12 May 2014

Doe Community

Our phone call was awesome. :) I love you guys too. Hold tight, Mom! [He gets to call home twice a year--on Christmas and on Mother's Day. We had fantastic conversations with him yesterday. Absolutely loved it!]

Those manapua things sound sweet! I'll go there when I'm at BYU, it's probably true. :) They sound awesome. BYU... Seems so far away! But I'll be taking tests soon enough. I guess I should enjoy this time with none of that while I can. ;)  [I told him about a new bakery in Provo called Hruska's Kolaches--delicious!]

I forgot to mention on the phone call: I miss reading books! I love reading.

This past week an investigator offered us $10USD (no small thing) after we taught her. We politely refused, but I'm reminded how much the apostasy has set in! She's great, and we're working with her to being baptized soon. She saw us later, when we were passing the shop that she and her husband run, and she insisted she buy us something ('cause we had explained that we can't accept money like that). We thought it'd be something like a bottle of soda, but... She brought a bag with corn flakes, a canned soda, shortbread cookies, knockoff pringles, and more stuff that I can't remember. It was crazy awesome!

I've started to use that Disney pen as my proselyting pen. Hehehe... I also proselyte with the Eldredge tie quite a bit... :)  [it's a knot style]

Oooh! There was a mutual thing on Saturday, the first ever (I explained it in my phone call), and they did this thing called "joke joke" where they go up front, say "joke joke" then they tell a small story that's funny! Just going up there to tell jokes! They INSISTED I do one. So I stood up and told the Jimmy Noel story of him burning his sleeping bag. It was good. :) ...The young women of this branch... They like fun. It's quite awesome. :) They also cook for us a bunch. We also think of the 20 year olds as borderline young women... So, it's not like they're the itty bitty 12 year olds cooking! Good food. Good food.

I played with the frisbee last Monday! Elder Kamara and I enjoyed it. Also, I tried sour-sours for the first time! It's a fruit with a giant pit, but it tastes like a sour candy and looks like a cherry tomato kinda!

I made cookies! They turned out GREAT. My companion had a pack of Betty Crocker's chocolate chip cookies, so I put it all together. It was amazing. Please send some, yeah? :) :) :) I took a photo, I'll see if I can send it today. [no photo, the computer he was on wouldn't allow it]

This week was good, 15 investigators at church, powerful lessons, just... This branch is sweet. I love Doe Community. The members are awesome.
I'm learning, and I'm changing! I love you all. Keep up the good works. :)

Elder Price

Photos from Leadership Training (courtesy the Liberia Monrovia Mission blog):
Clockwise from bottom L: Elders Pearmain, Price, Jensen, Pishl, Estigoy, Zaugg, Erickson
President Kirkham giving instruction 
Going home and getting back to work.
"Where's Elder Price?" We spotted a new backpack on his back.

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