05 May 2014

Rainy Season Has Begun

It is almost Mother's Day! I think I'll be calling around 6 our time... Let's say 6.

This week was good! Notes:
Elder Widdison has a guitar!!!!!!!!!! I've been playing on it!!!!!!!!!!...  playing Elder Widdison's guitar has been wonderful.

For some reason, I put Matt. 10:24 as a note. I don't remember what that scripture is... ["The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord."]

It was 93 degrees F a couple days ago! Some guy with a Lexus gave us a free ride from in town (a meeting, Mission Council), and his car had the temperature!

Walking in the rain... I'll get to that story.

FMS ARE ALLOWED! With just fish. No other meats. But it's awesome. Doe Community FEEDS. :) I'm lovin' it. [FM= Free Meal, usually provided by members or investigators. They haven't been allowed for the past couple months because of ebola virus safety precautions. They just modified the rule. As he said in a follow-up, "Fish can't get ebola!" ]
Okay, so this week was very good. I'm trying my best to become a good zone leader, especially as the youngest missionary in the zone (both physical and mission age). I'm learning a lot, and Elder Kamara is a great companion. I've heard that story about the burnt child! I don't know the update. [Elder Zaugg shared a story last week about a young child who was burned by hot oil. I asked if he knew how the boy was doing.]

Throughout the week we taught great lessons! District meeting on Tuesday was good (I didn't have to give instruction! Not being district leader is kinda nice in a way...). Wednesday and Thursday were full days of teaching, and I'm learning Doe Community small small. It's a confusing area. Friday was Mission Council! All zone leaders and sister training leaders. It was cool to see all my zone leader friends. :) I'm good friends with most of them. Mission Council was really good.

The next day, Saturday, there were no baptisms on Bushrod Island (what? Yeah. Crazy.) But we had a meeting with the District Presidency (Zone leaders and the presidency). It was fun! I saw some Point Four members at the district center, and it was super awesome!

As far as using my sandals this week... Rainy season has come. Darnit. Boots for Doe Community! Brings me to my story of it raining. Yesterday we were at an FM when it started POURING. we waited it out a little bit, then the members loaned us a couple pairs of slippers to walk through the water with. So we rolled up our pants and took off our socks and shoes! It was an adventure. We went to another FM, and then it started pouring again. But we had to go this time, so we got some plastic bags for our shoes and our scripture bags! We started walking home! After wading through water for a long time (some of it was knee-high) the Berrett's drove by. They turned around and picked us up, not before taking a picture. :) When we got to the apartment we used hot water, bleach, and antiseptic to clean our feet and legs. That water is filthy! [I told him I was looking forward to seeing the photo from the Berrett's and he said, "I was SOAKED. It was fun. :)" ]
Elders Price and Kamara in their borrowed slippers. Photo Courtesy Elder and Sister Berrett
Rainy season. Photo Courtesy Elder and Sister Berrett
A journal entry for this week: Last night's!
Dear Journal,
I really should have set more time aside to write today. Today was sweet with church! 18 investigators at Sacrament meeting. Doe community is apparently always like that. I had a good time at church; I got a chance to play on the piano a bit after all three hours. It made me want to buy a real piano...  I'm teaching Elder Kamara how to play the piano, too! First steps though: teaching hymn music theory in the basics. Notes, rhythms, all of it."

[story about the rain] The day was really good, and I'm feeling His help in me being a zone leader. This isn't easy, but I know there is a reason to God why I am here. Elder Kamara and I get along great, and things are okay. You know the song Titanium? I've thought about it... Of course, no one is completely impenetrable, but the Lord takes care of all flaws "The Lord gives unto men weakness that they may learn humility..." I can't remember the scripture, but the gist is... If I rely on him in my weakness, He will make those weak things become strengths. That's like being Titanium, kinda. Just that through Him, "I am Titaaaaannniiiiiiiiuuuuuuuummmmm" :)

Tomorrow is emailing. I'm excited. This is mission. Goodnight.

So, that was yesterday! Hope you liked it! Anyway...

Have an amazing week! I love you all, and keep up the great works. :)
Elder Price

[I asked him for a quick review of various things he took on his mission, so we can pass the word on to other missionaries that are receiving calls to Liberia. Here's his feedback:]
Shoes: Eccos are good shoes.
Socks: Athletic socks. Nikes, Adidas, the Florsheim ones that Mr Mac sells are nice too.
Slacks: My pants are holding up fine! Though some missionaries like hiking pants better. I've proselyted in my boy scout pants for a couple weeks, too. (The hiking zip off kind) The cool max are good, though. [He took Haggar Cool 18's, we had heard good reviews about the breath-ability of the fabric. I asked him about the hiking pants: "Like the kind you'd get at REI?" and he said "Yep! Just no bright obviously not allowed stuff. Cargo pockets? No problem."]
Shirts: Staffords are fine! Any short sleeved white shirts, really.
Hats... I don't really wear one. But for those who need one, anything. I don't really like having the weird flap on the back of the one I brought.
P day clothing can really be anything. Don't stress it.
Power adapter converter would be good. If they sell a small voltage converter, yes. Besides that, my standard little thing on my stuff works great. [He took a USB adapter (120-220V) and recharges his mp3 player using that. I believe he has a similar stand-alone charger for his camera batteries, so his camera does not plug have to plug into an outlet directly.]
Rain coat... I haven't used mine yet, but the rainy season just hit, so I might!
Rain pants: Uhhhh I'd still never use them. :) ;)
Umbrella: They supply one.
["Passport holder/wallet? Would it be helpful to have one that flips inside your waistband?"] The waistband would've been better than mine, but don't stress that. The kanga pouch thingy....

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