner go last Monday night? Celebrating Judy’s 18 month mark.] It went great! It tasted really good. Though I was exhausted.

Tuesday: Yeah, so that buildup to this is really anticlimactic. Sorry. Tuesday I slept. And kinda made it to district meeting. And then went back home. So much, right? I know. :D haha..

Wednesday: Another day! So, Elder Baldwin and Elder Loader (who almost died of Malaria, literally.. Did you hear about that story?) got permission from President Stevenson to come show Elder 'Atu'ake and me our area. That was sweet! Then we went to PEC. I mailed a couple of letters this day... one to Dean (yep!).

Thursday: We went up to Agona! But it wasn't a very good day up there. So many people have traveled.. Various places, but they're just gone. It's so frustrating. I took the pictures of me washing on this day!
"Yes! I was helping them wash. :) I can wash, sheesh!"
I recognized the laundry photo as the same place as this food prep photo from a couple months ago
 (one of my favorites)
It's the same place, yes, they are some members there! That girl with the palm nuts is a member, and so are a couple of the others. Yeah, they don't usually let men do it, especially not white guys. But I just told the girl to move, so she did, thinking I was going to just use her chair as a seat, but then I sat down and started to wash for her! She went to preparing the cassava and plantain for fufu. :)

They gave us a great fufu that evening at that same home. Hey, this day I figured out the name of a song that I would hear all the time in Liberia. It's called "Limpopo" by KCEE or something. Check it out! That was basically the day.

Friday: I went on a split with Elder Judy to Samaan and Ankaase. That was decent! More people have traveled. :P But anyway, we got fed a TON. Hehe.. A couple smaller things before the fufu at Pa Joshua's with the tied fish and me giving the balloon to the kid. That was this day! Then we went to Institute for some reason. Yep. Friday!
Knotted fish and fufu
[Fish heads?] Not just the heads, sheesh! ;) It's the body, wrapped in a knot. I was on splits with Elder Judy, and they fed us this. Very good food, too much pepper for Elder Judy, but I loved it (Liberia prepared me for pepper, "pepe")! Knotted fish: Odd. A pain to work around the bones. Tasted good though! I don't really eat the heads.. Some Africans do, but.. Yeah. :)
Yeah, I made Pa Joshua's kid or grandkid a little balloon dog! :)
Saturday! We had the adult session of stake conference. It was sweet! It was all about missionary work. Hopefully that touched some of the members' hearts. We really need their help, and it's not us drawing the people in. It's all of us together. That's something that's so necessary in Ghana in comparison to Liberia. Liberia relied on the missionaries much more, and it wasn't as much of a group effort, and it didn't need to be for baptisms to come, new investigators to be found, etc. but we need it here in Ghana.

Sunday: It was the real session of Stake conference! That was the video part. The missionaries had to sit outside because it was so full, so I didn't really get much out of it. But one of the members told me that evening what was said! I'm glad. :) That evening Elder 'Atu'ake and I had a blast walking through random paths that we had never been on and contacting some people, then we went with a member, Prince, to show us some of Elder Baldwin's people. Prince helped Elder Baldwin a ton, so he'll be helping us a lot too! That was the whole day.

Monday: We roasted pigs this morning!!!!! :D :D :D Two! I have videos of the killing and everything of them. From live and walking to in my belly. Mmmm. Good zone activity! 

 That's how things are! I've been trying to push. It's been pretty hard lately. It just feels different than the past, though I'm going to see if I can up it now that I'm in this new transfer with this solid new area. We'll see some new things these 6 weeks. I'm nervous about the new district, but I know all things will work out for my good. Right? "all things are done in the wisdom of He that knoweth all things" or something like that in 2 Ne 2:24. And the other scripture in D&C when Joseph Smith was in the jail... 122 or something? I forgot. Great section, though. I'm not good with exact quotes, you know that. ;)

Thank you for the great support you give me. I love you all SO much, and I pray for you all. Keep up the good works. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Have a great week!

Elder Price

PS If I can get some other pictures of some of the other sweet gyms I've seen I'll send them. There are some sweet places, if you know what I mean.

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