03 March 2014

New Apartment

Dear Family,

That sounds like an awesome trip! ...Plus, it was cool to share bits of that email with my companion; he lived in AZ! Plus, he said that Mountain View was his rival high school down there. :) Dad gave a speech? It's been a long time since he's done that sort of thing! [We made a quick trip to Arizona last weekend. On Friday Dale spoke to a group of high school students at Mountain View HS and on Saturday I ran in the Phoenix Half Marathon].

And... We DID change apartments! Today. It's taken up the entire day, but this new apartment is SO nice. Possibly the nicest apartment in the mission (that's what the couples say), and it's so sweet. I like it. It's a bummer that Elder Tolar and Elder Pearmain aren't in the same apartment as us anymore, though.
Paynesville Elders (Pishl, Price, Pearmain, and Tolar). Photo courtesy the Hezseltine's blog
F didn't get baptized... He missed his interview. It was a bummer. But he is going to be baptized this Saturday! He was interviewed on Sunday. Woo hoo!

Haha, we did NOT eat that monkey. That was just someone selling it. [Referring to the monkey arm he'd told us about last week.]
So, here is what I planned to write you about...

First, moving apartments. This new apartment is really cool. It's in a compound like most, but it just... It looks like a home. It's awesome.

We taught a woman named Mrs. T. She was very hard-hearted against us, but we went and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit was SO strong during that lesson, and her heart was softened. I'm so glad, too, because she has a daughter that hasn't been able to be baptized because her mom is so stubborn against us. But now... Now Mrs. T. agreed to being baptized! ...at least she accepts us now!

I went on exchange with Elder Pearmain! That was really funny. It was good. Just like earlier on mission! My third exchange with him!

We went to a place in our area called Johnsonville. There are hardly any people out there! It's really neat though, and it has some pretty good small hills.

We went to a place last Monday that sells masks and statues and stuff! It's WAY cool. I'm going to get some of that stuff before I come home (oh, right, the Pele tribe is spelled "Kpelle"!) for each of y'all! It's really cool stuff-very African.

I shared a scripture with an investigator this past week: Ex 31:14 (I believe) saying that if she breaks the Sabbath she should be put to death. Guess who came to church! Her! It was sweet. And funny. Her friend, who is a member, said this when she was told the scripture: "Kala, you come and die-o!"

Oh, my sansa is dead... it says "FAT corrupted" so... I'm glad I got the package today! The new mp3 player works! I mean, I can't see the music, but it's awesome to have the capability to play it! :) I'm so excited to go home after this emailing and look through that package! Thank you! :)  [fastest delivery yet--only four weeks to arrive! Yay. Dale had included a small "shuffle" type $3 mp3 player at the last minute, and it takes the same microSD cards as his old mp3 player. FTW.]

We were talking to E., our investigator, and I was telling him a story of me breaking my arm on the 4-wheeler. I was describing the 4-wheeler, 'cause I've seen one here, and I wanted to know what they call them. I asked him, and he knew what I was talking about. He said they call it.. "Bike." just like everything else. Hahahahahahahaha
Also, E. received the triple combination and true to the faith. We went there, and he had already read the first 6 chapters of Moses and studied the pictures in Abraham. CRAZY stuff. It was so amazing. Plus, he studied true to the faith a whole bunch, too.

This week was a good one, and I'm doing great! I saw Elder Berrett today; he took a picture and should be sending that to you this week!
Photos from Elder and Sister Berrett

I love you all; have an amazing week!

Elder Price

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