28 April 2014

Back on Bushrod Island

Dear Family,
Well, transfer news, since that was your first question:
I am now in DOE COMMUNITY. With Elder Kamara! He's from Sierra Leone. :) But, get this, I am now... Zone Leader! AH!!!! Crazy talk, right???? Tell me about it. *deep breath* Elder Manqana is replacing me in Paynesville, and Elder Kamara trained Elder Larsey! We swapped mission fathers!  [a "mission father" is slang for the elder that trained the missionary. Manqana trained Price and Kamara trained Larsey.]  It's a cool transfer. :) Crazy to be back in the same internet cafe that I used to email in. Talk about a big change.
I received my birthday package yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D It was so great! I loved everything in it. I'm wearing the sandals right now :) Also, amongst all the music that is on the player, the thing that made me the happiest had to be the podcasts. Thank you. So much. Those podcasts totally made me happy. I haven't had time to read the letters or anything yet, 'cause of packing for transfers, but I'll read those in these coming days. [we included "podcasts" of all of the April session of General Conference, and of Dale. It's basically just his dad telling childhood stories. we've only done five episodes, but they're pretty entertaining.]
[Insurance has finally approved a new prosthetic leg for Dale. We are hopeful that this will improve his mobility and maybe he'll be able to run. This is huge news for our family. I sent Sister Berrett a note so she could pass the news on to Elder Price if she saw him during the week.]  Sister Berrett called me and I was soooo happy. It was so awesome. :) I found out on Wednesday night. I'm thrilled! :D
[Rikki's graduating from Utah State University this week. Hooray for Rikki!]
She's gonna be a graduate! I'm proud of her. :) Go education! That's what you've ingrained in us, Mom. ;)
I got a random craving for apple fries this past week.
Does your friend's son who served in Benin Togo know an Elder Kabedeh??? He was in Payneville, a recent RM.
Patience, Elder Price, and Brother Kabedeh
An investigator friend named E...n came to church!!!!!!!!!!! It was his first time in ever! He and his siblings have been studying with us for 3 months, and they had never come because of their parents being strict Catholics. It was sweet to see him there on Sunday!There were two service projects this past week! We cut grass in both, but on the second, which was a zone project, we also shoveled out dirt for the member to make mud bricks out of it. I got a blister and tore it on the first service project though!

Saying goodbyes
This week is going to be crazy. New area, new companion, new assignment. I'll be praying a lot. I'm going to miss Paynesville; I loved those people, but the Lord has prepared people for me here. I'm back on Bushrod Island!
I love you all, and I know Heavenly Father is watching over each of us. He's there, guiding us.
Time for more adventures.
Elder Price

Follow-up Q&A:
Q: Doe Community is the same apartment building/compound you were in when you got there, isn’t it? How many elders/sisters are in your zone? What areas does it cover?
A: Yep! 12 peoples including me. 2 sisters (one companionship). Point 4, New Kru Town (2 areas) , Logan town (2 areas), Doe comm.

Q: Has rainy season really hit yet? A little time to wear your sandals before you break out the rubber boots?
A: It hasn't quite hit yet... I'm gonna wear the sandals.
Selling gas

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