20 September 2013

Arrived In Africa

Hi! I'm in the Ghana MTC now! I made it safe and stuffs. :) So, from the beginning. In the SLC airport, we met a really anti-mormon guy. It was an interesting first experience as he was trying to convince us that the church is a cult and that we aren't Christians. Oh well! He wasn't going to change any of our minds.

Next: The flight to JFK. I sat in the last row of the plane with Elder Robb, and we were pretty quiet the whole time. Kinda boring. In the layover, we rode a bus to different gates, because JFK is really big. We eventually found payphones, and I called you guys! Sorry for the bad connection... When we were in the airport we ate at Buffulo Wild Wings, and I bought a Toblerone with my credit card!

Then we all boarded the plane from JFK to Accra! There were ladies with the cool hats! And cute little kiddies. The flight got boring, and I played a couple games of sudoku that Elder Robb let me have. The dinner was super weird looking. I'll send pictures when I'm more comfortable with the whole set up and have my cords and stuffs...  I learned that I'm pretty comfortable in the middle seat! It wasn't too bad. The flight was full...  I managed to sleep off and on for most of the flight. A sore bum and oddly achy teeth (I think my jaw was clenched, and I fell asleep) was mostly what I got.

I'm here! It's way different. Just getting off the airplane, whooosh, a wave of humidity and heat. It's not like Hawaii or California humidity... Less... Muggy? It doesn't feel very bad. Anyway, the schedule looks busy (and stressful). I love you all lots! Bye!

Elder Price

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