20 October 2014

Visiting Saaman

Hey, family!!!​

Wow, that's some really cool stuff about the Kirkham's homecoming. Thanks for sending it! I'll read it more later. I knew the Kimball's were going, But Ivory Coast? Why not CAPE COAST? And it's cool that you saw all those people! Maybe I'll be able to see Elder Pearmain one day before he goes home? And I hope Sis Hezseltine likes the blog! :)  [On Sunday we went to the "missionary homecoming" for President and Sister Kirkham (mission president for the Liberia mission). We were able to hear them speak in church and I sent Elder Price my notes from the meeting.]  

My week:

Tuesday: Combined district meeting! Which means pretty long. It was cool because Elder Baldwin and I made some sweet contributions in the meeting because we were able to share some of our missionary-specific things that we did there [when they were serving in Liberia]. And, though it was a very short day in Agona, we still got a few lessons! It was great, because I've been wanting to teach more.

Wednesday: first, my notes.. In the morning Elder Judy was playing the "yo ho yo ho" pirates ride music, and it was great. And then he played the "tiki room" song. and then "you got a friend in me" So sweet. But the day was just teaching, with PEC (the ward meeting) in the evening time. We taught W., a member's granddaughter. She's progressing great! And we taught S. and B. Hopefully both of them can be progressing.

Thursday: No notes. We had a pretty bummer day. Most people bounced us. Blah :P

Friday: We did a "less active" day! It was really cool. We went into a place called Saaman, and we found a bunch of less actives! They still recognize themselves as members, and they say the only reason they haven't been coming is the transport. Plus they gave us referrals! It was a sweet day. Pa Joshua/Bro Ewusie took us around there, and it was a great time. 

Saturday: We taught lessons! W. again, S. again, and V. We taught V. the plan of salvation, and she started asking us perfect questions about repentance and those things, which is what we planned to teach her next! So it's perfect. Woo hoo!

Sunday: well, it was a pretty normal day, really. In Elders Quorum the topic was basically missionary work, and they did a role play. it made me laugh SO hard. ;) 

Pa Joshua shared during that class that he walked to church from Agona. He said he left at 4 am to get there by 9 am. Yeah, it's far. He gave his transport money to one of the less actives in Saaman that we met. It was incredible. Such an amazing sacrifice.

Today! Not much. This morning we went to the Elmina beach resort for an entire zone activity! It was really fun, and Elder 'Atu'Ake is really good at ping-pong. :)

Sooo I've been trying to improve in so many ways, and I've been feeling this push to just be "better." I've been working on it, and I'm still working on it, and I can feel myself being more happy as I change for good. Agona is still pretty far off, though.. I'm praying for next week. Who knows if it could be there that fast, but the members are having such a hard time. That's pretty much it for this week. Oh yeah, on Friday, we stopped by a school--young kids. We had a member working there, and it's kinda different from schools back home, so don't imagine it to be like the elementary schools back home. But it was very very well done, and they had wooden slides and teetertotters and it was great. :) Well, anyway, a group surrounded me and my companion, and my companion said, "how are you?" and they all replied in this same chant, I guess to put it, of "we are fine, thank you, how about you?" and my comp said "we are very fine!" It was hilarious, because it was literally all together. I took a video. :)

I'm doing my best! I hope you enjoy all the pics I sent this week. :) Love you guys so much! :D

Elder Price
Found during a service project
They bought this fish, so she cut it up for them
All bagged up and ready to go
Elder Judy cooking
"Meat and eggs"
Cleaning the water filter - running water!!

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