18 May 2015

Egg Sandwiches

Dear Family,

Hi! It sounds like you had a busy week! Some great things to hear from back home. I'm sad that I missed that luau; I'd like to be around that culture again! Thanks for the great pictures and everything. :)

As for my week:
"Proselyting! So it's blurry. Sorry."
We started off with Monday night: We had FHE over with Vincent and his family! That was really awesome. It was the first time that the other elders had been into our area, and we had a nice time with them. They're such a strong family!

Tuesday was zone meeting. That was pretty depressing: people going home! Like Elder Judy, Sister Aidoo, and a couple more. It's strange to see good friends of mission to be going home like that. Ah! Mission isn't supposed to end!
Zone picture!
That day we had some great lessons with A. and J. They're both progressing, though at very different rates. A. will hopefully be baptized this transfer. J.. Who knows. But they were both wonderful lessons!

I thought I'd take this moment to advertise a certain product: Egg sandwiches. Have you had one? If so, then you've lived your life successfully. If not, then you need to. If they don't appeal to you, then (a) you're crazy, or (b) you've never had a good one. We're addicted to them in our apartment. There's a lady at the base of the hill that we live on who sells these incredible egg sandwiches. We're her loyal customers. What are they? White bread, a loaf that is sliced to whatever size (by the woman, forget pre-sliced) and sliced in half. Then the eggs: put into a small bowl, whisked with a fork, salt and lettuce and peppers and random little itty bitty things put inside it, stirred up, then put onto the frying pan (with oil on the pan) for it to fry, then flip the egg when one side is cooked and let the other side cook. Then fold it and put it into your bread, put the bread on the pan, wait a moment, press (like PUSH) the bread into the pan to squish it all together and toast the bread, flip it, toast the other side, and then you got a yummy egg sandwich! :D

The next day was a good day of teaching. We taught a few lessons, and we walked SO far. (my legs are screaming their complaints even now, but I'll get to that later) But it was good, 'cause we visited a less active out there. Good work! The next day was pretty similar, though we didn't walk nearly as far. We helped a recent convert, Hamida, prepare to teach Relief Society, and then we taught G.! He's still doing great. We also had a PEC meeting in the evening that went well. I love this ward.

Friday was an exchange! I went with Elder Hanson! That was a party. :) I finally got to see the other Sekondi area! I've never been inside to their place called Essikado, but I finally got the chance! We had a great day, with more walking and hills, but things were good. Elder Hanson was fun to go with!

Saturday was a messed up day. We started with the normal chapel cleaning. Nobody showed up, except one member. So us five cleaned the entire building.. Ahh. Well, it was for a good cause. So much mopping! It took forever. After that we got ready for the day and studied. Then we went and tried to see some people! A bunch of people that we weren't able to see! So we decided to go visit a member family that is slightly into the other elders' area, 'cause we needed his full name and such to put on a baptismal record. We showed up, and they sat us down and fed us fufu. Well, don't mind if I do! ;) We didn't tell the other guys. They don't really need to know.. hehe. I like the food here. After that business, we taught an investigator, and then we visited Lancelot (in attempts to teach someone at his house.. They weren't there.)! He's an AWESOME member that I don't know if I've talked about before. He's another one of my good friends as far as members go. He got his mission call!!! He's going to Nigeria Calabar Mission, so we had a nice talk about mission things. It made for a fun evening!

Sunday was exciting! Actually, we didn't do too much. But we had six people come to church! That's a high for this area. So many progressing people! It looks like most, or all, should be coming back, too. Not just a one time thing! Plus, Ekua was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Young Women Presidency. :D I was way happy about that. But.. She did chastise us for forgetting to call her on Mother's Day. I was willing to accept a caning for that, but she was too nice to do that to me. :) The rest of the day was nice and calm; the person across the hall fed us lunch (way nice of the guy), and things are going along nicely. This morning we had a zone activity at the stake center: SPORTS! I really like sports. Football (soccer), basketball, and volleyball were the main ones I played. It's fun to play sports with Tongans. :D A lot more fun than other people. The new guy in our district is named Elder Pohahau, from Tonga (Tongatapu), so now we have two Tongans in the zone. And now my legs are in so much pain. Go hard or go home, right? Hey, did I mention that Bro Kandell put a stress ball in the package? Well, he did, and I've been throwing it like crazy around the apartment. I miss throwing baseballs! Anyway, it relieves stress, right? ;)

Things are going along nicely out here. I've been really finding some things that I can improve on, and I'm learning a lot. I'm happy. It was good to hear from you this week. Do good things! Choose the right, live the commandments, and have a great week! I love you all so much.


Elder Price

"A visitor in the house! I liked this guy."
"Just another spider in the bathroom."

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