10 February 2014

African Hospital Visit

Hello, all!

That's great news that the Berrett's are returning this week! I'm excited to sometimes see them occasionally! Thanks for sending the package! I think I figured out what's wrong with my player charging, though. I think that there's a short in the usb cord. I can maybe find one eventually here in Red Light (a giant market that is in my area. "you can get everything in Red Light."). I managed to get my mp3 player charged this past week, but it died this morning, so I'll have to charge it again tonight...

So, time to talk about me! ;) Paynesville is great! I love it. The people here are wonderful, and they understand so well! I'm grateful to be transferred here... but there is something you really need to know... My transfer news changed. It didn't change my area. I am now District Leader! It's crazy. :) It's a lot more responsibility, but I'm gonna work as hard as I can to do it right. My companion is sweet. He likes mountain biking a ton. He's very good at it, too. He makes me want to try it when I get home! We talk a lot, and we teach well together. The apartment is sweet! Except fans go off around 5 each morning, which still wakes me up at night (especially with how I've been feeling lately; I'll get to that later...) It's a good apartment though. These investigators understand so well, and they have such an amazing true desire here. Transportation is given from our Heavenly Father: our legs. We walk. A ton. Paynesville is MASSIVE, and we walk it all. The food isn't any different, but... I haven't really been able to each much at all for a couple days... but I'll get to that later. My days are generally the same... I mean, we go proselyte and return home and all that same missionary stuff! So no huge change there.
So, I'm sick! The reason why I'm on [the internet] so late is because I was in the hospital... Well, an African hospital! It was a pretty neat experience. Kinda. Kinda frustrating, but hey, it turned out fine! I've had runny tummy for a while (Well, I can't say a while, 'cause I've been taking anti-diahrettics (I dunno how to spell that one), but yeah. It started a few days ago and hasn't changed), and a really really upset stomach. I haven't been able to eat food, really. Small small, I've had some stuff, but not a natural amount. I just feel like I'm gonna puke when I start eating... But I haven't puked yet! That's good! I've also had a really crappy headache for a few days. I got my blood tested at the hospital, and they checked for malaria, typhoid, and blood infections. I came back negative on all except typhoid, which that one is probably positive because of the vaccine. My symptoms are like the symptoms of malaria, so I still might have that because it's possible that it hasn't reached to that part of the blood that they drew. Hopefully I start feeling better! I have to take some pills every day for the next ten days though. Yay for pills!
The week really has been good though. Tons of changes. I'm trying my best to know this place and to help this branch.
Elder Price

[before I got this letter, he sent me a copy of his letter to his mission president, which mentioned he'd been sick. Our email exchange went like this:]

Oh! You’ve been sick! Whatcha got?

I got somethin' baddddd... I don't know! I was at the hospital today. Blood tests... Checked for malaria, typhoid, and blood infection.... All came back negative, except typhoid, but we think that's from the vaccine. I'm supposed to take some pills now, but I don't exactly know what for...

Well I guess negative results are a good thing. And I’m glad you went to the hospital if it was that bad. Any idea what the pills are called? What are your symptoms?

The pills are called ciprochem-500 and my symptoms are the symptoms of malaria....

I’m happy that you’re well enough that you didn’t have to STAY in the hospital.

gotta get more med tests love you bye!

[Sick or not, it's another cheerful letter from Elder Price in Liberia.]

[update: Monday afternoon I exchanged emails with Sister Hezseltine. She shared more details about the day:

"I spent the day [and then some of the early evening] with your son and Elder Pishl at ELWA Hospital and Clinic.  We have not used them before but have had good reports about them and it is in Paynesville - so close to them.  After over 3 hours we got some results.  When I phoned them into Sister Kirkham she wanted them checked at the clinic we use here in Monrovia.  So, I called the Elders and had them catch a taxi (quick, quick) to Poly Clinic before they closed.  Tomorrow is a national holiday and we didn't want to wait until Wednesday.

Your son is doing well for being sick!  His parting question to me tonight was "can I proselyte tomorrow?" I told him yes, but that if he felt bad at all he was to go home..."]


  1. I love his positivity. I know where he got it from. I missed you at the Hale Freezes over race.

  2. Thanks Alice! These days I can't help but smile whenever I think of Rain. :-D

    I did miss that race--we got season tickets to the Hale Theater for Christmas this year, so I lost part of my motivation for doing that particular run (the free theater tickets with the race is really such a deal!). I sometimes wonder if I'll run into you as I usually run the Murdock Canal Trail on Saturdays.