30 September 2013

MTC Photos and a few quick updates

[Questions from Mom:
-Did you lose any money to the “baggage handlers” at the airport?
-Any other Liberian bound elders in your district? If so, who?
-Did you start the Doxy there in the MTC? (doxy is short for doxycycline, which is an antibiotic used to prevent malaria)
You may also notice that Rain has a love for exclamation marks. I suppose it's just his enthusiastic nature.]

I didn't lose any money from them! Because I kept my bags close to me and told the guys who asked for "tips" that I only had a credit card. I was able to keep all my cash! I do know several people got raided pretty big though. 

There aren't any other Liberia bound elders in my district, sadly.

They did start the Doxy! Yep.
In the MTC
Elder Vandy and Elder Price
This is Rain's "dead moose" face. It's kind of a family joke, but we once saw a dead moose in the back of a pickup, cruising down a Utah highway. Its tongue was hanging out like this. Now it's a common photo pose for Rain.
Local wildlife

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