21 April 2014

Palm Butter Birthday Soup


My birthday... I didn't really do anything. Just another evening... It was cool to think of myself as 19! That part was neat. No packages yet... And the wedding didn't happen because Y's mother wasn't in town and Y. said at the last moment (the night before) that she wasn't going to be married without her mom there. So that was a big bummer.

I received 31 "dearelders" yesterday! That part was super awesome! It took me an hour to sort them into the correct order. Then I read them all! They were all (except 2) from Mom--emails home from other missionaries. I enjoyed that. But speaking of how other mission experiences would be different... Trust me, there's nothin' like these African experiences. But more on that later. [Must have been a couple months worth of letters from his missionary friends that I'd been sending his way. Looks like they piled up somewhere and all arrived at once.] 

I had been using a different Degree kind of deodorant that I bought here, but that one finished so I started using one of the ones I brought from home. Aqua reef old spice made me crazy trunky for leather jackets, riding the motorcycle, playing video games, playing guitar... Ah!

I can make Jollof Rice now! It's good. I've cooked nearly every night this past week.

Oh yeah, I LOVED the thing about boredom and work ethic. That article was awesome. [I sent him this article: "How to Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working Toward Your Goals"  I really like the article, which is why I sent it to him]

Contacting here is like this: we just start talking to somebody. Then we say we want to share our message with them, and we ask them when we can see them, their numbers, etc. That's about it. They don't say no. It's pretty simple. We pick and choose, follow the spirit, in who to talk to. Lessons learned here seem to be very different from lessons learned in other missions... We're spiritual, but it seems like we are in a different way. The African mentality and culture are ingrained to everything, and it's very different. ...it's just so different. I feel like my homecoming talk will include something like, "you had to be there."

My interview with president was interesting... It was a great interview, and he helped me to be stronger... It's been a pretty rough week. Zone leaders passed a message on from President to me during follow-ups yesterday, just saying that President is proud of me. I'm so glad he supports me, because it's been rough.

Dear Journal, I'm exhausted. Physically, emotionally, mentally...
Today wasn't all bad. The first lesson was M. She is progressing well. We reviewed the restoration with her. Then we saw a guy named brother O. He lives in the same compound as Pr. and M., and he had been taught plenty by Elder Guymon. We had knocked on his door, looking for his daughter to teach, but he was there instead and welcomed us in. So we'll pick up with him.
Then we walked to Chinese cold storage. On the way a guy who we contacted a couple weeks ago stopped us and told us that he read the book we gave him (the restoration), and he's coming to church this Sunday. So I hope he's serious about it. (he never came)
We went to E's house, but he wasn't there. We waited around for quite a while, and out member, Fredrick, came. So, we taught B the law of tithing. And then we taught F. He's having a hard time keeping the Law of Chastity. We're going to try to see their father on Sunday...
Then we went up the road-wait, I forgot to write some stories! At E's: T, their cousin who grew up in New Jersey but is here for a year, was playing Nintendo DS. Not just that, but he was playing pokemon. Agh! It made me so trunky. Not just that. He pulled out an issue of Game informer! Trunky to the max. Plus, he was singing Radioactive by imagine dragons, and he proceeded to have B play that song from his phone. Sheesh! Then he talked to me about Minecraft. What the?! The kid isn't very old, like 13 or something... naw, more like 11. That all made me crazy trunky. Especially the Pokemon. All the memories of playing pokemon came rushing back.
After them we went up the road and tried to see E, but he wasn't there. So we went and saw J. J remembers his baptism date (and came to church!) and is preparing to be baptized on May 10th. That was a good lesson; we taught the plan of salvation.
We then tried to see B, but she said she wasn't feeling well, so Fredrick took us to his friend S., who we just introduced ourselves to, and Fredrick's mom.
Oh heck. I just got a phone call from E. The wedding was supposed to be happening tomorrow. But Y's mom isn't in town, and she said she won't be married without her mom here. Goodness... I'm praying so hard for them. Ah... I don't even know what to say about it.

Thank you so much for the support. I know I'm doing the right stuff out here. This week has been a pretty crazy one as far as surprising news goes, especially with the cancelled wedding. But it'll be alright. The Lord is watching over me and lifting me up when I don't think I can go any further. Transfer news is this Saturday, so things might switch up for next week! I'll let you guys know. :) I'm happy to hear how your Easter was! We didn't really do anything for our Easter, though. I'm working hard!

Love you all,
Elder Makani Rain Price

We had a chance to email back and forth for a little bit this morning:
Me: Speaking of your ZL’s, Pearmain’s dad is running the Boston marathon, RIGHT NOW! That’s pretty cool.
Elder P: Oh yeah, Pearmain was called on an emergency transfer back to Bushrod side. New ZL is Elder Bowring! [another elder hurt his knee playing soccer and had to go home for surgery]

Me: Did Patience make you soup for your birthday?
Elder P: Yep! Palm Butter! It was good.

Spotted in the Knight Building at BYU. A map showing where BYU freshmen are currently serving.

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