17 November 2014


Y'ello, family! :)

All of that stuff sounds so great! Ry has his Arrow of Light! Much better than me. ;) [Rain earned his Eagle Scout award, but always regretted not earning his Arrow of Light when he was in Cub Scouts--although that was probably more his parents' fault than his own.] It'll take some time for me to figure out that Rikki will have a kid, but.. I guess it's okay.. Rikki: SHEESH YOU DIDN'T EVEN WAIT FOR ME TO GET HOME!!!! A two month old is going to be on your hip next time I see you?! Goodness.... Okay, okay, it's okay... :)  >.<

The Alfredo sauce turned out GREAT. I loved it. Seriously awesome.
He was missing Fettuccine Alfredo, but doesn't have access to cow butter, cream or Parmesan cheese to make the Alfredo sauce, so I sent him a mix.
Fettuccine Alfredo from his mix.
CHARGERS WON!!!! That's awesome! :D :D And I'm glad you guys watched Ephraim's Rescue. 17 Miracles definitely goes along with it; I'm glad Ryatt watched that first (in school?! That's sweet.) It's a touching movie. Thank you SO much for getting that music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Freezing November.. I miss Utah weather.

Thanks for all the news. :)

So, for my week!
No district meeting this day! Because we had a service project. We cleaned up Elmina! It was great because the zone leaders talked to the chief of Elmina, and it got more recognition for this service project. It definitely made an impact in Elmina.

After the service project I had my first piece of dog! I could only muster up enough to eat one bite. Now I can say I've eaten it, cross that off the list, never need to do that again. [Me: Was it really that bad, or was it just the idea of eating dog? Rain: the idea. it actually didn't taste bad. just... dog. E. Judy loved it.]  I spent some of the evening planning some things about our new area and trying to work that out. And then a miracle occurred. We were planning to go to an appt with a guy I've mentioned in the past, and I really didn't feel like going, neither did Elder 'Atu'ake. But we prepared. I did a little personal study before we went out to teach him, and I found a great scripture that I feel was led by the spirit for me to find. It was Jacob 2:4-5,8 (I think I named those right). Very awesome scriptures. Anyway, I was feeling more prepared to go after studying that and some other things. We left the apartment and were walking on the main road when one of the women of that household happened to be driving by. She pulled over and told us that there was a problem and we couldn't come that evening. It was an answer to a prayer. The Lord really does work miracles, if we weren't walking on the road at that EXACT time, and understand that this is a short strip of road, we wouldn't have seen her, and this email would be very different. We ended up having a great lesson with a less-active member.

We had a combined district meeting/zone meeting! After the meeting all I did was go on splits with Elder Judy to go do some baptismal interviews for them. They had four! Really great converts. One of special note is Christian. He's great, and he understands the gospel SO well. He speaks amazing English, has taught religious and moral education, and he's been prepared by God to hear the gospel. He's been proselyting with Elder Judy and Elder Moleme, and he loves the gospel. Too bad he's moving to Accra this week. Anyway, it was a good night of four interviews! The other three were all young people who were referrals from members. I found out this night that President Stevenson texted us and told us that the group in Agona is approved by the area! One more step for the complete organization down! Woohoo!

We had a pretty standard day! We've picked Thursday and Friday to go to Agona. So we went to Agona! We taught a few lessons, but first we had apartment check by Elder and Sister Miles! They took a picture of us. Maybe they have a blog? I don't know. Pretty plain day.
Time for a filter change?
Oops, no notes in my planner from this day! But we taught a bunch of lessons. We went up to Ankaase and Saaman (two small villages past Agona). We taught several really progressing people up there, and we had a bunch of sit down and support the members lessons. It was good! It was great to share with members that the church will be there soon.

We had a MASSIVE YSA [Young Single Adult] activity. It was on the stake level, organized by the missionaries (the zone leaders). It was so great, seriously. We had games and activities and plenty of people. We did a sweet "come, follow me" activity that was really detailed and had us leading blindfolded YSAs around while they were holding on to a rope (that we were leading with. The rope moved). After leading them around a really difficult way for them in a very quiet way, we pulled them all off the rope and told them to wait for further instruction. After a few minutes all the missionaries (52 of us) were together and began to sing "Come, Follow Me" and we waited for the blindfolded people to understand and come to the music. It was really cool, and I have a ton of pictures and videos. :)

Church! We had a bunch of Agona members and people come! It was a GREAT turnout. After church we had a couple meals, one with Sister Victoria and her best friend, Sister Rita. Both of them are super sweet ladies, and it was a great (and huge) meal! There was a book in the house that had a bunch of really random stuff in it, including a play version of the Invisible Man. Elder Moleme and I had a hilarious time reading some of those scenes out loud that night, trading off on the voices and everything. Fun stuff! We have FHE [Family Home Evening] next week planned with them. Then we went to Auntie Vick's house (where we have had FHE before) and they fed us plantains with a bean stew thingy!

It was good, but this is when the sickness set in. Blah, I'm sick. [with follow-up questioning he said: really bad runny nose, headache, watery eyes, sore throat, the works. It's distracting. And gross. As I said earlier today, "it's like my body said that it needed an oil change through my nose!"]

So far today!
We came to Cape Coast! I got the new guitar strings. We're also going to celebrate Elder Judy's 18 month mark tonight with a great dinner (we bought beef). I also printed some photos, but you can print the ones I send you, so I don't think I'll be sending these home. These are for other missionaries' journals. (it's what we do. like a yearbook. #highschoolneverends)

So.. That was the week! Things have been really good and really active, but I'm sick-oooo. So.. yep! Mission is good. This is the last week of the transfer, so I'll be telling you transfer news next email. We'll see what happens! I seriously have no guesses as to where I'll go or if I'll stay. It's up in the air. I know this work is inspired, and I'm doing my best to be a good missionary. :) Love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Price

Gari with red oil and beans! Gari is the cassava ground up and fried stuff.
Not sure what this is, but according to the date stamp, it was dinner on Sunday, Nov 9th.
One of five photos he sent of this spider

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