31 March 2014

Ebola Came to Liberia!

Dear Family!

I'm glad you got those letters! I'll have another envelope full of letters on the way this week; it's already been filled and sealed. I haven't received regular mail, but other elders seem to get them just fine! Just pouch mail and packages for me. 

[I asked about a sore on his leg, visible in the photos]  The sore... I tried to jump up this cement wall thingy at an investigators house, like a box jump when I put the box super tall and added stuff on top, but I've seemed to have lost my touch... It's a scar now! ;)
[We received letters and these three printed photos in the mail this week:]
"This is overlooking Congo town area, we were walking by it and thought it'd be a good picture! Liberia is GREEN!"
"I got going 90 mph on this baby! ... I wish. That bike wouldn't be able to go 90 even if I tried! Liberia has these motorcycles. They're nicer than the ones we ride around on [on motorbike taxis], but they are bluffing bikes; they don't have anything on the inside. This bike is 175 cc. I miss motorcycling. 
"Surfing with Elder Pishl, Elder Tolar, and me! We found these surfboards at the beach on P-day and decided to take a picture with them!"
I want to be able to do them [triathlons, and an Ironman]  within a year... That would be an incredible achievement. I'll train hard. :) I want to do that tri together! Plan which one! :D Rikki is running??? Whoah!

I took apart the mp3 player, by the way. It wasn't working, so I took the shell and stuff off it and made it work. It works now! Though the battery life is worse than terrible. :)

This week has been good! Notes:

Y. and E.! Their wedding is set for April 19th, and Y. is now progressing! I'm so happy for them. :) She's accepting the gospel, and she came to church yesterday! This wedding means I could baptize that family within the transfer!

P.: She's getting baptized this Saturday! She's been great. She has friends in the church already and wants to proselyte with us! She'll be one of my favorite converts.

B.: She hasn't been progressing, but now she came to church! This means she's one step closer to knowing this gospel is true. :)

There's a new couple here named the Devers! They are from Seattle area, and they are now stationed in my branch for each sacrament meeting! They're great! I'm excited to have them here.

EBOLA CAME TO LIBERIA! so the mission has been taking crazy precautions. No shaking hands, no food from members/investigators, etc. It's crazy. I don't plan on dying out here ;)

This week has been full of great experiences and good moments. I'm working on learning all that the Lord has for me to learn, and growing up to see the sunlight at the top of the forest. I'm just a rough ore inside a furnace, not quite the pure gold yet. I know there's a lot ahead, but I'm grateful for the Lord's support and protection.

Elder Price

Excerpt from his weekly letter to his mission president:
"This week has been a good one in our proselyting, and we have been blessed in several aspects. We have had members working with us much more, and we were able to have a very large number of member present lessons, the highest I have ever had personally on mission in a week. I am very happy for that one, and I've seen the branch working with us more."

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