14 April 2014

Upcoming Wedding


This week was kinda...  My companion got very very sick! He had typhoid and Malaria. And Elder Jemba had Typhoid. So... on Tuesday we had zone meeting, then Elder Gharbin and I went and taught with each other small. The next day we did the same thing... And the next day... On Friday Elder Jemba was feeling better, so he went and proselyted with Elder Gharbin, and I stayed inside with my companion. Then on Saturday my companion was able to proselyte! He's still on meds, but we're working through it. It was crazy to have a 3 day exchange!

My investigators are doing well! The biggest news with them is that El. and Y. are getting married this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D I'm so excited! El. will be baptized the following Saturday. Next week I'll have a journal entry to email home... this week I forgot a couple of days and the others weren't so interesting. So... Next week! As for food: I eat biscuits! Just the packaged cookies on the side of the road, really. It's not hard to make it through the day; we always have a dinner at night 'cause we do district food where we pitch in $20US at the beginning of the month and use it to buy rice and food for dinner for the entire month for us all. It's good!

[Dale is doing a burpee (exercise) challenge. 33 burpees a day for 33 days]  Am I invited? ;) I mean, I hate burpees... but still. Anyway, I'm doing pushups every morning, mostly. And working on my hamstring flexibility. Right now I'm at 50 pushups every morning; I started at 20. So, it's improving! Let me know what the verdict is on your health, Mom. I'm praying for your health as well as Dad to get his running leg.

The microSD card that you guys sent recently formatted... (I had some guy with a laptop check it) I blame the player. So I'm not using that mp3 player anymore. I'm using my companion's! We share. It's good. :) Though I miss that music. Sorry about that... I would like some pictures sent to me physically... Paintball. Dad playing, me playing, RYATT PLAYING! Also a couple senior pics of mine could be cool. Most people don't understand what I looked like back home. Also... Doctrines of Salvation 2 and 3 could be awesome. I've loved reading 1. I'm past page 600 of "Jesus the Christ!" Which I'm happy about. I've been enjoying that book.

This coming week is my birthday, you're right! [um, like I'd be wrong about that?]  Big 19! I don't really have any special plans for this week, but generally the apartment does something when it's someone's birthday. So... We'll see! I'm hoping that package can get here in time. I'll make sure to investigate every nook and cranny! And I don't know if it will be better than last year's... We'll see! I forgot what happened on last year's... And the year before... I mostly just remember the one that I took friends and went paintballing. That was a good one. I think that was my 16th.... So this year's won't be bad! I have a recent convert, Patience, who told me I need to come by on Thursday, and she had asked my companion what my favorite soup was. (Soup means Liberian dish) [I asked what his favorite "soup" was:] my companion said Fried Potato Greens. I don't really know... that or Dry Rice... or Pumpkin...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Miles' homecoming! I can imagine that they just shared what they saw... I'll probably do the same. ;) Naw, I'll give a talk. But I'll tell plenty stories! I'm really excited to see Dad's hair in it's fullness when I get home. [umm.. Dale is growing his hair until Rain comes home. It's just beginning to get interesting.]

[We sent some photos from home, taken on a "day trip" we took over Ryatt's Spring Break. Here are a few:]
Fishing near Currant Creek
Ryatt and the dogs

That day trip looks really amazing... KFC memories! I remember Dad taking Rikki and me up to Tibble Fork to fish in "big blue," getting us KFC on the way up. :) I like the idea of having that camping trip! I actually wrote about that in a letter already... Funny... Also, I LOVE those pictures. I really do. Especially the one of me teaching ;) Haha, it's a good picture.  [I shared this one with him from the Berrett's blog:] 

And... The temple photos. I loved that day. Thanks for sending me those. That was a good day. [these were taken at the San Diego Temple in July. That was a good day.]:

I hope you guys have an awesome Easter. I love you all. Keep up the good stuff back home. :)
Elder Price
[Excerpts from his letter to his mission president:]

Dear President,

This week has not been as productive as I wished it would've been, but now that my companion is overcoming his illness we are able to be more productive once again, and I am excited for the coming week. I definitely felt my desire to serve turn into a desire to teach this past week, as I was unable to go and teach as much. I've found that teaching brings up my spirits as well as all of the other good things that come from our lessons.
I am also just starting [the book of] Ether! I'm glad to hear that I'm not off-track. I've loved reading the Book of Mormon, and I feel that my days are filled even more with the Spirit as I read it each day. I've also been very interested in my last reading in 4th Nephi, because I never really paid attention to that chapter in my past readings of the Book of Mormon. I was so interested in seeing how the Nephites fell from such an amazing height of righteousness, and what symptoms came in which order as they fell. I saw how they could have chosen to go back on the path, but they gave into temptations and fell even further.

Thank you for your reminder on effective time use in the evenings. I have been reading Jesus the Christ in the evenings, and I've been able to see the attributes of Christ better than I ever have in the past. I've found my reading there to often lead me to do more study inside the scriptures, and I'm grateful for this opportunity to study at night and to be a more effective missionary.

Thank you for your support,

Elder Price

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