26 May 2014

Zone Conference, Baptisms, and a Rogue

Dear Family!

Zone conference was sweet! It was with Sinkor zone (so all the sisters were there) and us Logantown zone! It was odd 'cause it wasn't even in Bushrod district,  it was one Monrovia and one Bushrod, but it worked out! It was pretty powerful. I enjoyed it. [I asked him what they do at zone conference:] ...just receive instruction. We sit and take notes and participate sometimes on how to become better missionaries, with various focuses. :) And we eat a good meal of rice and chicken.

Zone Conference at Sinkor Chapel - Sinkor and Logan Town Zones (combined) 
Back Row: Elders Finau, Burr, Smith, Godi, Park, Montgomery, Witehira, Pishl, Nakale, Price, Kamara, Connors, Osatohangbon
Middle Row: Elders Dahlin, Okunrobo, Ideh,  Widdison, Sisters Muzambi, Kithangu, Okeke, Iwenofu, Onwuka, Kiteto, Elders Elliott, Ayim, Bosomtwe
Front Row: Sisters Rametsi, Br. Missionary, Dever, Elder Dever, President Kirkham, Sister Kirkham, Elder Miles, Sister Miles, Addo, Kizza 
"the sisters told me to be in the picture"
Doe community is wet. But I like it. :) Still awesome investigators and members. Oh yeah, we baptized some people on Saturday! Es. (in her 40s), Vi. (40s), and Estella (young girl). It was good! Estella wasn't on time to church, so she wasn't able to be confirmed... but, next week! I baptized Es. and Estella, while my companion baptized Vi. He had to do that a few times to make it legit... Haha, Es. and Vi. aren't small women, but I was able to baptize Es.just fine! Probably helps that I have height and weight on Elder Kamara, but I also give some credit to dunking people in swimming pools back home. ;) I'm reminded of Dad pushing people to the bottom for baptisms. ;)

My health is good! I'm feelin' pretty fat lately, 'cause... I dunno, I think I've gained fat. But I'm working out in the mornings decently! I do pushups, occasionally do situps (but they hurt on tile, so I usually just do crunches), some tricep work, some squats, some bicep work, some flys with the tension band... It's not bad.

Last Monday I had a GREAT purchase: Diet Coke. I loved it. I can't get that here usually; I found it in a big supermarket!

Oh, there's a new supermarket that opened up close to our apartment! I laughed so hard when I walked in. They have some Great Value brand, some Kirkland brand... It was funny. Tons of American stuff. I bought myself a Hawaiian punch. :)

Ah, well, I was gonna share with you a really cool story about this one minister guy who told me and Elder Burr (I saw him last week, too, on exchange with Elder Smith) that he was ready to be baptized and that he was converted... But he didn't come to church. So that story is spoiled.

We had 24 investigators in Sacrament meeting! It was incredible!!! :) I like this branch. Everything's been going sweet. I'm still trying to learn the area better, though.

I read a sweet scripture this morning: 2 Nephi 9:48-49. It was good. Lil' bit of spiritual thrown in to mix things up, yeah? ["Behold, if ye were holy I would speak unto you of holiness; but as ye are not holy, and ye look upon me as a teacher, it must needs be expedient that I teach you the consequences of sin. Behold, my soul abhorreth sin, and my heart delighteth in righteousness; and I will praise the holy name of my God."]

This week was good! We had some good lessons, but the week was mostly focused around the baptism. :) I'm so happy for those women to be baptized. Es. has some daughters that we're preparing to be baptized soon, too, and Vi. is married to a recent convert (Zaugg's convert). Estella is a very smart girl, so she's been fun to teach. I'll see if I can get you some photos! [no photos, yet again. USB port issues at the cafe.]

I'm going to send my sd card home soon, as soon as I can back up these photos on my flash drive! Then you'll have a ton of sweet pictures. I'm trying to take more lately, but with no camera while proselyting, it's still harder. [mission rule: no cameras while proselyting]

We haven't had LEC credit for the past few days and it gets crazy hot at night. [Liberian Electricity Corp.--their apartments usually get a few hours of electricity a day, but not lately.]

A rogue broke into the other Logantown apartment! Elder Burr and Elder Smith both had their cameras stolen, their phone stolen, and Elder Smith's bag. So... It was a pretty crazy morning! :) They even moved the razorwire that had been set up.  The rogue sneaked in and stole those things from the same room that they sleep in! Crazy. [I'm grateful everyone is safe]

Liberia's still an adventure. :) I'm working hard to improve! Thank you for all your support. Have a great week!

Elder Price

Excerpts from this week's letter to his mission president:

Dear President,

Things went well this week! I am very happy to be able to say that the baptism this week went very well. I still feel blessed to be able to serve in this branch, especially with the great support from members. Each week I see it as a miracle when I look at how many investigators are coming to church, and I know that it's not me or my companion alone making that happen; Heavenly Father is definitely stepping in. I'm making a stronger effort to know the area very well for the past few days and this next week.

Elder Kamara and I are doing well. I'm doing my best to continue to learn from him, especially his patience and boldness when resolving concerns and giving correction. We are working to strengthen our branch and our zone, and I'm finding my feet in being a zone leader.

The zone is doing well, and I've seen some great things since zone conference...

Thank you for your reminder to apply the instruction from zone conference. I'm going to try to learn all those points on the "Remember This" by memory. [from Preach My Gospel]

Thank you for your support,
Elder Price

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