08 December 2014

A Funny Week

Dear Family,

Hi! Happy Monday, everyone!

Soooo my week!

Tuesday was pretty simple, and you were right, we did have our district meeting at the nicer chapel! Even though that chapel isn't in any of our areas… It’s just better there. :-) District meeting went well, and I gave the instruction on fear, using some various quotes from different talks. It went really well, and the other guys in the district participated a ton which always adds to the meeting. I gave one of the sisters some money to make me some Nigerian food, and I'm going to type it, but I know I'm going to ruin the spelling.. It's pronounced something like this: Egushi or Egusi. It's eaten with Eba (again, the spelling is probably wrong), which is garry soaked in boiling water so it becomes a stronger texture that holds together. I'm excited! She's going to bring it to the combined district meeting tomorrow. After the district meeting we went and ate lunch with Elder Iwuji and Elder Kallon at a chop bar, just the normal fufu stuff, and we went proselyting. Some slow proselyting, but we got a little bit done. We finished the day with a meal from Auntie Vick, the place with the little kids and we have had FHE there before. Sweet meal, some banku. Yum!

Wednesday turned out to be pretty productive. Christian came with us for the day. He took us to a BUNCH of people, and it's blessed our proselyting so much. It was seriously a miracle. We saw a few people, and then we had just some small time before PEC, so Christian, who is a huge history buff, took us to the fort on the hill (not the castle, it came from a different country) and gave us a tour with history facts. I got some sweet videos and pictures from it, including the panoramic that I'm sending today. :)

Those will be memories that I'll always love! Though you can't hear the talking very well in one video because we were standing at the top of the fort. The top of the fort. Highest place. CRAZY to look out on all of Elmina and more! That was mostly the day, PEC was pretty plain, though I did find a new scripture that I like: Exodus 18:18. If you don't get it, read the rest of the chapter around it. It's a cool story, and a great example of leadership. I know that Jethro isn't exactly the prophet, but he gave some pretty wise counsel! Oh yeah, another thing that happened this day was basketball! I saw a member playing some street three on three with some other guys, and I switched in for him. I didn't play for very long, but it was GREAT to play again! Ah, I like basketball. Too bad I was never very good. :) It was funny to have a white guy in a white shirt and slacks playing basketball with some Ghanaians on the street!

Thursday was our Agona day! We actually decided to go all the way to Ekutuase this day because we hadn't seen our recent convert out there in a long time. We visited her, and she was really grateful to see us. We got to see her school in action! All the kids with their desks. They did a sweet closing exercise! They all lined up and prayed, recited psalm 23, sang a hymn, and then listened to Sister Agnes since she's the boss. It was really cool! Funny story: so I needed to use the restroom, but just to go #1 (haha, I feel like a child in my awkwardness to tell this story). Not thinking of my word choice, I said I needed to use "the toilet", not remembering that here in Ghana it works better for me to say "urinate" (yep, Ghanaism. In Liberia you'd say "peepee" to be more understood and polite). We were then guided halfway across town to her sister's house which had a toilet, which is kinda like a really deep hole with a cement top on it with cement shaped for you to stand/squat on, and they gave me some toilet paper. Don't worry, the thing had a door, but the funny part was that they took us all the way there. I had tried to correct it, but I wasn't able to, so I decided just to roll with it. I just stood in the little room, watching my watch, waiting until it would seem like a rational amount of time, when in actuality I was just standing there, doing nothing! I walked out eventually and just rolled with it, laughing inside because of the misunderstanding. :) The rest of the day was pretty slow, though we saw a few people in Agona and then later a village on the way back to Elmina called Bronybima.

Friday was slowwww but that's okay. Ankaase and Saaman day! But Abeku wasn't around, so we tried to see as many people as we could up there, though most of them were gone. ... We went in to Elmina afterwards, grateful for the little miracle. :)

Saturday was fun! We saw a bunch of people. We were trying to have Christian come with us, but we couldn't find him, so we ended up walking alone for most of the day. We managed to get a couple lessons, including one with a lady for the first time. This one is of note because we were sitting there talking to her when she started telling us her concern about not being able to read. We understood fine, and I asked her how she learned so much English without going to school. She replied with, "oh, I lived in Liberia for 18 years." What?! Boo yah! We then proceeded to talk a bunch about where in Liberia she lived. She lived in West Point for a while, but then she moved to Point Four, Popo beach, my first area!!!! She came back to Ghana in 2010; she's Ghanaian. It was great to talk to her, and I miss that accent so much. :) That afternoon we came across some kids playing two on two football/soccer. Elder 'Atu'ake and I decided to join in for a few minutes, and we had tons of fun! Playing football with kids is the best. :)

Sunday was a pretty small day for the Elmina ward. Not too many people actually came to church, which was a bummer. Christian came with us this day, so he took us to a bunch more people that we can teach! Woo hoo! More and more investigators! :D Plus some really great contacts. At the end of the evening we were by the church talking to Monica's family (we've gone there for FHE before) on the main street (they were sitting on a bench there). There was a woman selling more toy-like things, including yo-yos, so I proceeded to use a yo-yo and do a bunch of tricks. It was a plastic not great quality yo-yo (what would you expect?) but it lit up when it was spinning and could sleep so I could do more than just up and down with it! All the people were amazed by it. :) I'm sending a couple photos of that today, one of them you can obviously see it, the other one has the red swirly squiggly line from the yo-yo spinning and moving at the same time with the light! It was really fun! The woman selling gave one to me as a gift because of the whole scene. There was a small crowd gathered to see it, and they were all trying to do it after they saw me... At least that talent came in handy sometime in my life, right? ;)

Other notes... I ate orange rolls! MMMmmmmmMMMMmmm... See included photo of me "microwaving" them. ;) Also, random note: I'm almost out of lavender, peppermint, and pasttense.
He said he was heating up water for "ramen" noodles (indomie), and warmed his rolls over the steam.
It was great to see how much this area improved in one week, and I know that the Lord is helping us. We've been pushing really hard, and finally we had some numbers that I am not ashamed of. I'm praying that things will continue to be strong, but in any case this has helped my morale. :) Thank you for your support! I pray for each of youuuuuu! Have a great week!

Elder Price

PS okay, so the bus was just this beaten up bus that Elder 'Atu'ake and I came across and decided that we needed pictures on. :)

[On another note, I asked him if the hand in the "Foreign" postage photo from last week was his or his companion's, because it was so dark]. Yeah, so... That hand in the postage picture is mine. I'm getting dark, right? :D I even noticed how dark I looked after I took that picture. It gives me a little bit of hope since being around darker people all day makes me feel really white.

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