27 January 2014

Service Project Fun!


The weather forecast is a liar. It's hot. It doesn't rain. Maybe once a week, if that. It's in between overcast and clear skies, usually, and hot! I'm turning into Dad with fans ;) Except... There's nothing fancy that I do with the fans. I just use them. A ton. Unless the electricity is out, which isn't uncommon. When it DOES rain, it gets a bit cool, and then REALLY hot and muggy. [I had asked him, "When I looked at the weather forecast, it looked like it was supposed to be raining every day in Monrovia. How does that work in the “dry season?” Or is our weather forecast lying?"]  

Stories this week:
I bought an American Football last Monday! That was sweet.

We had a service project! It was shoveling out gutters, but these gutters are like cement 3 feet deep trenches with basically no drainage, plus they're filled with trash and refuse. It's nasty. But it was fun! I loved doing service so much, and it makes me want to go on a humanitarian mission! A ton of people walking by were so grateful. The project wasn't finished with just the people in my district, so we're going to do it again on a larger scale on Wednesday with the entire zone involved. Shovels and boots! The gloves were also great to have, those were a good choice to bring.
I went on an exchange with Elder Connors on Wednesday! That was sweet, we had fun and talked about cars and stuff. I have another exchange this coming week with Elder Fairwell! Both of these exchanges are into New Kru Town! Which reminds me, transfers come this week. Expect a change in my situation. I don't know who's leaving, but we'll see. I'm excited to find out on Friday!
After the baptism (I'll get to that, hold tight), my companion and I got a free ride from the district center to our apartment inside a... super nice BMW. That was SWEET. It was the wife of the owner of the shop across the street that we shop at for our food. (Mohammad's wife). That was cool.
The baptism was so great! My companion baptized this week, and I confirmed, and we baptized P and R! R is a bigger guy (although very short like most Liberians), and so my companion had to try... I think four times to get him under the water completely. Muscle sinks, but that wasn't the problem here, and that's all I'm gonna say. ;) It was an awesome baptism! There was hardly ANYONE who baptized, only four people were baptized on Bushrod Island, two of them were ours... But it was stressful to get them there... We had to show P where it was, but when we showed up, she wasn't ready. Ah! and then R went to the chapel in New Kru Town where we have church. That was stressful! But it all worked out okay, and they got there.
P-Day activities... basically cancelled [for today]. We were going to go in town to print out pictures, but apparently there's a protest there today, so that's not gonna happen... I hope that's exciting enough! ;) Of course, I haven't SEEN a protest (riot), but that's probably a good thing...
Transportation... Nothing big this week besides the fun BMW story! I had some good conversations about motorcycles with various elders this past week. Is Dad gonna be fixing up the Amputator? [our nickname for Dale's motorcycle]
I never realized Dad is 30 years [older than me]... Whoah! Cool. That'll make it easier to remember ;) He's getting up there. But something that was really cool as I was reading the email was that I looked at the photo of Dad, Lee, Kristine, Terry, and Grandma Ofa and then it registered that that's DAD sitting in the back there! He's looking WAY younger, probably a mix of lost weight, more muscle, and the longer hair. It was a cool moment. [Dale's birthday is this week--he's turning 49, Rain will be turning 19 in April. I shared this photo, of an aunt, uncles and a grandmother eating dinner]
Yummy food and family! I'm excited for that when I get home. Heck, I even miss getting cornered by Grandma Ofa! :) I hope both grandpas are doing alright, too. It's nice to see your parents, too! [referring to this photo and facebook post from my mother that I'd shared]
I feel pretty healthy, I think! I was actually gonna ask for lavender... Haha... I'll use whatever you send me. I use the ones I have already! [talking about doTERRA essential oils]
Oh, my scriptures seem to have issues with the binding again. Bleh :P But I'm gonna do some super glue surgery again that should fix it. I'm trying to keep my scriptures so they last, but they might not! Worst case scenario I get a new set. Not too bad.
I read (most of) that paragraph about Sister Berrett aloud to all the guys here. We're all interested and concerned; they'll be in our prayers. [Sister Berrett will be undergoing thyroid surgery here in the US tomorrow. We are all praying for her and her family.]
Oooh! Your family reading sounds wonderful. I really like how you're doing it... You're gonna finish before you know it! [talking about our family scripture study plan]
Being out here's pretty good! I hope you're all doing well back home. I'm working hard to convert people! Keep doing great things back home. I love you all!

Elder Price

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