15 December 2014

Trumpet Hymns

Dear Family,

Hi!! Happy Monday! :)

Wow, great stories in your email this week! I loved reading it. :) It's really cool that you went to Elder Conners' homecoming! That guy is a good friend. And maybe Pres. Kirkham will come to my homecoming? ;) Crazy to see Elder Widdison and Elder Conners standing together like that.. Whoah.

Those gifts to Ryatt sound awesome! [we celebrated Ryatt's 11th birthday a little early] What is Destiny about? What's it like? To be completely honest, I miss video games. >.< But hey, it's okay. Don't worry, I won't turn into a video game addict when I get home. Just a bit of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. hehe. Nice costume for Dad! That's cool that Bro Adam's borrowed those pictures. I still recount things about my home teaching experience to various people here in Ghana! [Brother Adams was Rain's home teaching companion for years--a great mentor.]

I'll let you know if I think of anything I need (besides pens).

This week was decent, though it wasn't quite as great as last week. It's funny to see my morale depending on how good of a week we had.. I really am a missionary! ;)

Well, it was a day that had some good plans. That's gotta count for something, right? ;) We had our district meeting, combined. It was good! After the meeting we had a coordination meeting with our Ward Mission Leader, Eddie. He's ripped and huge. And he's a rapper. "when it comes to rap, I'm sick" and "when it comes to bodybuilding, I'm sick" has been flying around our apartment ever since. :D He's a great guy. It was great to get to know him, even if the meeting took 3x as long as we expected it to. After the meeting we received a call that something in the apartment was going to be repaired, so we had to return to the apartment and be there while people were doing various things. Woo hoo! So we got out pretty late. I taught Elder 'Atu'ake how to play a couple games during that time, though. :) We got out and ended up teaching a less-active's brother, who spent most of his life in Liberia. Though he was somewhat stubborn, I was reminded why I learned so many scriptures in Liberia. :) It felt good to have a more Liberian lesson again. :D

Not too much, we had a ton of failed appointments. We did our best... I didn't really write any notes of the day, but we had PEC and set a ton of appointments. [and apparently he ran across some musicians that let him play their instruments:]

Playing hymns on the trumpet

We went up to Agona! We haven't been able to find the people on that list yet because we haven't had a chance to have our members take us around and show us who they are. But we taught a lesson! Honestly, Elder 'Atu'ake and I were both exhausted after the taxi ride. Sometimes that happens, y'know? Headaches and stuff simply from the ride. In the evening we visited the bishop's family! They're good, and Elder Cardon taught them how to play Uno, though they say it in Fante: Baako. :)

(hey! Right here I made a note of some good foods to send me: cookies and cream hersheys, redvines, and cranberries. I love cranberries.)

Well, we went up to Ankaase and Saaman. Elder 'Atu'ake wasn't with me because he was supposed to be going to Takoradi to have his non-citizen card renewed. So I went up there with the zone leaders! 3 missionaries! Right as we walked into Saaman (with our member, Eric) we managed to have every single, and I mean every single appointment that we had planned fail. Every single one. In like, 30 seconds. We walked to the first house, asked if the man was there; he wasn't. We turned around and a less active was passing there and he told us that he was going. Then we checked Abeku, the investigator with a baptismal date, and he was gone too. So.. There I was, with 2 other missionaries and a member, and we didn't have any plans. So I took a second and prayed, and then I suddenly remembered one less active, felicia! So we went and found her, and taught her! I wasn't sure exactly what we'd do after her, but I held strong and we taught her. Right as we were walking away from her house, Abeku was passing by. So we went and had a lesson with him! A really long lesson. By the time we were finished we had to go back to Elmina to meet with Elder 'Atu'ake (and he didn't actually get it renewed. Next week?). We tried to get some stuff done. And then we went to the Elmina Beach Resort to enjoy Elder 'Atu'ake's one year mark. :D I bought him a pizza. We were both broke because it's the end of our sub, so I used personal. We had a great time! :D
Happy One Year of Service, Elder 'Atu'Ake!!
Looks like Elder Price is eating pizza with fufu-style fingers
Started with a weird baptism! A couple of child-of-records in our ward. One of the girls, G., was too scared of the water and the water was too low, so hers will be postponed until January. We ended up finding Christian (after a REALLY hard time to find him) and he helped us for the day. Not too much of note for this day.

We didn't really have a ton of people at church. Elder 'Atu'ake and I blessed the sacrament. We had one investigator at church! L, the sister of a return missionary. I'm excited to start teaching her! We had a good day of talking to people, and we did our best.

Monday (today):
We had a zone activity! We all played football (soccer) and frisbee on the beach on the coast side of the Elmina castle! It was a cool activity, and it felt good to run like that again. :)

The missionaries I recognize: Elder 'Atu'Ake on the far left, Elder Price in red, Elder Cardon representing Washington in his Seahawks shirt, Elder Judy in black, and Elder Lee representing California with his In N Out shirt.

So, that's pretty much it for this week! We're really busy, but that's not a bad thing. I'm doing my best to improve and work and all that stuff. :) We have a Christmas devotional coming up, so that's going to be great! Thank you so much for your support and everything. I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Price

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