03 February 2014


Dear Family,

As far as the package goes, that sounds great. My head is sorta spinning today, so I'm not doing a super good job thinking clearly. XD But... Oh yeah! There's one problem I've been having: my mp3 player won't charge... So... I'm going to try it again tonight, and see how it goes... Tonight might be something new, 'cause... I'm in a new apartment! Which gets me to this week. Which I mostly have to do from memory, because I accidentally left my planner in the other apartment... I dunno when I can be getting that, but I had taken notes to write with it. Darnit!

So, anyway, this week was absolutely crazy. I got some dearelders, the ones that you had sent of the other elders' letters home. Those made me feel bad about how little information I feel like I'm giving all of you, so I'm gonna try to do better with that!  [I used DearElder.com to send him mission updates from a few of his friends who are serving. You can write him this way, too!]

Transfer news: I am now in Paynesville 1a with.... Elder Pishl. My mtc!! It's exciting! [They entered the Ghana MTC at the same time] I am now in a different district, no longer Bushrod Island, now I'm on the Monrovia side! I'm in a different apartment, with these apartment mates: Elder Pearmain (yep!), Elder Tolar, Elder Jemba, Elder Gharbin, and Elder Pishl. Elder Pishl is a sweet guy, I'm excited to be serving with him! It will (hopefully) be a great transfer! Tons of changes, personally, and it's all kind of a blur. Saying goodbye to the branch was interesting... They're all sad I'm leaving. Especially a few of the members that I got really close to, like Sister Deborah. She's the Relief Society President, I'm not sure if I mentioned her before. I bore my testimony and said goodbye and all that. I'm grateful to have served in Point Four, and yesterday's service was the best since I've been here. The room for sacrament meeting was packed, and the branch is so much stronger than when I first got there. I'll miss those people, but I appreciate the memories I made there.

No baptisms, but I have some stories about a few people: So, after I bore my testimony, a few other people bore theirs (of course, a bunch of people bore their testimonies: people have to fight to get a chance to go up). Sister Clara went up and bore her testimony. She's my recent convert, but she hasn't come to church in quite a while because her husband, who lives in the bush, has been ill. She shared a story yesterday about him and her. She said that they've been reading the Book of Mormon together (she can't read 'cause of her eyes, but he isn't a member), and she quoted him in her testimony. As they were reading he told her, "you've found the truth." and they've been so happy about the gospel. It's amazing. Also, Brother Roland went and shared his testimony. He shared how he doesn't know English very well, mainly speaks French, wants the branch to help him to learn more English (because apparently his wife teaches him English for a bit each night). He was called as 1st counselor in the sunday school presidency yesterday. Boo yah! I'm so excited. Also, there's a girl named Bendu who used to be less-active. She was Elder Fairwell's recent convert, but she stopped coming to church. On my first exchange with Elder Fairwell, we went and visited her and encouraged her to come to church. Now she is VERY active! She bore her testimony, too, and she's giving a talk in sacrament meeting next week. :)

Weird meals: on Saturday Brother Roland invited us for a meal. We came, and we ate Ghanaian Fufu (I don't know how to describe fufu...
Have I told you that I've eaten it before? I have..), and a bunch of stuff inside it, like Kissmeat (that's what it sounds like... Look it up? It's shelled, you suck the meat out of the shell while making a kissy noise... Lots of kissy noises here! To get peoples' attention and everything) and... Snail! Snail wasn't bad. Really large, but not bad!  [Looks like "kiss meat" or "kiss-me" are snails, too--swamp snails. Very small snails that breed at the bottom of lagoons or swamps. The snails are not much larger than a child’s fingernail. They have very hard funnel- or cone-shaped shells. They make a soup with the Kiss-me and eat it along with rice.]

I'm looking forward to this next week... Who knows what it will bring.
Already this area is so different from Point Four, but I'm excited!
New people, new experiences, new everything! Oh yeah, we had a service project this last week, too. The same one, with the entire zone this time! The other elders should be sending pictures home of it... I've been informed that emailing in this area doesn't really allow us to send pictures home. Sorry... We'll see what happens!

Keep up the good works, I love you all.


Elder Price

Follow-up email exchanges:
[So... How does that work with the timing of transfers... You found out on Friday, but you were able to go to Point Four for church? When did you actually move? Is it more rural where you are now? Farther from the beach?] 

I found out on Saturday night! We move on Monday: today. I'm tired...

It's more city like. More like Hawaii, to be honest, if Hawaii was a lot more poor. Farther from the beach, and a different beach, but from what I've heard it's still accessible. Pishl is SWEET. He's from Idaho, we get along great. He reminds me so much of Zakk. Seriously. [Zakk is Rain's brother-in-law]

[So was today moving day? Is that why you're emailing later than usual? What's your new apartment like? Electricity situation?  Water supply?]

Yeah! That's why. It's pretty good, Electricity is on after 7 each day... then turns off, apparently. Water supply... will be for next week!

Anyway, I'm gonna be getting off in a couple minutes. I love you! I hope you have a great week. :) Keep doing good things. I'm working hard, don't worry, I'm in the Lord's hands.

Your son,
Elder Price

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