20 January 2014

New Branch President in Point Four


Yesterday, our branch president changed! President Saytor was released and President Kpodi was called. What's even cooler about that? President Kpodi had just confirmed his wife during sacrament meeting. Yep, the bride was baptized (by her husband), and now she's the wife to the branch president. It's so great. Yesterday's church was awesome, you could really feel the spirit during Sacrament Meeting, and the branch looks like it's heading up. :)  [the wedding photos shared last week were of this couple]

Earlier this week I rode in this weird motorcycle/cab thing. It had a motorcycle front, but a box on the back for a couple people to sit in. Not like a trailer... Kinda like the bicycle things that Dad and I rode in when we were in NYC!
Example of one of the "new" rides. Photo Courtesy the  Hezseltines blog
Also, there was a slightly frightening experience on a motorbike on Sunday: a bikeman picked us up outside our apartment, where we know the police don't usually let bikemen carry people until they pass Bong Mines Bridge, but he picked us up anyway. We figured because it was Sunday maybe something was different, so we hopped on it! He took us, and when we were passing the bridge, the policeman stationed at the bridge threw something (a stick?) at the bike and hit it on the front, trying to hit the bikeman. It was freaky. But it turned out alright!
Typical missionary transportation - motorbikes. "Bikeman" on front and passengers on the back.
This is a photo of Elders Zaugg and Humpherys, from the  Liberia Mission blog
We have two people who were interviewed for baptism yesterday who are coming to get baptized this Saturday! R and P. R is a married man, and his wife is going to be following suit soon, but her brother passed away in an accident, so she hasn't been able to participate in the discussions as much or come to church. She's planning on following her husband soon after she's back into the rhythm of things though! P is an 18 year old girl who is awesome, and I'm excited for her to be baptized!

It's great to hear about the news with Dean and how the whole temple stuff went! I'm proud of him. Lucky him, he got to see the new video. Although the really long line stuff sounds like Utah County. It'll make the first session when I get back home really interesting! I'm glad that everything with that went well. He's leaving really soon; that's crazy. He can do it: I know he can.

President Rich?? Whoah! That's cool! In 87 weeks I'll speak to him! Thanks for telling me who; I was wondering about it this past week! [We got a new stake president yesterday, Rain was wondering if it would be someone he knew. It certainly is.]

Oh, hey, maybe in the next package you send you could send some pens? Maybe some sweet Pilot pens? Not for proselyting, but for writing letters and in my journal and such.

Also, I am 4 months on mission as of today!!!!!!!! How crazy is that? Also, I wrote you guys a couple letters this past week. You'll get them one day!

I love you all a ton, I hope everything is going super great back home! Keep doing awesome stuff, and have a great week. Make sure you tell me how Dean's talk goes, I wish I could be there, but I'm glad I can make it to his Homecoming. Keep supporting him! I'm so happy to hear from all of you, and I'm glad everything is going well back home. :)

Elder Price

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