07 April 2014

Eat more bones

Dear Family,

Ah, eat more bones. They strengthen your teeth a ton. I'll show you when I get back home: take me to KFC, no, buffalo wild wings in the first few days from when I get home. I'll eat their hottest wings with no ranch, and I'll eat the bones too. ;) Bones really do help your teeth strength though... [I cracked a tooth last week, this was his response.]

I'm being careful with Ebola, don't worry. :)

We didn't get a chance to listen to any of conference... They had some live broadcast thingy in town on Saturday, but the missionaries weren't invited to that one, as it was just a first trial for it. Already two conferences down! Woot woot! I'm excited to read those talks. And that's a really cool thing about the missionary reference guide! Really sweet! [we received an autographed copy of the Pocket Reference Book for Missionaries! Elder Price had asked for it, and the author sent us a note, offering to send a complimentary autographed copy!] 
We received this in the mail. Sending it on to Liberia this week.
Signed by the author, Adrian P. Call, Jr.
I've been trying to learn how to write with my left hand! That's been an adventure. It makes my hand ache... Right now it's chicken scratch, but it'll get better! [I asked him why and he replied, "Just 'cause I feel like doing it. :)" ]

[I heard from the mother of a newly called missionary (heading to Liberia). Her son reports in August. I asked Rain if there were things he took to Liberia that he felt like he didn't need:]  I'll need time to think about what wasn't worth the space... the laundry plunger I use occasionally, but not really that much. Pishl never uses his. It's dry season, so I don't know about the rain coat. Suitcases: another smaller bag might have been nice instead of the duffel.

[He had some tough personal news from home last week. I asked him how he was doing with that. Here is part of his reply:]  The Lord has comforted me. There have been some rough times. I had a really special experience... and [I felt] everything described in Galatians 5:22 ["But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith"] It was amazing. I know He's helping me through this all... I guess you can say there's a big spiritual side of me that I don't really share a whole ton through emails. :)  [and, an excerpt to his letter to his mission president:]  "I share this with you because of the tremendous impact the Lord has had in my life, as I have felt the spirit more strongly lifting me up than I have felt in the past. I noticed as I taught this past week that I had no thoughts of back home, but instead I was finding my focus and mind on the missionary work. I have been praying to find my joy through this work, and I have seen this prayer being answered every time I teach a lesson. I know my Heavenly Father is watching over me, and I am feeling much better than how I felt last week."

I'm doing well. Tuesday was crazy: President Kirkham came to my district meeting. Ah! :) Wednesday was an exchange with Elder Gharbin into my area... Also, Mom, I need your measurements. There's a guy who wants to make you a dress. :) He's also going to make me a shirt. It's sweet.

P. was baptized, and that was super sweet. I baptized her! Then after the baptism there was a program for the youth in my branch that the missionaries were invited to. It was very well done! They did a "drama" (a long skit) that was better than the ones we do back home. ;) There were also cool games and food and music. It was great!

I'm hoping for E. and Y. to get married the 19th of April, and it seems to be set in stone, but if you all could pray for that one...

Oh yeah, President Kirkham was also at our baptism! That was the first time he had been at one that I was at.

I'm still working hard! :) I love you all.

Elder Price

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