07 September 2015

It was the best

Dear Family!

Wow. Well, this won't be my last email, but it's getting there. Week 6 has come, and with the schedule that's coming, it'll go really fast, too. We're hosting a bunch of missionaries at our apartment on Tuesday because zone conference is on Wednesday, then we're going up to Dunkwa for a baptism interview, then coming back to Praso on Thursday only to go to Hemang that same day to do another interview, a planned service project on Saturday, and a singing activity for all of Praso District (members, not missionaries) that I'm not sure if we'll be around for on that same Saturday, plus branch leader rounds on Saturday and Sunday, and... Well, there's a lot. And that's what we have scheduled before this entire week has started. Crazy? Yeah.

So, anyway, yes, I got some medication. Some off-brand nyquil. I used it, and I realized a side-effect that happened to me: insomnia! Yes, drowsiness was there, but the insomnia part was too! It was wonderful. ;) It helped me feel better, though. I'm still getting over the trailing end of the sickness, but I feel good now, so that's a plus.

MLC was good! [Mission Leadership Conference, in Cape Coast] I enjoyed it. It was interesting to see three other of my MTC group at MLC! Elders Hinckley, Collins, and Kaiser. We went down on Tuesday evening, making it to the station and then finding our way to the mission home where the Assistants' apartment is, too. We stayed the night there, having some funny times with Elder Mocke entertaining us all, and then I slept in the freezing room of A/C, wishing I had more blankets. We got up, and had pancakes provided by Elder Hinckley and Elder Makoti. After that I received one package! Freetown!!! :D I was so happy. 
Lunch at MLC
(photo from Pres Stevenson's blog)
On the topic of packages, I'll mention the others now. I'm not sure about the padded envelope that you've sent, but I do know about the big box. It's here. :) I don't have it, yet, but I will on Wednesday, maybe even Tuesday night. The Cape Coast Zone Leaders sent me a text saying that a lady called saying that she was going to bring it the next day (Sunday) to Cape Coast. She did, and she left it with the bishop of that ward, who proceeded to give it to the zone leaders, who have given it to the assistants, who are bringing it to me! I'm pumped. Looks like I won't be buying food for the rest of the week! ;)  [earlier this summer, we sent a large box via slow boat with a friend. It's had a long, adventurous journey, but it will be the largest box he's received on his mission]

MLC itself was really good. President talked a lot about the Sabbath Day (obviously I added a few things to my homecoming talk notes page in my notebook. ;)  [His assigned topic for his sacrament meeting talk on Sept 20th is the Sabbath Day, along with sharing missionary experiences] ), and it was a great meeting. I said goodbye to some people that I'm gonna miss a ton, like Elder Etim and some others that I won't see before I leave, and we eventually made it back to Praso.

So, Thursday was pretty normal. We finally got to be in our area! For most of the day, that is. We started an exchange that evening into Hemang. I went with Elder Berrett to Hemang, and we met up at a members house there and first watched Freetown [the movie]. I have quite a few comments about it running around my head, and I think I need to watch it again with a less critical mind. It's hard to believe it for me sometimes when it's so obviously Ghana and not Liberia, but it's okay. It's a good movie. :) I haven't seen the last couple minutes, however, so I definitely need to watch it again.

That evening we played Monopoly deal in the Hemang apartment. That game is the best.

Friday. What a wonderful day. Seriously.

Well, we went to a further village to teach the Elders Quorum President, and Elder Berrett and I went to a place very close to that village: Kakum! We didn't go on the canopy walkway or anything, but we went to the gift shop. It was just gonna be a short little thing until... TAKORADI STAKE YOUTH WERE THERE! All of the youth from Takoradi stake, INCLUDING SEKONDI, were there! I saw a recent convert, Alice (the only youth convert I had in Sekondi), and a couple leaders. It made my day. And week. Almost my transfer, too. It was the best. I took some few pictures, gave my contact info to a couple, and was just so happy.

That was the highlight of the exchange for me. :) Best surprise. We still even taught some more lessons! It was a great day.

Saturday started with us getting to a service project a little bit late and missing it (they went to farm without us... Next week! We rescheduled!). The day was a bit rough, literally no lessons... But we talked to a bunch of people! So it was still productive. The area's still improving.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting! I bore my testimony. Also, a student at the nursing training school (in our area) stood up and sang "I Know That My Reedemer Lives" before bearing her testimony. She did great, and it was a memorable and sweet testimony, unique! We went through the rest of church, and then after the sacrament meeting for the other branch, the district president's wife, Sister Asamoah (in branch 1), asked me to teach some people how to conduct. So I went and did that! I had a blast. It was a good class. :) Then the other missionaries had a baptism that we attended, and we went and visited some less actives with our branch leaders! We ended up being late for the weekly fufu, but we eventually got there and had a wonderful meal to end the night.

That's pretty much it for this week. Things are good. Thank you for the great email; I did read it! Keep enjoying Alaska. I love you all! I can't believe time has gone this much, but there's still more to do. Always more to do, right? ;) Have a wonderful week; do good things! I've been going through waves of happiness and sadness of leaving, but I know it's not the wrong thing which gives me some consolation. My thoughts are all over the place, and the time is so short. Last week, here I come. :) I love you so much!


Elder Price
A member in Branch 1. We were instant friends.
my comp and people at night
A wonderful meal of ampese and kontombre/egushi stew
Dancing kid wearing my sunglasses. Awesome. :)
Branch president's son, Kojo, or "Jo-jo". :) Happiest little kid that I know. A half second later he was grinning.
impressive: riding a bike AND carrying a stereo on your head.

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