04 May 2015

Cocoa Beans

Dear Family,

Hi! Looks like some nice things back home!

So, the week. It's been good! We've tried! On Tuesday we had a great district meeting... IN THE JULANDERS APARTMENT! :D A/C! :D It was so awesome. They talked about goals a lot, and it really inspired me to set more goals and to improve myself. They actually didn't finish their instruction, so we went there on Sunday night to finish it, where they talked about fear and the different types of fear, how to overcome, and how it can hold us back in ways that we don't even recognize. It was really interesting. I enjoyed it a lot!

Throughout the week we were failed a lot, but we still worked the best we could and kept going! Some of the funniest moments this week, however, were during the training videos that we're supposed to be watching. We've been watching The District, and yes, we learn and apply the principles, but sometimes it's SO HARD for us to take it seriously! We just watch them as they mention the importance of getting ready in the morning and such, with their toasters, ovens, nice stoves, blenders, nice fridges (that don't ever turn into a simple cupboard), carpets, and crazy clean homes. It's just a bit different than that for us. ;) Plus I can't imagine crying like that in a lesson.. I mean, it's not bad, but it's not what we're used to. So we've had some pretty fun training sessions. :D

We had an amazing lesson with a less-active this week! We had just been bounced for everything, but then we decided to call her. It had been a very long time, and it was totally random. She answered, and we were able to go and visit her that day! We had such an incredible lesson, and she finally opened up to why she wasn't coming to church. It was one of those really hard concerns of her family being really against her being a member, so we helped the best we could and relied on the spirit. The spirit became so strong in that room, especially as we decided to sing a couple hymns with her before we closed. I could see the experience touching her life, and it was one of those awesome things in mission that I love. :)

We also had our bishop go with us to a lesson on Tuesday! That was really incredible. He has never proselyted with us (since I've been here) (goodness, sometimes this keyboard makes me feel like I'm using a typewriter.. Goodness, hard keys to press!) before, but this appointment was really close to the church and right before a meeting there, so he was able to join us. We went to teach J., one of our investigators who asks some really deep questions and really knows his doctrine. Previously with him we had never had a lesson that really helped him progress, but this one was different. It wasn't anything that the bishop said, but for some reason, everything just went so smooth, and the presence of the bishop with us as well as some unseen forces made it such a great lesson.

Things are going well! I'm trying to feel better (I've been feeling sick each morning, and especially right now, but I think those two might be unrelated), but it might just be allergies. Who knows. I'm alright, don't worry. :) I'm doing good! I set some good goals, and I'm still working on walking the path that is not my own. It's not easy; it's much easier to sound humble in following His path than to actually get up and do it. But it's worth it. I know it is. :)

Elder Makani Rain Price

"Fresh cocoa busted open! It's really sweet, you just pop those things in your mouth and don't swallow or chew! Just suck on it, and it's really sweet and good. :)"

"Dried cocoa! It's really bitter, but it has that hint of dark chocolate."

"Playing trains!"
"Playing with the crab. :) "
New shirt!

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