06 January 2014

Packages Arrived!

A box pufferfish?
I got BOTH packages this week!!!!!!!!!!! :D I am so happy with them! Thank you! They were so great to open and look through them all; I'm slowly breaking into the food. I was super pumped to get the newspaper clippings, and I read through them all! I loved reading the details of all the games and being able to take time and read it all. [Dale included newspaper clippings about the San Diego Chargers, but that was many weeks ago, before they made it to the playoffs]  Now that I've read that, the Chargers winning this past week is even BETTER! GO BOLTS! I hope they make it to the Superbowl. hehe... One game at a time. Even if they DID go to the Superbowl, it would be like when the Padres went to the World Series during Dad's mission, except... I wouldn't have a chance to break rules and watch it.

New stake president?!?! That's exciting! He's gonna be the one to interview me when I come home! I hope I know him. That'd be even cooler. [It was announced in church yesterday that we'll be getting a new stake president later this month]  Hey, when is the date of Dean's departure, again? He's in the final stretch! Do I have time to make it there in time for the farewell? ;)

ANSWERS! [to some of my questions]

Elder Conners is a pretty fun guy to be with! He's interesting to talk to and hang out with. We've been buddying up and eating oatmeal some mornings that we both are contributing to. Elder Fairwell and I were going to be on a diet.. But... I'm just trying to lessen my evening snacking and portion size for dinner.
Yep, they're in the same building! [the Berrett's branch was changed to New Kru Town, so I asked if they'll be meeting in the same building for church] Right before Point Four's service. It doesn't really have a name... We tell people to tell the bikeman "New Kru Town, to Two Brother Funeral"!

A UN guy gave us a ride in his truck to our area one day! That was fun. He stays in the apartment next door!

For New Years: So much food... Over the past couple weeks, I've eaten SO much Liberian food. Mmmm... For a couple days though, I was getting quite a bit fatter... It's slowly coming down... Kinda...

Another elder in a different area came and took the workout bench in our apartment... He was the one who bought it initially, but it's still lame that we don't have it anymore. I'm still working out here in 2014, and things are going fine! Thank you for the support. (and the food...) Have a wonderful week! I love you all! Mwah!

Elder Price

And a couple more photos...

Excerpt from his letter to President Kirkham:

My companion and I are getting along very well. He's been ill this past week, but he's still been trying to do his best and further the work. We've been doing more service for each other than in past weeks, and I can feel the wonderful spirit it brings between us.

We were able to prepare a woman named L. this past week for baptism. She's been a great investigator, and she understands everything very well. She's been dowried by a returned missionary, but they have yet to receive a marriage license. We have been able to prepare her for this as they have their wedding this coming Saturday, complete with the marriage license. This has been a wonderful experience to be a small part in, and I've loved seeing the steps they are making as a couple to enter into the temple to be sealed forever. In other lessons, I've been noticing how the amazing opportunity to be sealed to their families always touches investigators' hearts. As the families are being built, the branch is being built, and the Lord's kingdom is growing on the Earth. I feel so blessed to be able to bring the joy that my family has back home into other people's lives. I will make sure to help my investigators understand the goals that they are truly trying to reach--of a remission of their sins and making those promises in the temple.

Thank you for your support in the work.

Elder Price

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