29 December 2014

Happy New Year!

Dear Family,

This week I get to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Holiday season rocks. Holidays every week!

You cruel parents.. I thought you were serious about the car. I was so excited. >.< That would've been SWEET. At least you got to enjoy it while you were there! [we pranked him and sent him photos of our "new car!" (the cars we drive these days are quite old, but Dale keeps fixing them). This was a 2014 Cadillac SUV that we got a deal on as a rental for our trip to San Diego. We had him convinced--and didn't break the news until the very end of a long email.]

Christmas down in San Diego looks like it was fun! It's nice to see so many photos. :) So... When are we doing our first SD trip after I get home? Soon, right?

Next Christmas Rikki and I will be back! That'll be fun! It's a bummer that the Chargers lost. Lame. :(

This week was interesting! Some unique stuffs, but that's to be expected when it's Christmas! So, week 5 of 6 of the transfer went like this:

Tuesday: District meeting! Elder Kallon gave the instruction, and he did a good job. Then after the district meeting I had an exchange! I went with Elder Uata, from Provo, in his area, while Elder Lee went with my companion. It was a good exchange! I did a baptismal interview while I was up there, and it felt really good to be with Elder Uata; he was companions with Elder Kaiser, so we had some good things to talk about! The day started off with some failed appointments, but a member needed some help so we helped her! She needed help baking bread, so we spent some time helping her do that, mostly preliminary preparation stuff because of the massive quantity she was preparing. We also returned back after teaching a couple people and the interview, and we helped her with dividing the dough mound into 1 lb balls and putting them into the trays so they could rise overnight! Elder Uata stopped by this morning (Monday) with one of the loaves for me. :D I slept over there, and I had a good time!

Wednesday: We finished the exchange after studies and met back up with our companions. That day was lame as far as teaching goes, but we had a nice Christmas (eve) meal from Bishop Dadzie's family before we went to the carols night in Abura! :) The carols night was really cool, and if I could send you longer videos I would. Each ward took a turn singing with scripture reading in between, and at one point the stake president said it was okay to clap. What?!?! Yeah. So, I clapped! I didn't feel bad about it too much because Pres. Stevenson was there and clapped too. :) One ward had a uniquely African Christmas song that they sang with a drum and other noises! Awesome experience. I am in Africa! ;) That night I prepared some things for Christmas morning. Elder 'Atu'ake's really good about getting to sleep earlier, so right after he fell asleep I went and prepared gifts for him and gathered the ones you had already sent and put them under the tree! So I went to bed too late.

Thursday: CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) Well, I woke up and the door was locked. Sooo I figured Elder Judy was up to something, and I patiently waited. He set up a barrier at the end of the hall which allowed us access to the bathrooms and everything, and we waited for his go-ahead. We all came out and he had set up the sweetest arrangement around the mini Christmas tree. He arranged all the presents according to who they were for and added cans of soda and a bunch of other nice things to them with hash browns on a plate and a ton of pancakes in a pot waiting for us all. It really was a wonderful Christmas morning, and we took turns opening presents and then we ate our breakfast. It was a great Christmas morning. :) We topped it all off, after we got ready for the day, with a small apartment devotional where we talked about Christmas!
At our house we have a "stick of death" on Christmas morning (the line not to cross). This was their stick of death.
Christmas Morning  
Then we went out to proselyte... Well, we went up to Agona, but nobody was really around. So we came back to Elmina. And visited with a couple people, but we were hungry, so I bought Elder 'Atu'ake a nice lunch at a certain place we really like.. Good sandwiches! Then we came back home and I called you!!!! That was an awesome time. :)

Christmas Sandwiches
Friday: We went and taught people in Ankaase and Saaman! Not too many people were available there, either, but we did our best. We taught a newer investigator named Lydia who came to church a couple weeks ago, though she lives in a town in between Agona and Elmina called Bronybima. She was sweet, and we finished our day up in Elmina.

Saturday: Another exchange! This time I went with Elder Cardon to teach their people. It was a GREAT day, and we taught a ton of people. Lots of success. It felt really good to be teaching serious investigators again, and I had a good time during that day.

Sunday: What a miracle for us. So, we went to church. Barely anybody was there at the start, the worst I had ever seen at the beginning. By the end of Sacrament meeting the chapel was way fuller and we had 6 investigators there!!!! The best part is that now we have some serious investigators to teach!!! So it was a good day at church, and afterwards we taught a lesson and then had a Christmas Jollof rice prepared by Charlotte. Where I ate WAY too much, and my body is still suffering from it right now. We managed to teach another lesson and talk with some members for a while. Woohoo! At this point in our area, we've been trying to improve our teaching pool the whole time, and it's starting to become a normal area. Not yet, but a lot better than the beginning of this transfer. Just in time for me to go!

Transfer news is this Saturday so you'll be finding out where I'm going next week! We all think I'm gonna be going simply because of how long I've been with Elder 'Atua'ke. It's possible that something crazy might happen, but I'm probably on to other things. Things are getting a small bit better for our area, but we're doing our best. I need more sleep though. XD It was a good Christmas, and New Years will have some parties going on in Ghana! Maybe there will be some fun experiences to write next week! It was wonderful to talk to you on Thursday. Have a wonderful New Years and a wonderful week!

Elder Price

30 second clip of their Christmas Eve caroling practice:

A few photos from Christmas Eve (from President Stevenson's blog):

Christmas Eve well wishes:

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