30 September 2013

Ghana Temple

Rain visited the Ghana LDS Temple on Wednesday. It's about 18 miles from the MTC (of course I Google mapped it here). He didn't have much time for email afterwards, but said this about his visit to the temple:

"It was really weird not to do the session with you [we had been going to the temple together weekly for the two months before he left]. But, I was able to do two sessions, right in a row, and they showed both movies, old for the first and new for the second! It was kinda neat to see the differences side by side. Also, the celestial room's furniture all has animal paws for the wooden legs of the couches, chairs, etc.! It was interesting."

After reading his email, I looked for more information about the Ghana temple and found this interesting article about the construction of that temple and the materials and workmanship that went into it. Today we received these photos from him.

Elder Vandy and Elder Price at the Ghana LDS Temple

Click here for more information about LDS Temples (they are different than the regular chapels or meetinghouses we attend for weekly services).

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