24 February 2014

"Four of us on ONE bike"

Dear Family!


Liberia is good! I don't know about the well stuff, it's not causing us any issues. [the Hezseltines had mentioned on their blog that there was a water shortage going on, due to many wells drying up]. I did notice something in our apartment though: our water tank is connected to our rain gutter. It made me laugh. But usually we have city water... Which is nice. But not clean. No water is clean, we use a hand pump to get our filtered water. 
That picture was with Elder Curtis! You might be seeing another picture soon of Elders Pearmain, Tolar, Pishl, and me all standing awesomely. There was no gathering this week though... Pretty normal week. Except the APs went on exchange with the zone leaders, so they stayed a night in our apartment, and I found something AWESOME out. What is it? Just that Elder Pentreath is personal friends with Ed Sheeran. It's freaking sweet. Plus, he started singing "you need me, I don't need you" and we partied small. Hecka yeah.
The work is going good! We're doing our best to help the branch. We're really far from our area, so it takes 30 to 45 minutes to even get to the area where we teach people, and it's uphill (both ways ;) ). But really, this area is HUGE, and we walk it all. The road quality that we walk on... We walk on hiking trail quality roads. Big rocks, dirt, etc. (whoah, this computer is windows 8, and I accidentally hit the windows button, and I didn't know what to do for a minute... I'm depressingly behind the times) It really works our shoes hard. I don't think the mission shoes will last my whole mission, plus, I don't really like them... But they're lightweight, so I've been using them. I'll use the sandals when they get here! [we're sending him Keen sandals for his birthday. He took two pairs of good shoes, one were Eccos and one were "the mission shoe" from Missionary Mall. Eccos win.]

This past week I rode on a bike of an investigator (free ride) with my companion and our member. Four of us on ONE bike. It was a party. :) The investigators are awesome. F. should be getting baptized this next Saturday! No medical emergencies this week... My body is (generally) healthy! As far as food goes, that goes with animal stories... It's funny to see a cooked monkey arm hanging off a tray. Hand and everything! :D

This coming week we should be changing apartments closer to our area, which will just put me and my companion, and Elder Gharbin and Elder Jemba in the same apartment. It'll be nice being closer to our area though!

I'm working hard, and I love you all!


Elder Price
Other stuff:
Sandals: 10.5 is usually good. It should work! :) Brown would work better, because my companion's shoes always turn brown 'cause of the dust, and it'd be better if they were just brown. :) Whoah, almost my birthday? Crazy talk... but I just turned 18!

Tell Ryatt that you want to hear more stories. And I'm your son on a mission, so you HAVE to do it. ;) Plus, it's awesome that he's reading. Keep it up, big man! [Ryatt is a storyteller. He just finished reading the Hobbit and loves to share all the details with us.]
Being with my companion all day every day listening to the mountain biking stories... I wanna try it. Or at least dirt biking. That'd be SO much fun.

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