10 March 2014

New Apartment Photos

Dear Family,
Haha, it's awesome to see that photo! I look way different now. [I sent him a copy of this photo that I'd posted to facebook. "The last time Rain had his hair this short he was in fifth grade and shaved it in honor of a classmate fighting cancer. I couldn't resist making a "then and now" photo."] 
Also, my head hasn't sunburned... I wore a hat for a couple days to break my skin in, but it's been totally fine. :) It feels so weird though. I've received funny comments from investigators: "China-man with big ears!" coming from a 20 year old guy.
I might be able to send you photos today! I'll try. [He did! Yay!]
Elders Pishl and Price, with Elder Tolar in the background
We made the salmon with mashed potatoes!
[smoked salmon from his Christmas package]
Baptism March 8th
Kpelle mask
View from his apartment?
Normal sight for us

Apartment with "princess" beds (aka mosquito netting)

The work is great. We are helping some great investigators, and I can recognize the spirit a lot more than I used to be able to. I should have some good investigator stories next week, I have a feeling this week is gonna be awesome. The new apartment is FANTASTIC. I like it a ton. It's spacious, and we're having a good time. I haven't quite adjusted to being district leader yet.. I'm sure it will come eventually. I got a couple things that you'll like! (thanks for the personal $20, by the way [sent in his last package]) I got a sweet Kpelle mask. It's so awesome. I'll try to send you pictures. I also got a gold's gym resistance band. It's a sweet adjustable one that's WAY high quality. It has the red, blue, and black bands that each can be removed, with cloth over the center of the tubes to prevent wear. I got it for... $150 LD. So less than 2 US. :) I also got a Chargers jersey. Tomlinson! :) Today we're going to Sam's BBQ in town to celebrate Elder Tolar's and Pearmain's one year mark. That'll be fun (and tasty)!
Food menu... Well, I bought some cereal and powdered milk this past week, so I ate a ton of that... It was great. I love cereal. But it's expensive. :P Lunch is usually Liberian food! I eat eggs and stuff still.
I DO hit the 6 month mark! Crazy... [next week] Also, it's week 6 of the transfer, which means this could be my last week with Elder Pishl. This transfer flew by! I don't think I'm leaving the area, but anything could happen! I'll probably receive a new companion.
...Your mentioning of the "cool, crisp, sunshine" sounds very nice. ;)
DAD WENT TO A PAINTBALL TOURNAMENT?!?!?! That is simply awesome. And it sounds like he did awesome. Of course. I can't wait to receive the full report! [Dale went to St. George for a tournament on Saturday]
My birthday package: Well, I'm not sure... You guys are really good at putting special things in packages for me. But maybe this could help: we really can get most American things here, it's just way expensive. That's basically it... And Elder Pishl probably won't be with me, but if he is (I'm praying he is), he likes "everything. I dunno... gimme a category! You can't just say what do you like and have me make that decision!" Soooooo I dunno. Just put stuff in the package! He is along the same lines as me with food; we like sweet things. I like food. :)
I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Price
The Paynesville Zone Elders (photo from the Berrett's)

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