19 May 2014

A Week of Exchanges

Cool stories about lost dogs! Sounds like things are exciting as usual back home. Always something going on with us. :) But, I must say, that handcart stuff sure looks a lot cleaner than I remember it. :) Ryatt's hat is SWEET though. I love it. [Rikki and I went with Ryatt on this school field trip on Friday. I also went with Rikki and Rain when they were in 4th grade. No photos from Elder Price this week, so I'll share these of his brother:]
4th Grade Utah history handcart trek
Now you're working in the nursery too?! Whoah! And Rikki is a primary teacher...Say what?? That's cool! Rikki, I hope you teach deep doctrine to those kids. Make them blow their parents' minds. Please.
[Rikki is staying with us for a couple months while her husband is in Ranger School at Fort Benning. She will be teaching the seven year olds at church.]

Sweet pictures! Looks like a great shirt. By next Monday I will be finished with my 33 for 33!  And then I'll have an awesome shirt! I'm excited. [he joined in a burpee challenge that Dale's doing, 33 burpees a day for 33 days. We're sending him the reward shirt that goes with the challenge] Although, I must admit, I can't get my muscles as big as people like Elder Ayim. Dangit. These Africans have some natural steroids, I swear. Except... It's not like they can DO very much more. They just get the muscle mass faster. Some of us Elders had a long conversation about this this morning as we were working out.

Ahhh that talk about the different places for Ironmen (Ironmans?) made me more excited, too! Idaho and Colorado sound kinda... Not as cool... Exotic ones will be nicer once I have one or two finished. :) Lake Tahoe always sounds awesome! We'll be able to figure it out. South Africa would be so cool. I'll work up to those with those distances first, yeah! It'd be great if you were able to do it, too, Mom!

That sounds super great for the package! :) As for final requests... Uh... I can't really think of anything right now. I'll keep thinking as I write.

Sounds like our ward is doing good! Though, I need to ask, DID ZACH GET HIS CALL?!?!?! I suppose the answer is no... but still, I want to know. [His good friend is waiting for his mission call. Not yet, hopefully this week...]

I hope that meeting went great with the newly called! I'm excited to get new people in this mission! With us being such a small mission, we get to know everyone. No new people, really. It's all just the level of how well you know them... But we recognize all the names. What did those guys seem like? Any names that I should be more aware of? ANY AF PEOPLE? [I facilitated a get-together last night for a few elders heading to Liberia in August and September. Trevor Robb was able to meet with them and give them an overview of what to expect traveling, at the Ghana MTC, and their first couple months in Liberia. It was great to meet these outgoing elders and their families, and I think they found all the information helpful.] 

That sheet is awesome! [in a recent package I sent him a poster that has about 18 different ways to tie a necktie] And yes. Even Liberians know Jimmy now. ;)  [In reference to him retelling his dad's jokes at an activity night the week before.]

Oh yeah! I wrote this: I would like a consecrated oil container. The one I came with spoiled quite a while ago... A metal kind, more of the keychain style, you know?

We watched conference on Saturday and Sunday! Just the priesthood session on Saturday (It was AWESOME. I loved it.) and some other one session on Sunday at church. That one wasn't as great, 'cause the kids in the building were disturbing and there were technical difficulties, but it's okay.

We had 21 investigators at church yesterday! My highest on my mission. It was fantastic. :)
The week was good! Soooo there were a TON of exchanges.

First, exchange with the APs on Tuesday. I went with Elder Finau! He's cool. Both Elder Kamara and I went to Doe Community, just different investigators to teach. It was a good day! I learned a ton. We only got lost once! From the mouth of our member, Vera, in our conversation: me: "do you know where Mami lives?" Her: "I ain't even know self! I only been there one time!" Me: "well crap." (I took it out of coloqua, 'cause it'd be hard to type the coloqua.) [I asked him how he'd say the "well crap" part in coloqua and he said: ""ayeee!" or something. :)"]

On Wednesday I went with Elder Burr into Logantown, he led as the district leader of my district! It was good. I had a fun time with him, though there was a frustrating lesson with an inactive member, active Catholic where he stopped listening... But it wasn't too bad! Good day, overall.

On Thursday I went with Elder Smith into Logantown. That was a pretty chill exchange. He's an awesome guy.

On Friday I went with Elder Nakale into Point 4!!!! That was a super cool exchange 'cause it's my first area! :) People liked seeing me again. Plus, Elder Nakale is from Namibia. So we got to talk about that a ton! The place sounds really cool. Really cool. Maybe I'll visit there one day!

On Saturday was baptisms! and then the Priesthood session. Pretty fast day. I didn't do as well as I could've in regards to organizing (especially 'cause I wasn't aware exactly what to do as a new zone leader in that section, but that's an excuse..), but I'm gonna do better next time! I'm workin' hard. :)

Dear Journal, (5.16.2014) [Friday]
Hey! Today was the exchange with Elder Nakale. He's from Namibia. Namibia sounds like an awesome place. It's really developed. Sounds fun! The day was pretty good! I proselyted in good ole point 4! It was cool to see old investigators and members. :) Phillip is baptized. TOTALLY my convert. He's awesome. He was baptized by Elder Nakale, but I taught him a ton.

Tonight I had to plan the baptism for tomorrow 'cause it hadn't been planned beforehand (I've been out of my area! Nothing I could do 'bout it!), and Elder Kamara hadn't planned it. . . .
H. and V. had me call them (they sent a "please call me" text) tonight. They miss me. :) I go back tomorrow. Yay!

Today, on the exchange, I realized that the Lord expects a lot from me. I know I'm not a perfect missionary, but I need to be better. I'm a zone leader. In many missions, that calling has a bit more connotative authority to it. But for here, it feels like the zone leaders are no big deal. I'm not over 80 missionaries. Not 40. Not even 20. 12. I'm over 12. But this is the assignment God says I need. The number doesn't make my responsibility inferior.

My left shoulder started giving me serious problems today. It hurts a ton. It feels like something in my socket is messed up. I hope it doesn't get serious.

. . . I want to lead better. I want to learn better. I want to be more obedient. I want to be an example. For Ryatt, for my children, for whomever. I want to be that missionary that some people back home imagine me to be. Love, Elder Makani Rain Price

Soooo that's about it for this week! Love you guys so much! Have a great week!

Elder Price

[Excerpts from this week's letter to his mission president:]
Dear President,

...I am doing well. I'm working my very hardest to fill the responsibility that I'm assigned to fill, and I'm applying Elder Bednar's words on spiritual traction. I'm trying to learn as much as I can from my companion, and I'm especially trying to improve on what isn't covered by my companion, too. This past weekend, I felt a big sense of stepping up and applying what I've been learning over the past couple weeks more than I have before. I feel the Lord helping me to learn leadership principles and to become a better leader.

I loved your letter this week about the choice to be obedient. I recognize it as true, even in my own life. Thank you! I'll apply those principles more and try to be a better example in making that rock-hard decision to be obedient.

The zone is doing well... The exchanges I had were great, and I learned a lot from each of them, especially in personal improvement in giving training.

Thank you so much for your care,
Elder Price

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