13 January 2014

Naming a Puppy Waikiki

Hello, Family!

A couple stories...
One of our investigators named their new puppy a really funny name. Their dog had a couple puppies, and she named one of them Bulls***. I asked her why, and she said that it was because the country is full of it. It was really funny, but we helped her change the name. I named a few Hawaiian cities, and she's probably gonna change the name to.. Waikiki. :) It was funny.

Another thing that happened this week: Sister Nyamekye left. She's been [serving as a missionary] in Point 4 for a really long time, but now she's going back to Ghana! She's been great to know, and I have pictures with her, but something big happened to Point 4 now that she's gone: no more sister missionaries in Point 4 area, meaning that there is now only one companionship of missionaries in the area, and the sisters' area is now part of our area. Just Elder Manqana and me to cover this whole branch!
Outside the sister missionaries' apartment this morning
And... I WENT TO A WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! I wasn't able to stay for the reception (the next day the bride had a large piece of pineapple upsidedown cake she saved for us because she didn't see us at the reception). It was a "european" wedding, and we were there for the whole ceremony and took some photos! I love that family; they are what the church needs. She's been converted because she loves the doctrine of the church. It isn't like it's her favorite church, it's the true one. And she knows that. So... She's being baptized this Saturday! Their little son is awesome. Any questions about the wedding? It was pretty cool... Not a traditional wedding, that's for sure. So I don't know what to write on that...

Oh, last Monday I rode in that back of a people-packed pickup truck! Hanging off the back corner, while my companion was hanging off the other corner. That was fun! One bad turn or bump and... Well, we're okay right now, so that's good! It was a cool experience. The bed of the truck was PACKED.
A typical people pickup. From the Kirkham's blog.

I believe there is a letter on it's way right now, and I'm writing one tonight... anyway, I'm getting better out here. My companionship probably won't stay the same for next transfer, but that's still in a few weeks! The reason I say it probably won't stay the same is because that'd mean my companion and I would be companions for 6 months. That's REALLY long, mission-wise. So who knows!

Answers/Response to our letter:
Aww, lame, we lost... But we still made it to the second round of the playoffs! That's sweet! And the party looks like it was awesome. I support that. The decorations look great! [in response to the news that the San Diego Chargers lost their playoff game yesterday, and photos from our party]

Go Dad!!! I've been feeling pretty weak lately... I mean, I'm trying to keep up on all the basics, but I miss crossfit bad way! (oops, coloqwa really IS ruining my English)  [response to news that a video of Dale doing burpee pullups was posted on the internet]

There were a ton of funny letters! Some kids asked if it was cold here. Hah. I wish.... ;) There's also some really sweet people in the ward. The oreos came fully intact. :) :) :) [referring to the Christmas package he received last week with letters from our ward]

It was a puffer fish. Dad was right. :)

Yeah, that picture was inside Sister D.'s little porch area before the inside; the place where she does her cooking and where we sit and talk and stuff! She's an awesome (and hilarious) member; she's the Relief Society President. She's also technically a recent convert.

The sand is... Hm... I'd need to be refreshed on exactly what Hawaii's is like, but... It feels different than either. It's closer to California's, but it's natural sand.

I love you all, and I'm so glad I have all you guys back home supporting me. Keep doing good things!
Elder Price

Oh, I forgot to tell you, our mission made history this past week! For the first time ever in any mission, we had more member present lessons than other lessons. Heck yeah! Helped that my companion and I had 16 member presents and only 1 other lesson...

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  1. Wish I was eating some of that pineapple upside down cake!