24 March 2014

Every day I'm saying what He wants me to say


This week's been pretty good! I am adapting, it's definitely different. There are still some stories that can be shared. :) Elder Larsey is a cool guy, from Ghana. He came from Accra. I don't know what his parents do... He does have some siblings... He was young [when he joined the church], about 12 I think.
March 17th Transfer Day Photo. The new Paynesville Apt (Morris Farm) L-R  Elders Price, Larsey, Jemba, Gharbin, Pishl
Those mission calls. O_o Thank you for sending those: they're crazy. And Christian was called to Japan: HAH! Thanks for that update. Way cool. [I sent him a list of some of his friends who received their mission calls recently]

Sweet, you're getting letters! I wonder if that video does red-light justice... Maybe! It's insane. [In a handwritten letter we received last week he describes the Red Light market and I told him I found a video of it on YouTube. I'll share here on his blog soon.]

Yeah, samwiches... The menu made me laugh. Especially the price for the Liberian dishes: HAH! Yeah, like I'd pay that much for it. [I found a menu for Sam's BBQ online] 

[Q: Do you have a refrigerator in your apartment? If so, how does that work with the power out so much?]  
We have a freezer. Basically, it comes on in the evening, turns off in the morning. It makes our water bottles cold! We can't store food at all, unless it isn't perishable.

So, my week was good! I took some notes, highlights, to say:
Monday: We basically just hung out at the apartment 'cause we're almost completely out of sub... Hehe... [subsistence = his monthly living allowance.]
Tuesday: District meeting, like usual. I gave instruction, like usual... We had a few lessons... :)
Wednesday: We went up to Whein Town. We saw El.'s woman (my first time meeting her. The previous first time was with Elder Tolar and Pishl on exchange). We set up to teach her the lessons. Then we had Book of Mormon class! Which I taught... Alma 32 is what we read.
Thursday: uh... I didn't have any notes for this day....
Friday: Exchange with Elder Tolar! We went to their apartment in the morning before companionship study, then I took Elder Tolar back to my apartment. We proselyted-had fun-had food that was Liberian! We saw El. and Y. and taught her The Restoration. She understands it, and we're hoping she begins to accept the message. El. texted us that night (Elder Tolar stayed the night) and said that he wants Elder Tolar with me next time we see her. But, that won't be possible, I explained that to him on Sunday... But we texted back and asked why. He said that Y. is "getting convinced." :) I talked to him more on Sunday, and he said that she just felt like she understood it very well, and is believing. We also saw P., who is scheduled to be baptized this coming Saturday. We talked to her about that, because she still needs to be taught quite a few lessons. She felt prepared for the baptism, so we taught her 2 things right there. Then we planned to teach her on Sunday, which fell through because her mom carried her to her mom's church for some program. We were going to teach her 2 things at that time, too, but now it looks like her date will have to be moved until the next saturday so that she can be interviewed and learn all these things! P. is 17. Sunday was good, too! We went to a wedding after church! And ate amazing food. It was a traditional wedding, although it was just the reception. Ahhh the food. I like food....

So, all-in-all (hehe, wall-e), it was a good week! I'm praying for converts and baptisms, as well as miracles in the branch. I'm also praying to become a better leader. I'm trying so hard to become who the Lord wants me to be, 'cause I've already gone where He wants me to go, and every day I'm saying what He wants me to say. Now I gotta be who He wants me to be.

Have a great week! I love you all and pray for you.
Elder Price

(oh, random fact: the people here call Liberian Dollars "liberty")

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