27 April 2015

"I love fufu"

Dear Family,

Hello! Happy Monday! And whatever holiday may occur on this day, if any! (oh, one certain cousin's birthday!!)

This week had some nice few stories. Nothing too much to report, but a nice week nonetheless.

Training meeting in Cape Coast
This picture is of the follow-up meeting for those in the training program! It was a good meeting. It did take our entire Friday, unfortunately, but it was a good meeting and some yummy rice and chicken. It was also good to see some people that I don't get to see too often! The travel took the length of the meeting... x 2. It was a lot of sitting, and fairly uncomfortable, but it wasn't bad! I loved driving through all my old places again. I haven't even been gone from there for very long, but I miss it! Of course, I'll miss this place too. But not yet! I'm still here! I'm still kicking! Anyway, at the meeting they taught us some great things, especially about the expectations that are on the Trainers and the Trainees, even now, and it felt good to get some more direction now that we're a bit into the training. It's crazy that week four of training is already finished!

"Abrem Agona! My place! (picture taken while on the way to the meeting in Cape Coast on Friday)
This is just the junction leading to it."
We also had a baptism on Saturday! It was so great. But.. There's always a hitch. This time? NO WATER! Of course. No water at all in Sekondi chapel, so there was some rushed re-organizing. We went to the Takoradi Stake Center instead, and we had a combined baptism with the other Sekondi elders and the Kweikuma elders. :) Unfortunately, the candidates for Sekondi were late to sacrament meeting and weren't confirmed, but we're counting on them being confirmed in a couple weeks (we're watching conference at the stake center next Sunday).

Another thing that happened was that we taught our progressing investigator, A! He's doing well. We taught him a couple times, and after we finished teaching him this week on Tuesday we noticed that he had an 'inappropriate' poster on his wall. From the angle we were at, we didn't see it the first times we were there, but this time we did. It was very not good, so.. the next lesson we taught what was necessary! It was one of the best Law of Chastity lessons I've had, and it was one of the times that I treasure on my mission; when you see the message help someone so directly and change them as they humbly accept the Spirit. It was great, and he's on track. :)

Wednesday was an exchange! I went with Elder Barlow into Sekondi, and it really was such a GREAT day. We didn't have as many lessons as the incredible exchange last time, but it was still awesome, and we built a better friendship. We did teach Emma a lesson as a recent convert, and then she fed us fufu! It was awesome; I love fufu. We aren't eating it as much as when Elder Halterman was with me, but it's great to eat it when we get it! :D

This morning we played football with a bunch of other elders. I still like playing football, big surprise there! Elder Johnson did really well, too. He blocked a lot of shots! I'm tired now, but it was great to get a bit of a workout in. :)

Oh yeah, I received a letter from "silly Grandpa!" :) That made me happy. I've been thinking that I want to make a trip to San Diego when I get home, before the reunion, maybe in the first few months after I get home, when I'm more free. I would really like to do that. :)

Things are going well here! Not a very exciting week, but things are moving along. It's great to hear about everything back home! Thank you for all the love! Have a great week!

Elder Makani Rain Price

internet's not working this thing better send soooooooon!!!! (I had to FIGHT with this computer to make this dang thing work....)

Bonus photos:

"Four legged spider?"
"Fixing Elder Johnson's scriptures"
Q: Did Elder Johnson's scriptures fall apart just like yours? Good thing you are an expert in scripture surgery! (he's written about his binding issues several times.)
A: Yes, his did. So I told him I had it all under control. ;)

"Dark scary place. ;) "

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