02 June 2014

Doing Crazy Things Every Day

Dad told me about his stuffed cats... whoah. That's certainly... Unique. And the lion switched to unicorn? Yeah, I suspect the Swallow's. :) Tell 'em hello!  [Dale now has a "cat" series going on our family blog. Here's the latest.]
Haha, yeah, a new district soon. [there are currently two districts (similar to stakes) in Liberia--Bushrod Island and Monrovia. They are in the process of creating a third, the Paynesville district.] And Logantown zone is filling up in a week! We'll be having another companionship of sisters and another of elders. More people! It'll be an interesting transfer. We're supposed to divide Doe community into two areas, while some crazy stuff might be happening with Logantown areas. Point 4 is splitting their area, too. Exciting!  
[I told him, "And I heard from Elder Fairwell's blog that "Elder Pentreath, is engaged after being home only a few weeks!" His reply:]
Elder Pentreath is an example to us all. ;)
No more security issues this past week! The other apartment set up a noise trap with glass bottles and thread. Pretty funny. :) The wind blew it over one night and Elder Smith got up yelling "rogue rogue rogue!!!!"... I slept through it.... Haha, looks like I won't be the one to catch him. Which... might not be bad. Logantown actually has dangerous rogues. So... It might be a blessing that we aren't seeing him.
For Rikki!: I saw a GIANT crescent wrench and I thought of... Ratchet and Clank. Heck yeah. I was tempted to throw it and see if it returned to me. :)
A Liberian was talking about a woman who flew to America (not her first time going there) and died. Some funny conversations occurred between people there. They said "she's already gone to heaven!" I asked more about that, laughing, and she said that America is "the second heaven!" Haha, what a place.
I bought a cheap small shoulder bag (like the size of my scripture bag, but shoulder bag). It already spoiled... The strap broke off while I was walking over wooden plank bridges and it fell into the nasty nasty NASTY black water puddle beneath. Ah! My stuff was fine, but while cleaning it off, the zipper broke off it! Haha, looks like that bag failed. Don't worry, it was SUPER cheap.
At the baptism, one of the members was baptizing someone... Took them 5 or 6 times! Because of the prayer, which kept on being messed up like this: "father, son, and the blessed holy spirit" (verbatim.). I found the mistake kinda funny. :) It turned out okay, though.
Fa., a young woman, is AWESOME. We were in a lesson with her, her nonmember younger sister, and her mom. Her mom is working to baptism, but we're prepping her sister to be baptized sooner. Her mom went off on a tangent about what Fa. does with her free time. She sits in her room, the hot, mosquito filled room, reading her scriptures and praying. That's all she does. She doesn't go and watch movies ("witness show"), 'cause she knows that could lead her astray. She's converted. DANG!
Yesterday was my first Sunday ever to plan the whole week with our investigators during church! Doe community does that, but Elder Kamara has been doing it. It was new, but good! I like having our plans all figured out beforehand.
Journal entry:
Dear Journal,
I figured I should write, but I am so tired. Today was cool: Vera and Helena taught an entire lesson 1 (restoration) without me saying a word. Go branch missionaries! And to think- Vera is a recent convert of 2 or 3 months. Say what? Yeah. Go her.

I read a bunch of dearelders today-more letters of my friends' emails home. I feel like I hardly talk about my area, my people, my experiences in my emails home. Oops. Sorry, yeah? Taught four lessons today, had a good time, bonded with members, ate Liberian food, basically... lived my missionary life out here on my adventure. Wanna know about how the lessons went? Well, I already had to write that in the area book... Wanna know the cool experience? Well, every second out here is a different experience.
I don't know why I don't share spiritual stories... I guess, I just see it as a part of life!

So, I'm 8 months out! Do you know what that means? It means I'm 1/3 finished! 16 months to go. I'm doing crazy things every day. Walking on bridges of tires and planks, walking through mud and grime (wearing rainboots, but Vera and Helena weren't. God bless them.), eating pepay 'cause Liberian food is good, serving with a Sierra Leonian companion because I'm in West Africa.

I've been trying to take more photos lately. I think that will help describe my mission a bit more than words.
I hear horrible stories . . . One, for memories' sake: [edited/omitted from the blog, maybe a bit much for some readers] ... Also, members sometimes tell me stories of what Liberia was like in the war. I hear stories of their fathers, their mothers being killed, butchered, [and more,  edited]. Grotesque stories coming from a first person witness or two. I hear those stories fairly often... The world is messed up. The news reels don't show jack. . . .

There's one! Though it was kinda depressing one... I forgot to write for a few days this week. Oops! It's been good. :) Yesterday there was a guy with an out of tune guitar with 4 strings on it just playing "strum strum strum strum" While saying gibberish! When we were walking by, he said bits including: "white man preaching" "book of mormon" "church" and other random funny hard to hear gibberish. He was crazy energetic and dancing around while yelling this stuff. It was hilarious. :)
The analog dial thing on my watch busted... Like, the adjusting wheel on the side. It's there, but I can pull it out of the watch, 'cause it's not attached to anything. It's still set pretty close to the right time, so it's not a problem right now, but it's something to note!
That's about all for this week. :) Love you guys so much. Next Monday I'll be telling you transfer news. I don't think I'm going, and I don't think Elder Kamara is, either. So... yeah! Love you guys so much!
Elder Price

[Random Question: is Logan Town one word or two? I think I've seen you write it both ways. Answer: Either! We don't really know...]

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